Mom Gives Birth to Twins with Snow-White Hair, They Show Their Unusual Beauty Years Later

Ayesha Muhammad
Apr 14, 2022
09:30 P.M.

When a couple discovered they were pregnant with twins, they were overjoyed and couldn't wait to embrace parenthood. But what they weren't prepared for was the kind of attention their twins would receive when they arrived in the world.


Ask any parent, and they'll tell you how precious and breathtakingly beautiful their children are. Undoubtedly, all parents see their kids as the most loveable and special beings and never miss a chance to shower them with tender love and care.

Indeed, all kids are born with varying personality traits and physical features that determine their individuality and uniqueness. However, some children leave a lasting impression on their families and the world due to their strikingly different appearances.

And that's what a couple from Argentina experienced when they embarked on their parenthood journey. Like any parent, they were eager to welcome their little bundle of joy and complete their family.

But unbeknownst to them, their parental bliss was destined to grab the attention of millions of people worldwide. It all started in 2018 when Jorge Gomez and his wife received the delightful news that they were pregnant.



The couple were already parents to an adorable son and couldn't wait to complete their family. From the beginning of the pregnancy, Mrs. Gomez visited the doctor regularly and acted upon his medical advice.

On one such visit, the couple learned that they were expecting twins girls, and they couldn't contain their excitement. Every day was filled with endless moments of joy and gratitude, and the soon-to-be parents couldn't wait to hold their little princesses.

While Nmachi's birth and rare beauty sparked a debate worldwide, her parents promised to love her forever because she was their "miracle baby."



The pregnancy progressed smoothly, and Mr. and Mrs. Gomez did everything possible to prepare themselves for welcoming the twins.

While carrying twins might likely lead to increased complications during pregnancy and childbirth, Mrs. Gomez didn't experience any such problems. The twin girls, Catalina and Virginia, were born prematurely at 36 weeks, but both weighed healthy.



Catalina came out first, weighing 5.95 lbs, while Virginia emerged two minutes later, weighing 5.5 lbs. They were born at a hospital in Tucuman province, Argentina. The little ones were special in many ways. Firstly, they were twins, which was a blessing in itself.

Secondly, they were born prematurely but weighed healthy. But the third and most eye-opening factor stunned everyone, including Jorge, his wife, and the doctors. Catalina and Virginia were born with milky white hair that didn't resemble anyone in the family.



It turned out that the couple gave birth to a set of twins so incredibly rare that they became an overnight sensation. The moment everyone saw Catalina and Virginia and their eye-catching snow-white hair, they were flabbergasted and rendered speechless.

The little girls were born with albinism, a rare genetic disorder in which a person doesn't have melanin pigment in their skin, resulting in a lack of coloration. Only one in 17,000 babies is born albino in the U.S.



Albinism is inherited through families, and the majority of the time, both parents might carry an albinism gene for a child to be born with the condition. When Catalina and Virginia were born, they also became the first set of albino twins born in Argentina.

The little girls' rare beauty came as a massive shock for everyone, including their parents. Nonetheless, the Argentinian couple was ecstatic to welcome their precious twin girls.



People born with albinism might be more susceptible to sunburns and skin cancer, which was true for Catalina and Virginia. Their parents had to be extra cautious regarding their health and ensure they were well protected at all times.

In December 2021, they also posed as little models when someone close to their family designed gorgeous dresses for them and captured their awe-inspiring beauty. Catalina and Virginia are unique and are wholeheartedly loved by their parents.

Most importantly, Mr. and Mrs. Gomez have shown that all children deserve to be pampered with affection and care regardless of their genetic differences. Catalina and Virginia continue to thrive, and we can't wait to witness them achieving their milestones.



As was evident from Catalina and Virginia's story, some births are so unique that they leave a lasting imprint on our minds. In 2010, a Nigerian immigrant couple living in London underwent something similar when they welcomed their third child.

Angela and Ben Ihegboro said they were baffled when they first laid eyes on their newborn girl, Nmachi. Unlike their other two sons, who were black, just like their parents, Nmachi was born with blonde hair and blue eyes.



However, Nmachi's strikingly different features drew the attention of medical experts and genetic scientists, and several theories surfaced. The first theory said that Nmachi was born due to a gene mutation unique to her, and she was likely to pass on the gene to her kids.

The second one said that she was a product of dormant white genes present in her parents' ancestors. A third theory suggested that she might have been born with some mutated version of albinism. The last theory said that the Ihegboros might have a long-dormant Caucasian DNA from an interracial coupling in the past.



While Nmachi's birth and rare beauty sparked a debate worldwide, her parents promised to love her forever because she was their "miracle baby."

Catalina, Virginia, and Nmachi's stories teach us that all children deserve to be loved and appreciated irrespective of their genetic makeup. If you enjoyed reading these beautiful stories, please share them with your family and friends.

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