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Kids Who Lost Their Mom Sleep on the Floor despite Living in a 4-Bedroom Home

Busayo Ogunjimi
Apr 09, 2022
02:00 P.M.
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A family of four now sleeps together after losing their matriarch, a woman who breathed love into all she met. The heartbroken husband and father penned a very emotional letter to celebrate her birthday 75 days after her demise. 


When Brandon Janous lost his wife Rachel to a sickness some years ago, his world almost caved in. He loved her desperately, and so did their three kids, who shared a special bond with her. 

Her death thrust him into the choppy waters of single fatherhood, and though things got more challenging for him, Brandon refused to let his wife down. 

Brandon Janous children sleeping on the floor following their mother's death | Source: facebook.com/brandon.janous


He took on the responsibility of completing his kids, making them talk as much as possible about their mother, who had been a ruthlessly efficient woman who loved her family. 

In fact, Brandon only truly came to appreciate the seemingly mundane and small things she used to do, especially with their kids, after her demise. 

In a letter he wrote to her on the event of her birthday, which was celebrated 75 days after she passed on, Brandon revealed the many adjustments he has had to make to accommodate his kids. 


In the Facebook post he shared in February, the devoted father revealed that his kids have not stopped sleeping on the floor in his room even though it has been two years since she passed on. 

Brandon claimed in his post that it happens every day and night even though they live in a four-bedroom apartment. 

At first, he tried to get them to sleep in their respective rooms, saying their beds would provide better comfort. But when they refused to leave, he accepted it even if he didn't completely understand it. 


At the time he shared the post, Brandon revealed that he had finally realized why his kids did not leave his side regardless of how many times he reminded them of their warm beds. 

It had to do with when his wife was ill; he had spent days by her side and nights sleeping on the floor next to her bed. People tried to get him to go home back then, but Brandon had refused, determined to stick with his wife no matter what. He wrote:

"It took me almost two years, but I get it now. No one was going to convince me to leave her side, no matter what anyone said, by her side is where I was going to be."


Brandon admitted in his post that he no longer tries to get the kids to sleep in their rooms because he now knows that his side is where they consider safe after losing their mom so early in their lives. 

In the tribute he wrote to his wife for her birthday, the single father revealed how far he had come in adjusting to being the only adult in the house. 

He also reassured her that the two things she had feared even as she fought the battle to keep her life had not come to pass. 


The first was that people would hear her story and turn away from God, but Brandon let her know that it had instead drawn more people closer to him. 

The second was that nobody would be there to take care of them once she passed on, but again Brandon let her know that they are doing okay. 

The proud father ended the letter by revealing how much they still love her and that he hopes he is happy with knowing that they are doing just fine.