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Boy Sees a Dusty Pen in His Room, Takes It, and Accidentally Discovers It Has a Hidden Camera

Salwa Nadeem
Apr 20, 2022
03:40 A.M.
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While the boy was searching for a pen to start preparing notes for university, he stumbled upon one on his table. He couldn't remember if he owned that pen but ignored it until he saw a red light blinking from it.


The 18-year-old boy was shocked to discover that it wasn't an ordinary pen. It was a spy pen with a tiny camera embedded inside it. 

He wondered who had placed the camera in his room and what made them do it. He felt uneasy, thinking the camera had recorded everything that he did behind closed doors. 

Boy discovered a hidden camera in his room while studying. | Source: Flickr / Nathan Wong


The boy made a throwaway account to share his story on Reddit because he didn't want to reveal his identity. He wrote a post in the "legaladvice" forum to ask other people if he should take legal action against the person who planted the spy pen in his room. 

It was early in the morning when he discovered the pen. He woke up to prepare notes for his university and couldn't find a pen.

He searched his bag and drawers but couldn't find anything. He searched around the room and finally noticed a royal blue pen sitting inside a pen holder on his desk. 

The boy woke up early to prepare notes. | Source: Unsplash


"Is this my pen?" he wondered. He looked at the pen closely but couldn't remember buying it. Since he had a lot of work to do, he ignored his thoughts and started preparing his notes. 

He picked up his phone and typed "spy pen" in the Google search bar, which led him to an image of the same pen.

A few moments later, he put the pen on the table and noticed a red light emanating from it but didn't pay much attention to it since his mind was engrossed in his notes. 

It looked like a regular pen until he opened it. | Source: Unsplash


As he reached for the water bottle on his desk, he knocked the pen down and saw the tip go inside. He panicked because he didn't have any other pen.

He picked it up and twisted it open to see if he could fix it. To his surprise, he found a micro SD card inside and wondered why it was there. 

It took him a few seconds to realize what was happening. He picked up his phone and typed "spy pen" in the Google search bar, which led him to an image of the same pen.

He searched for the spy pen on Google. | Source: Unsplash


He wanted to see what was on the SD card but didn't know how to access it. He kept the card on his palm, wondering who had placed a spy pen in his room.

After thinking about it for a while, he deduced it had to be his parents. Though he had moved in with them a year ago, he couldn't figure out why they would want to spy on him. 

Instead of confronting them, he took his story to Reddit and asked others if it was legal to secretly put a spy camera in someone's private space. 

He wondered if it was legal to secretly install a hidden camera in someone's room. | Source: Unsplash


"Did you check for other cameras like in a smoke detector?" Redditor Warlaw asked. The user also advised him to check his computer for spyware. 

Redditor Derelyk recommended he not check what's on the SD card because he might see something he doesn't wish to see.  "Sometimes ignorance is bliss," the Redditor added.  The man replied that he just wanted to see if the camera recorded him or his sister.

"In general, there are laws against placing a camera where anyone on your property people could reasonably expect privacy," MissAndryApparently stated

He narrated his story on Reddit. | Source: Unsplash


The user added that if the camera also records audio, then it's definitely considered illegal. Most Redditors were worried for the boy and asked him to check for more cameras. 

After some time, the boy revealed why his parents had installed a hidden camera in his bedroom. His father and stepmother had disagreements, so he guessed his father placed the camera in his room to protect his belongings. He explained:

"I believe my dad set the camera up as I haven’t lived there in a while, and a lot of his stuff is in my room now."

He said he trusted his father and felt he could never install a hidden camera to spy on him, but he would check the footage on the SD card and update his post later. 

His father had kept his belongings in the boy's bedroom and installed the camera to protect them. | Source: Unsplash


Questions to Ponder:

Do you think the boy should talk to his parents?

After reading the post, one might think that the boy was only guessing why his father had installed the secret camera in his room. He would get a better idea of what was going on in his father's mind if he talked to him about the camera. What do you think?

Do you think he should look at the recorded footage?

Some Redditors told him not to look at the footage because it might contain disturbing content that he wouldn't want to watch. However, the boy said he didn't care about it and was adamant about watching the recorded footage. Do you think he should watch it?

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