Mom Who Thinks She's Pregnant with Twins Discovers She Has One More Pair of Twins Inside

Brittany Chalmers
Mar 23, 2022
01:20 A.M.

A couple dreamed of having a big family, but their journey was long and painful. They faced tragedies but never gave up hope. In 2011, they finally got their miracle, and it was even more than they had hoped for!


Registered nurses Miranda and Josh Crawford tried to conceive naturally for years, but they were unsuccessful. The couple turned to in vitro fertilization (IVF), and they were thrilled when they welcomed a little girl in 2009.

They adored baby Joslyn but wanted to expand their brood even more. The North Carolina couple tried to have another baby a year later, but Miranda sadly suffered a miscarriage.

The Crawford parents with their kids. | Source: facebook.com/miranda.d.crawford

The Crawford parents with their kids. | Source: facebook.com/miranda.d.crawford



Despite the loss, they hoped that IVF would again assist them in their endeavors. Doctors transferred only two embryos during the procedure because it was the safest course of action for the 34-year-old.

Thankfully, the mother fell pregnant again, and doctors revealed something incredible—they were having twins! During their ultrasound, the visuals were fuzzy, so Miranda returned a few days later to confirm how many babies she was carrying.

Miranda Crawford pregnant with quadruplets. | Source: youtube.com/WorldchannelNews7

Miranda Crawford pregnant with quadruplets. | Source: youtube.com/WorldchannelNews7



The second appointment offered a clear scan and revealed a fantastic miracle—Miranda was carrying two sets of twins. She shared: "I was shocked. The doctor was shocked. Never had that happened in his entire career."

To make the pregnancy even more unbelievable, the mother carried two girls in one placenta and two boys in another. The quadruplets were more than the Crawford family had imagined, but they were ecstatic.



Doctors suggested that the parents consider reducing the number of fetuses Miranda was carrying, but they chose not to. The mom stated: "It was never an option. We put it in God's hands."

Miranda's pregnancy caused her to develop gestational diabetes, but other than that, the pregnancy went smoothly. She carried the babies to 34 weeks, and all four were born healthy.



The quadruplets spent three weeks in the neonatal intensive care unit, after which they went home. Mia, Madison, Jackson, and James were a handful, but Miranda and Josh developed various systems to help them.

Apart from occasional assistance from family, the duo managed their newborns by themselves. From how they handled feeding to impressive sleeping schedules, the parents called their home life "controlled chaos."



Donations from loved ones and kind-hearted community members also assisted the family. The Crawfords were grateful for the support and felt lucky to have welcomed four healthy babies into their home.

Miranda's Instagram page revealed that her brood is doing well. In a recent post, she wished her quadruplets a "Happy 11th Birthday" alongside an adorable photo of them.



The Crawfords were not the only family to experience something incredible. A couple in Wisconsin struggled to conceive, so they adopted two sets of twins. Carrie and Craig Kosinski first welcomed Adalynn and Kenna, followed by JJ and CeCe.

Miraculously, both sets of twins were born on February 28 in different years. The couple also fell pregnant unexpectedly, and another set of twins joined them in 2016. The babies were born on the same date!

The Kosinski family was blessed beyond measure, just like the Crawfords. While it was not always easy, their abundance of babies brought joy to their lives, and they remain grateful for them.

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