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Elderly Man Meets Kids Every Day to Play, Thinks It's the First Time Each Time Due to Dementia

Stephen Thompson
Mar 23, 2022
11:20 P.M.
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A 91-year-old lonely man finds love, light, and laughter with some daycare kids. He spends time playing with them daily, but every day is a new experience for him, and here is why.


Ninety-one-year-old Gene McGehee, who lives in his Vidalia home in L.A., has severe dementia, and he barely remembers anything, even his face. A year ago, it was confirmed that he often filled his days with lots of hearty and fun memories despite his sickness. 

For three years, McGehee has been hanging out with a teacher and some young kids from a daycare across the street, and they dance, play ball, enjoy music, share hugs and snacks.

Pictures of 91-year-old Gene McGhehee seen playing with kids | Source: Sunday Morning ||



The older man's story resurfaced when the daycare teacher Megan Nunez shared an Instagram post showing McGehee tossing and enjoying football time with a group of boys.

In the post, she gushed about the unique relationship between the elderly and the youngsters, adding that God ordained the peculiar bond from the beginning.


Nunez mentioned that McGehee's little friends always reintroduce themselves whenever they gather to play as the older adult forgets them once the day runs out.

She ended her narration with a tear-jerking question insinuating that even though McGehee has dementia, he constantly reminds himself of coming out every morning to witness something magical. Via the caption, Nunez acknowledged her excitement to be a part of McGehee's happiness. She quipped:

"I'm so #blessed to be part of this story!"



Researchers define dementia as a group of symptoms affecting a person's memory, thinking capacity, and social skills, which influence their daily lives.

The mental health condition is not described as a disease but a makeup of numerous diseases, including memory loss, which is one of its first signs.


Like every other challenging situation, being surrounded by a loving company that is excited about sharing and bonding makes it easier to contain.

Somehow, the daycare kids from McGehee's neighborhood understand this concept following a detailed explanation from their teacher, and they handle their relationship with him brilliantly. According to Nunez:

"We always tell the kids that his brain is kinda sick, but his heart remembers us."


Despite the regular introduction, the kids have not lost their patience. Instead, they show more compassion and empathy towards the 91-year-old and consistently keep their playdates.

McGehee's daughter, Cathy, is impressed by the synergy between her dad and the kids. She claimed that he was a lonely older man before they came into his life. Cathy added:

"Oh my goodness! They have been such a blessing to daddy, and he lights up."

Undoubtedly, the kids from Vidalia prove that they value all humanity, young or old, and will do anything to plant genuine happiness in the minds of the lonely. 

Many internet users have commended their efforts and further praised their parents for raising these peculiar young minds.


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