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After Man's Death, His Son Only Gets an Old Guitar – The Main Inheritance Went to the Other Heir

Salwa Nadeem
Mar 24, 2022
03:20 A.M.
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After their 64-year-old father passed away, the siblings were shocked to discover the contents of his will. He gave everything to his daughter, while his son only got a guitar.


When the 30-year-old woman wrote a Reddit post under the username miss_you_dad to talk about her father's will, she received a lot of criticism.

The internet slammed her and showed no mercy to her deceased father for dividing his wealth unevenly among his children, compelling her to divide her inheritance. 

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After battling a long-term illness, the woman's father passed away, leaving all of his valuable assets, including cash, to her. She couldn't figure out why he didn't give her brother anything except a guitar he played for them when they were children. 

The brother, John, didn't do well academically and took a lot of time before landing a stable job. Meanwhile, the Original Poster (OP) was an outstanding student who landed her first job without much effort. 

Since OP wasn't sure why her father gave everything to her, she guessed it might be because her father disliked his son's life choices.

The man passed away after battling a long-term illness. | Source: Unsplash


She wasn't close to her brother and occasionally talked to him, but she knew he was hurt after learning about the will. However, he never asked her to split the wealth she inherited from their dad.

"Parents like your dad need therapy," thecarguru46 replied.

Meanwhile, OP and her husband calculated how much money they would get through the bonds and stock shares she inherited. They figured if they invested the money in the right places, they could retire early and spend their time with their children.  

They calculated how much money they would get. | Source: Unsplash


On the one hand, OP couldn't resist thinking about the life she would have if she kept her father's wealth to herself. On the other, she felt it would be unfair not to share the wealth with her brother. 

"I loved my dad very much, and because of that, I'm reluctant to go against his last wishes," OP stated and asked other Redditors if it would be OK to keep all the inheritance money with her. 

In response, AnonMSme berated OP's father and blamed her for accepting his will. The Redditor pointed out that OP would set a bad example for her children if she didn't share the wealth with her brother. 

She didn't want to go against her father's wishes. | Source: Pexels


"Not working and living off inheritance is not the greatest role model for children anyhow," Redditor kupin51 stated. Another Redditor suggested splitting the money into half and investing it. They said it would still be enough for OP since she was decades away from her retirement age. 

"Seems OP is looking for any excuse not to share the money even though it's the right thing to do," another Redditor replied

Meanwhile, Sirfallsalot bluntly stated that OP felt "reluctant" to share her money with her brother, not because of her "father's wishes" but because she wanted to keep the money.

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The Redditor felt OP's father was at fault in this situation for dividing his wealth unevenly and resenting his son because he did not spend his life according to his plans. 

"Parents like your dad need therapy," thecarguru46 replied, "Your brother needed a better dad than he got. The least you could do is give him half the inheritance."

After reading all the comments, OP updated her post. Following a thank-you note, she clarified that she didn't know why her father gave everything to her. She said he might have written it after arguing with her brother, or he might have something else going on in his mind. Even John had no idea why his father gave him a guitar and nothing else.


Other Redditors felt OP's brother deserved more than just a guitar. | Source: Unsplash

After thinking about it for a while, OP concluded that her father gave her all of his wealth so she could divide it wisely and revealed:


"I will give John 50 percent of everything I received."

She planned on retiring early by investing the remaining money after giving half of it to her brother. She felt it would be better to set up a trust for him to help him manage the money. 

She decided to give 50% of her inheritance to John. | Source: Unsplash


Questions to Ponder:

Do you think OP initially intended to share the money, or did she decide to do it after other Redditors bashed her?

After reading her post, most readers accused OP of not wanting to share her money with her brother. However, she would later reveal that she decided to share half of her inheritance with him. Do you think her decision changed because of the comments? 

Would you blame OP's father for dividing his wealth unfairly?

The unfair division of wealth was the primary cause of OP's dilemma. Had her father distributed his wealth evenly, his children wouldn't be guessing why he left everything to his daughter. He may have had his reasons why, but many would agree it would have been better if it had been disclosed in the will. What do you think?

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