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Man Came Home Earlier and Kicked Out Pregnant Girlfriend, Leaving Her Alone in a Strange City

Salwa Nadeem
Apr 02, 2022
11:00 P.M.
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After moving across the country to a new town with his pregnant girlfriend, a man discovered something related to her. The unexpected revelation compelled him to kick her out.


Redditor NicBabyThro received a high-paying job offer in a town with a low cost of living. He also felt the place was better in terms of raising a child. 

However, he noticed an unusual change in his girlfriend's behavior. When he asked her what happened, she yelled at him and said she wasn't bound to answer every question he asked. 

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The man shared that he was initially shocked after learning his girlfriend was pregnant. However, he didn't think much about it and was excited to welcome his child. 

The couple moved to a new city, hoping the environment would be favorable for raising their child. The man also got a high-paying job and looked forward to living a good life there. 

However, he noticed his girlfriend had been acting distant for a few days. He thought it might be because of her pregnancy hormones, but she had become even more reserved.

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Since he wanted to know why she had stopped talking to him suddenly, he asked her what was wrong. She didn't answer his question, so he repeated it multiple times until she got annoyed and told him she didn't want to answer it. 

After reaching home, his girlfriend confessed something she had kept with her for a long time. 

He was getting late for work, so he picked up his bag and rushed outside instead of arguing further. Later that day, he received a message from her.

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She asked him if he could leave work early and come home because she wanted to talk to him about something. She said she didn't want to talk to him after he had worked for the entire day. 

The man agreed and asked his supervisor for permission to leave the office early. Upon getting the approval, he picked up his bag and headed home.

He decided to get sandwiches for them on his way home. When he reached home, his girlfriend confessed something she had kept with her for a long time. 

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She told him she once met a man when she was out with her work friends and got intimate with him. She justified her actions by saying that OP (Original Poster) was quite busy with his work that week.

OP was furious to find out that she got intimate with the same man multiple times that week and she confessed that she got pregnant soon after that episode. 

Hearing her confession made him so angry that he got up and threw her sandwich in the trash before leaving the house. He met his friends afterward to calm himself down. 

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The following day, he asked his girlfriend to book an appointment for a prenatal paternity test because he wanted to know whose child she was carrying. 

At first, she was against it, but she later agreed. They got an appointment for the next week, so OP decided to stay with a friend until the appointment day.

He drove her to the hospital for the test and then dropped her back home in silence while she kept crying and apologizing to him. He went back to his friend's house and stayed there until they got the results. 

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The results revealed that OP was not the father of the child. He drove his girlfriend back home and asked her to pack her belongings and leave the house before he returned home from work. 

She started crying and begged him to let her stay in the house since she was approaching her due date and it wasn't safe for her to live on the streets.

After listening to her cries, he drove to an empty field and told his boss what happened. He allowed him to take the day off, so he just sat in his car and cried.

He saw the results and asked her to leave. | Source: Pexels


"I had just gotten my life in order. Everything was stable and ready to go for the baby," he stated.

After thinking about everything that happened, he checked his phone. He saw a few missed calls from his girlfriend and her family and a few voicemails from his friend asking him to come back home. He called his friend and told him he was returning soon.

After reaching his friend's place, he wrote a Reddit post asking other Redditors what to do next. Redditor JagerJack asked him to be ready to talk to a lawyer because his girlfriend could file a case against him for throwing her out of his house.

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"She doesn't seem smart enough to do it," Redditor KalSkotos replied after reading the comment. The Redditor felt OP's girlfriend wouldn't think about filing a case against him. 

Redditor kuranei felt sorry for OP and suggested that he pay for a one-way ticket so his girlfriend could go to her parents' place. 

Later, OP updated his post and shared that he got in touch with a solicitor and informed her family about what happened. He had bought a bus ticket for his girlfriend to return to her parents' house. 

He informed her family about what happened. | Source: Unsplash


When he arrived home later that day, she opened the door and hugged him, begging him not to leave her. But he stood firm on his decision and handed her the bus ticket. He asked her to pack everything so he could drop her off at the station. 

She cried but packed her stuff and sat in the car with OP and his friend. He could hear her sob while they were driving to the station. 

In the waiting room of the station, she tried her best not to cry because of the people. She asked OP what she would do now because she had no job and would be a "homeless single mother."

"I told her that she should try to find the father, wished her the best, and left," he stated before concluding his post. He thanked the Redditors for their support and said he would move forward in life. 


He dropped her at the bus station. | Source: Unsplash

Question to Ponder:

Do you think OP should have expressed his concerns when she told him about her pregnancy for the first time?


OP said he was shocked when he heard about her pregnancy because he wasn't expecting it. He would have known the child wasn't his had he expressed his concerns. Do you think that would have made him less heartbroken?

If you were OP, what actions would you have taken? Would you have done what he did?

Placed in a similar situation, what would you have done differently? How would you handle learning about your partner's infidelity and would-be child's paternity?

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