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Woman Wakes up Feeling the Need to Drive to Another City to Donate Her Car to a Stranger

Stephen Thompson
Mar 14, 2022
06:40 A.M.
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Sharon Sutherland drove for about four hours to the exchange point to donate her vehicle to a stranger who lost everything in a tornado that blew across her town. 


Nature is a powerful force, and sometimes, humans are reminded of just how powerful it can be — usually to our detriment. 

Last year, a tornado ripped through West Kentucky, leaving some people trapped under the rubble and displacing many others. Rebecca Marsala was one of those who survived; however, she lost everything. Here are the details. 

Picture of Sharon Sutherland hugging Rebecca Marsala after donating her car | Source: facebook.com/Graves County Sheriff's Office



The tornado that blew across Marsala's town caught her while working in a candle factory. She, among others, was buried under the rubble, and there they stayed for hours before they were located and freed. 

In the time before she was found, Marsala had given up on being rescued and had reportedly called her adult daughter to say goodbye.

Luckily, she survived the ordeal, spent several days recuperating in the hospital then moved back home. She no longer had a car, so she had to ride around with her parents in theirs, which was an uncomfortable arrangement. 



Sharon Sutherland woke up in the middle of the night and suddenly felt the compelling need to donate her car to Marsala. On December 26, Sutherland, who reportedly teaches classes in Anderson County, drove four whole hours to Graves County to give the keys of her car to Marsala and sign the papers required for the transfer of ownership. 

The emotional meeting, which saw both women trying their hardest not to cry their eyes out, was facilitated by the Sheriff County of both areas. 


Sutherland mentioned that her goodwill was most likely prompted by the pictures of the devastation she saw on TV and has said she wants no praise for it. 

She had learned of how long Marsala had been trapped and how she had called her daughter to say goodbye, thinking she would never make it. 


It stoked her desire to help, and about two days after the tornado, she reached out to her Sheriff's office. When everything was set, she set out to go and meet Marsala.

The kind-hearted woman also brought homemade cookies with her for the deputies, who made it all happen. She hopes netizens see this as a life lesson and said:

"Some of the lessons we do the best in class aren't the science, or the english, or the math. It's the life things."


Sutherland will probably never know how much her gift meant to Marsala, but both women went home fulfilled and happy that day. A post regarding the incident was shared on Graves County Sheriff's Facebook page explaining the details. Unsurprisingly, some users praised Sutherland.

Apparently, the woman is well-known for her golden heart and selflessness. Little wonder it was such an easy decision to give up her vehicle. Keep up the good work, Sutherland!