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Couple Told They Can't Have Kids Naturally End up as Parents to 3 Sets of Twins Sharing Same Birthday

Ayesha Muhammad
Mar 19, 2022
02:00 A.M.
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A woman had always yearned to embrace motherhood ever since she was a little girl. But when she and her husband discovered they couldn't conceive naturally, they were heartbroken. Then, something unexpected happened. 


Becoming parents to little bundles of joy is a dream-come-true for any couple. Sadly, many people might face complications in getting pregnant and experiencing parental bliss. Some couples might even have to wait a long time before welcoming children.

Nothing worth having comes easy, and something similar unfolded for a couple who experienced a heartwarming miracle that changed their lives forever. 

[Left] Carrie and Craig Kosinski's twins in one frame; [Left] The couple pictured with their three sets of twins. | Source: | Shortsle Kosinski



Carrie and Craig Kosinski from Union Grove, Wisconsin, were a happily married couple. Nothing was missing in their lives except for one — they longed to hear cackles and cries of little ones in their home. 

Like any couple, the Kosinskis wanted to have children, but it was easier said than done. After multiple failed attempts at getting pregnant, they decided to see a doctor. What they found out then shattered them to the core. 



The doctors told them they couldn't conceive naturally. A further diagnosis revealed that Carrie had severe endometriosis, making it challenging to have biological children. 

Ever since she was a little girl, Carrie had wanted to become a mother. Because she was adopted herself, she also shared a strong desire to adopt kids, and she discussed it with her husband before they married. 

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But the Kosinskis had hoped to adopt more kids after having biological children. "We just felt like that was what God wanted us to do, so we decided to put our own plans down and pursue the plan that God had for us, and that was to adopt first," said Carrie. 

In July 2013, an acquaintance of Carrie's who was several months pregnant contacted her on Facebook and asked if she and her husband wanted to adopt her baby. The Kosinskis immediately agreed but didn't discover until later that she was pregnant with twins. 



Adalynn and Kenna were born by emergency C-section on February 28, 2014. Carrie and Craig were delighted with God's plan and showered their twins with tender love and care. They established legal guardianship of the twins when they were three months old. 

A year later, the same woman reached out to them again and asked them if they would adopt her older set of twins — JJ and CeCe, also born on February 28, but in 2013.



Due to unlikely circumstances, she could not provide for her kids and struggled to make things work. Carrie and Craig told her they'd be happy to take in the other set of twins without hesitation. 

The Kosinskis, who were also trying to get pregnant, said the decision to take in JJ and CeCe was difficult. However, they agreed to take the kids to keep all the siblings together. But soon after welcoming the older twins, the couple experienced something strange.



Carrie discovered she was pregnant with twins in an unimaginable twist of fate. It was a moment of complete shock for the Kosinskis, and they couldn't contain their excitement.

The twins were due on June 12, 2016, but after Carrie's water broke at 19 weeks, she had an emergency C-section and delivered them via IVF at 24 weeks on February 28, 2016.



Her preemie twins, Karraline and Clarissa, weighed only 1.6 pounds at birth. Carrie recalled: 

"We were very shocked. We were like 'oh my God we are going to have three sets of twins. What are we going to do with ourselves?'"

The Kosinskis welcomed all their twins on February 28. When asked if they had planned to have all their kids on the same day, Carrie explained that they had only planned to adopt children and anything else was purely coincidental.



Carrie told PEOPLE in 2017 that the adoptions of her first two sets of twins weren't finalized due to financial restraints, but she and Craig were hopeful of completing the process as soon as possible. 

Having three sets of twins under one roof came with its unique challenges, so the community stepped forward to support the Kosinskis. Fundraising sites like GoFundMe and AdoptTogether helped the couple meet their household's growing expenses. 



The couple was once told they'd never have children; now, they had three sets of twins. "There is never a dull moment in my house," admitted Carrie. Even though all their kids share the same birthday, Carrie revealed that they had different personalities. 

The doting mother shared that she wished to focus on her children and provide them with a loving environment. However, she wouldn't mind adding to the family, and having twins born on February 28 sounded like a welcoming thought. 



The Wisconsin couple hoped that their story would inspire others and enable them to consider adoption. "We believe that because God adopted us into His family that, we were meant to adopt these children into our family," added Carrie. 

Undoubtedly, fate had a unique plan for the Kosinskis, and we're delighted to know that they experienced such a heart-melting miracle. Please spread the joy and share this incredible story with your family and friends. 

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