Bride's Daughter Interrupts Mom's Wedding, Gives Her Future 'Dad' an Envelope

Dayna Remus
Mar 30, 2022
10:20 P.M.
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Standing on the altar together, two lovebirds gazed into each other's eyes. Suddenly, the bride's daughter handed the groom a mysterious envelope, and a quiet pause filled the room. Many tried not to assume the worst.


Whether we wanted to or not, we have all watched one of those movies when a wedding was interrupted. The main character usually makes this gesture in the name of love. 

Earlier this year, and in one stranger case, a 12-year-old bridesmaid Aryanna, got up to disturb her mother and supposed future step-father's wedding. 

Aryanna along with her mother and bride stand together as the groom cries while holding a letter. | Source:


It was a perfect day. The bride looked beautiful in white while the bridesmaids stood behind her in blue. An emotional Aryanna made her way up to the altar in this romantic atmosphere.

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Aryanna walking up to the altar as the other bridesmaids, her mom and the groom look on. | Source:



She handed the groom an envelope with a microphone in her hand. The 12-year-old readied herself to say a speech as the groom opened the letter. As her mom hugged her from the side, Aryanna said

"I've waited 2555 days for this moment. Frank, will you be my dad?" 

It turns out that this wedding was, after all, interrupted in the name of love. The only thing left now was anxiously waiting for the groom's answer.

Aryanna speaking on the microphone to the groom as she stands to next to her mom and bride. | Source:



Not only was Aryanna emotional, but her mom was crying as well. Frank wiped tears away from his eyes too. After looking at the adoption papers which were in the envelope, he replied

"Thank you very much. I'd be happy to."

Aryanna began sobbing as she fell into her future dad's arms, and he hugged her tightly. She cried tears of joy while leaning her head on his chest. Later at the reception, the two slow-danced together for the father-daughter dance.

Aryanna crying in her future dad’s arms. | Source:



On a more formal note, they were waiting to finalize the adoption legally. But, it is evident through Aryanna and Frank's connection that no paperwork is needed to prove the duo's dad and daughter relationship. 

Aryanna and her future dad dancing together at the wedding reception. | Source:



To repeat the age-old wisdom, we must remember that we marry into their family when we marry someone. 

Aryanna, and what is now hopefully her lawful father, truly understood this. Brandon was also aware of this fact.


So, when he made a vow to his bride, he got down on his knee and "married" her little daughter. With a ring in his hand, he let the little girl Raina know that he would always be there for her. 

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He asked if she would accept him as her father, to which she said yes. Brandon then placed the ring on her finger. They both began to cry and hugged one another

We must remember that blood does not define what a father and daughter are. Instead, those who make an effort to be in one's life and remain by one another's side through thick and thin. We can choose our family.