Ukrainian Hachiko: Dog Refuses to Leave Owner's House, Not Knowing She Won't Be Able to Come Back

Brittany Chalmers
Apr 11, 2022
11:00 P.M.

Volunteers walking through the streets of Makariv, Bucha in Ukraine, saw something unexpected in 2022. A malnourished dog waited by a front door, refusing to leave the spot.


Volunteers spotted a dirty Hachiko named Reeny as she sat at her doorstep. The dog's behavior surprised the group that tried to take her to a rescue center.

Reeny had a blue harness on, and it was evident that she had not been taken care of for weeks. Along with a series of photos, her story was shared by Anton Gerashchenko, an official advisor at the Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs.

[Left] A dog sits at the front door waiting for her owner; [Right] The dog refuses to leave the house. | Source: twitter.com/Gerashchenko_en

[Left] A dog sits at the front door waiting for her owner; [Right] The dog refuses to leave the house. | Source: twitter.com/Gerashchenko_en


When Russian troops occupied Bucha and the nearby Makariv, the citizens and animals suffered—Reeny was one of those animals. Despite her hunger and desire for attention, she stayed near the door.


The nine-year-old canine only accepted food and water placed next to her. The volunteers knew why she didn't want to leave the house.

Dog sniffs food provided by volunteers. | Source: telegram.org/pravdaGerashchenko_en

Dog sniffs food provided by volunteers. | Source: telegram.org/pravdaGerashchenko_en


The group believed Reeny was waiting for her owner, Tetiana. Sadly, the dog was unaware that her owner was a victim of the war, and she was never returning home again.

The group hoped to find a loving home for the dog, who undoubtedly missed her owner. They also wanted to get Reeny the help she needed to recover after a month of isolation and neglect.

Dog stays at the front door and waits for her owner. | Source: telegram.org/pravdaGerashchenko_en

Dog stays at the front door and waits for her owner. | Source: telegram.org/pravdaGerashchenko_en



The war in Ukraine left many pets alone and afraid. Thankfully, soldiers have reunited people with their beloved animals, and a Husky named Nancy was filmed as she saw her owner again after they were separated.

The black and white dog ran toward her owner and picked up speed as she got closer—when she reached him, she let out loud howling sounds. Their bond was evident as they hugged, and the dog could not contain her happiness.



The emotional clip of Nancy touched many hearts, similar to a photo of a dog found by a soldier. The big black dog was excited to see a human after his owners purportedly left Kyiv without him.

Many families fled areas in Ukraine and could not bring their pets along. Fortunately, the country's military personnel looked out for the vulnerable animals that needed rescuing.



A police officer named Alexei also did something commendable when he rescued a weary Husky in Ukraine. The dog was in a wrecked car, and she desperately needed attention.

Alexei happily welcomed the animal into his family, and he received lots of praise from the online community. One user wrote: "Thank God for this soldier."



Netizens also shared their concern for the animals and were thankful for compassionate people such as Alexei. A commenter expressed: "All those poor sweet animals going through so much, so happy this precious one is now safe!"

Animals do not understand war, and they are often terrified when they cannot find their owners. Thanks to the efforts of the brave soldiers and officers in Ukraine, many pets found new homes while others were reunited with their beloved owners.

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