Couple Prays to God for a Child, Become Parents to 6 Siblings Looking For a Forever Home

Lois Oladejo
Mar 29, 2022
01:20 A.M.

Alo and Ashley were left heartbroken when they realized birthing a child was impossible for them. Still, the couple prayed to God for just a child, and he rewarded them with six.


In March 2012, Mesa Community College Football Player Alo Moli met Ashley, a student of Arizona State University, and the pair started a romantic relationship.

While they were dating, the couple would talk about the number of kids they wanted and the kind of home they would build together.

[Left] Alo and his wife Ashley with her adopted children, Brittany, Michael, Nick, Brianna, J.T., and Ty; [Right]  Alo and his wife Ashley with her adopted children, Brittany, Michael, Nick, Brianna, J.T., and Ty. | facebook.com/alo.moli

[Left] Alo and his wife Ashley with her adopted children, Brittany, Michael, Nick, Brianna, J.T., and Ty; [Right] Alo and his wife Ashley with her adopted children, Brittany, Michael, Nick, Brianna, J.T., and Ty. | facebook.com/alo.moli


One year after they met, they tied the knot, and according to them, it was the happiest day of their lives, and they could not wait to start building a future together.

Unknown to Alo and Ashley, the journey ahead was rough, and things would not work as smoothly as they had planned. Just months after they were married, the pair made countless visits to the clinic in their pursuit of having children.


However, their multiple visits brought heartbreaking news. Alo and Ashley were told they would probably never be able to birth a child due to infertility issues.

The once joyful couple was devastated by the news. Alo had to stop his pursuit of a football career to take care of his wife, who had taken the information badly and would often cry herself to sleep most nights.

Ashley believed it was her fault, and she would often apologize to her husband for not being able to give him a child. News of their family and friends giving birth drilled deeper holes in their hearts.


Alo prayed to God and pleaded for the couple to be blessed with one child. Then he agreed with his wife that becoming foster parents was probably the best way forward for them despite his earlier reluctance.


While Alo and Ashley were praying to God for a child some miles away, 16-year-old Brittany was pleading to God for a family that would foster her and her five siblings.

Brittany and her five siblings — Michael, Nick, Brianna, J.T., and Ty — were raised by verbally abusive biological parents, and the kids never felt loved.


The children's deteriorating relationship with their biological parents reached a breaking point in March 2013 when they suddenly found themselves in foster care. They were taken to live at the Christmas Box house in Salt Lake City, Utah.

It was here Brittany got closer to God and prayed nonstop for him to heed her plea and make it possible that she and her siblings would stay together. Brittany prayed God would lead them to a loving family who would take them all in and care for them.



A couple of weeks after agreeing to adopt, Alo received a call from his brother, who worked at a foster care placement agency, about three kids who needed a home.

The former football player was still discussing with his wife when he heard from his brother that the three kids were actually from siblings of six who all needed foster homes. Ashely immediately agreed to take all the kids and would not want the three to be separated from the rest of their siblings.

The children in question turned out to be Brittany and her five siblings, and when they told her there was a family open to adopting all six of them, she knew her prayers had been answered. On March 30, 2015, two years after entering foster care, Brittany and her siblings moved into the Moli home.



Becoming a mother to six kids at once was not an easy task for Ashley, especially when she learned that four of them had cognitive disabilities.

For the first ten months, the youngest kid would constantly scream when he awoke, and the new mother would pray to God for strength.

Slowly, the new parents took parenting each day at a time, and taking care of the children became easier. But, for Brittany, living with parents who loved and supported her was strange.


Instead of being a caregiver to the kids, she was allowed to live like a typical teenager, and she ended up loving her new parents.

Alo explained that a few months after the kids moved in, he could not believe his ears when he was called Dad for the first time while preparing for church.

On April 3, 2018, Alo and Ashley officially adopted Brittany and her five siblings, with more than 100 people physically present to show them support.

It was the happiest day of their life for both the kids and their new parents. However, Alo and Ashley disclosed that they were skeptical about simply trusting in God's timeline for a long time.

However, after opting to trust God, they have seen and understood His plan for their family. He answered their prayers and gave them an adorable family.

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