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Girl’s Savings Disappears from Her Vault, Later Exposes Thief during a Family Gathering

Salwa Nadeem
Apr 16, 2022
03:40 A.M.
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A 21-year-old girl had been saving her hard-earned money in a safe that looked like a book. One day, she checked her bookshelf and realized the safe was missing. 


She thought it must be her mother and sister because they had stolen her money several times before. However, this time, she had evidence against them and had planned to expose them in front of other family members. 

The girl wrote a detailed post on Reddit revealing how she exposed her mother and sister. She did something that no one could have thought of. 

Source: Flickr / m01229


The young girl cleaned houses on weekends to pay her school fees and rent. She had saved almost $12,000 before she realized her savings were missing. 

She had bought a safe disguised as a book and had kept it on her bookshelf so her mother and sister wouldn't know where she hid her money.

Her mother and sister had their jobs, but they weren't good at managing their finances and always spent most of their earnings. They stole money from her after they were out of cash. 

She had kept her money in a book safe. | Source: Unsplash


The girl had forgiven them, but she didn't want to give them another chance to steal money and get away with it, so she came up with the perfect idea to find out who had stolen her money. 

While her sister and mother were outside with her cousin, she snuck into their rooms and checked their wallets.

Before putting her money in the safe, she made it a habit to fold each bill from the edges and take a picture of it. However, her mother and sister weren't aware of this. 

She had folded the edges of her bills. | Source: Unsplash


One day, she went into the garage and saw her broken book safe wrapped with cardboard sitting on the trashcan. Seeing it made her sure her sister and mother had stolen it. 

A few days later, she saw her 24-year-old cousin carrying the same cardboard box when she visited. She took the carton to OP's (Original Poster's) mother in the backyard.

While her sister and mother were outside with her cousin, she snuck into their rooms and checked their wallets. She was relieved to see the folded bills they stole from her. 

She checked their wallets. | Source: Unsplash


Before leaving their rooms, she clicked photos of their wallets to prove that they had stolen the money. She had a great revenge plan in mind. 

The next day, her extended family gathered at her aunt's house. She used this as an opportunity to expose her sister and aunt in front of her family.

While everyone was chatting in the living room, she excused herself and grabbed her bag from the other room. She pulled out her broken book safe and dropped it on the center table. 

Everyone had gathered at her aunt's house. | Source: Unsplash


Her cousin's expression changed when she saw the book. OP asked her if she knew about it, and she didn't respond, so OP turned to her sister and asked her about it.

Everyone in the room went silent. Then the girl pulled out her phone and showed photos of the bills with folded edges to everyone. She said she had put these bills in the book safe, but they went missing.

She took her mother and sister's wallets and showed everyone the same folded bills. She even showed them the bill number from the photos so they could match them. 

She showed the stolen money to everyone. | Source: Unsplash


Her cousin's mother scolded her for stealing the money, but the girl kept denying it. Likewise, OP's mother and sister wouldn't admit they stole the money. 

OP interrupted their conversation and said she wasn't going to the police immediately because she wanted to give them time to return her money. She asked her mother, sister, and cousin to return the stolen cash within a month. 

She also announced that she would be moving out soon and apologized to her aunt before leaving her house. Later, she installed a lock on her bedroom door to keep her sister and mother out. 

Her aunt scolded her cousin. | Source: Pexels


The girl posted her story on Reddit because her family members said she went overboard and could have done something else to expose her mother, sister, and cousin. She asked other Redditors if that was true. Most users asked OP to ignore what her family members said and get her money back. 

A few days later, OP updated her post and said that her cousin's parents called her and apologized for their daughter's behavior. They said she wanted to apologize to her in front of other family members.

Her cousin's parents called her and apologized. | Source: Unsplash


OP said she only wanted her money back and asked the girl where she had found the box, but she didn't answer her question.

Redditor xplosm replied to her comment, saying she should put her money in a bank account. OP answered that she would visit the bank soon, but she wasn't sure if they would issue her a credit card. 

"If the goal is to keep your money electronically safe in a bank account, you probably don't need a credit card," Redditor ritswd replied

She posted her story on Reddit to ask others if she did the right thing. | Source: Unsplash


The user said OP's family members were right that she went overboard with her revenge, but this was the best way to do it. If she had done it secretly, her family members would have questioned her when she left the house. At least now they knew what happened between OP and her sister and mother. 

Most Redditors said OP's reaction was justified. They appreciated her for raising her voice against her mother and sister. 

Most Redditors asked her to open a bank account. | Source: Unsplash


Questions to Ponder:

Do you think OP did the right thing?

Most people supported OP, but her family members thought she could have confronted her sister and mother some other way without involving the entire family. Do you think she did the right thing?

Would you leave your mother's house if you were OP?

After catching her sister and mother stealing, she decided to move out of her mother's house. However, some people might think she could have stayed back to see if they would steal from her again. She said she had installed a lock in her room, so living over there wouldn't have been a problem for her. What do you think?

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