Woman Looking For Her Dad Finds Out She's a Missing Child

Lois Oladejo
Apr 04, 2022
11:30 A.M.
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A woman and her father searched for one another for about three decades with no luck. They both had little information about each other, but the internet came through once more.


The internet is touted as a bad influence most times. The good it has done is rarely discussed; however, Scott Becker and his daughter April Becker Antoniou will probably defend it any day because thanks to the internet, they have never been reunited.

The only thing Scott knew about his daughter was that she was born on St. Patrick's Day in 1979, and all the information she knew about him was restricted to his name, which had been on her birth certificate.

[Left] April Becker Antoniou searching for her father online on her laptop; [Right] A photo of April Becker Antoniou when she was a child. | Source:



For years, a determined April tried to use search engines and people finders to track down her father using only his name. However, there was too little data for the finders to locate him.

Little did she know that if she had chosen to search her own name, an internet page dedicated to finding her would have popped up.

Her father had set up the site, years earlier, to track her down. But, his daughter did not find it until November 4, 2009, when she decided to search for the words "Scott Robert Becker looking for April." 


April Becker Antoniou and her father, Scott Becker sharing a hug after meeting for the first time.| Source:

Google displayed some results; among them was the website where a message that urged her to email her father was waiting for her. The text on the website read:


"I'm your Dad and I would really like to talk to ya." 

April said about her reaction to the website: "When that website popped up, I was just absolutely floored."

April Becker Antoniou and her kids. | Source:



April knew that her father had set the website up because the headline at the top had her middle name spelled "Joi." According to April, nobody else knew that it is was spelled that way, and it was a dead giveaway – it really was her father. 

Scott, a restaurant owner in Kiowa, revealed that her email came in just as he was about to go to bed, and it read, "I think you might be my dad."

Two days later, April was on a plane to Atlanta to see her father. Various TV outlets picked up their story, after which positive emails congratulating the pair on finding each other started pouring in. 


April Becker Antoniou and her father, Scott Becker. | Source:


The last time Scott saw his daughter before their reunion was in 1979 when she was a few months old, and the family had been residing in southern California.


He and April's mom had been in an argument, and she had left, never to return. Speaking about what happened, April said:

"I blame them both equally for making a poor decision. But, after 15 or 20 years, I decided I wasn't going to be angry about it." 


Her mother got married shortly after, and April found out when she was five years old that the man she knew as her father was her stepdad. Naturally, she got curious, but her biological father was already trying to find her by then.

The problem was they had a relatively common last name, so they kept missing each other until that fateful day she typed keywords including his name and hers. After that, their reunion went smoothly, and April's two kids quickly warmed up to their grandpa.