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Inside Chuck Norris's Texas Ranch Where He Raises His Twins & Nursed His Wife after Quitting Hollywood

Gracious Egedegbe
Apr 17, 2022
06:20 A.M.
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After going through a life of pain and poverty, Chuck Norris proudly owns a huge ranch in Texas. Here are the details of the property where he raises his twins.


Chuck Norris is one of the most famous faces in the entire world because of his renowned show, "Walker, Texas Ranger," and the several memes made with his name. 

An actor and martial artist, the icon continues to thrive in the world of entertainment. Although Chuck has achieved a lot in his career, his road to success was filled with many challenges. 

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The oldest of three boys, Norris came from a humble background. His mother, Wilma Scarberry Norris Knight, had him when she was only 19.

With poverty and his mom's inexperience, Chuck had a tough childhood. His family was so poor that they did not have bedrooms, and they would always sleep on the floor. Poverty was not Chuck's only challenge.

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Growing up as a young boy, he was a target for bullies, and he never thought he could achieve anything. The icon once described himself as the shy kid who never excelled at anything in school. 

As time progressed, things became worse. His alcoholic father, Ray Norris, abandoned him following his divorce from Chuck's mom. With all of these challenges, the icon was forced to find a way of escape — martial arts. 


His passion for martial arts led him to study several other types of self-defense, such as Karate, Taekwondo, Judo, and even Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, having earned black belts.

Today, he is 82, and even though he retired, his success inspires several young people. Here are more details about the actor, his family, and his ranch, where he raises his twins.


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In the 1990s, the undefeated six-time world karate champion moved from California to Texas, where he owns the Lone Wolf Ranch. 

When his wife developed health issues, he quit his movie career and cared for her and his children while enjoying his retirement and venturing into the ranch's business.

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The actor and his wife currently raise their twins, Dakota Alan Norris and Danilee Kelly Norris, on the property. The ranch in Navasota, Texas, boasts exquisite details, including an alligator, Chuck Norris's museum, a stable, and a gym.

It also has a lake, which the actor does not fish from because it is "boring." Chuck's ranch also has plenty of military hardware, which he and his family use to move around the property. 

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Apart from all these details, the luxury ranch also houses the CForce Bottling Co., one of the biggest private water bottling companies. It occupies over 53,000 square feet of production space.

The CForce Water was launched in 2015 by Chuck and his wife just across the road from the ranch. The company provides full-service production that includes filling, capping, and packaging bottles for shipment in a state-of-the-art facility.

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Besides being a ranch owner, Chuck is also a family man with a soft heart. He shows love to his family and his neighbors and has succeeded in winning them over. In 2021, the martial arts expert celebrated his 81st birthday, and some of his neighbors commemorated the occasion.

They compiled a short video wishing him a happy birthday. The clip featured moments where Chuck was appreciated for being the resident celebrity and making a significant impact on the community. 

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"We're going to celebrate tonight and watch some 'Top Dog' with the kids and maybe later, kick back with the Mrs. and watch a little 'The Hitman' all while enjoying a couple of ice-cold CForce Waters," Ben Morris, one of the neighbors said. He added:

"Thank you for everything you do, and Happy Birthday, Chuck."


Actor Chuck Norris and wife Gena O'Kelley attend the First Annual World Stunt Awards on May 20, 2001 at The Barker Hangar, The Santa Monica Air Center in Santa Monica, California | Source : Getty Images


Chuck married for the second time on November 28, 1998, to Model and Actress Gena O'Kelly. For Chuck, O'Kelly is his best friend and business partner. 

The pair inspire many young couples with their love story. However, their union has not been free from challenges. One of the trying times was when Gena suffered severe health issues.

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 In 2013, she went for an MRI scan to examine her rheumatoid arthritis, which was when the complications in her health started. The scan required a contrast dye containing gadolinium, a heavy metal.

While O'Kelly was told that there would be no side effects, on the ninth day after three scans, she started experiencing burning sensations. 

The model was in and out of the hospital six times within a few weeks and had symptoms such as nerve pain, muscle weakness, full-body tremors, difficulty breathing, and more.

Chuck Norris, with his wife Gena O'Kelly, daughter Danilee Kelly, and son Dakota Alan at the Los Angeles Premiere "The Expendables 2" on August 15, 2012, in Hollywood | Source: Getty Images


To give her the best possible care, Chuck quit his career to care for his wife as she needed round-the-clock nursing care, and he couldn't bear seeing her suffer.

When she was at the hospital, Chuck never left her side and even slept on the couch. The couple decided to speak out about the dangers of MRI contrast agents. 


In 2017, they sued several healthcare companies, claiming that O'Kelly was poisoned by the heavy metal used before the MRI scan.

In the lawsuit, the couple argued that the model suffered gadolinium deposition disease from the poisoning, leading to long-term damage. Chuck and O'Kelly sought more than $10 million in damages from the different companies.


These days, the lovebirds appear to be more focused on their marriage and children. Chuck and O'Kelly celebrated 20 years of marital bliss in 2020, and the former marked the occasion with a post.

Taking to Facebook, the actor shared three beautiful photos of him and his wife posing together. Alongside the snapshots, Chuck wrote: "22 years ago, I met the love of my life. And we are now celebrating 20 years of marriage together. Gena…" He continued:

"Thank you for not being only the best wife a man could ask for but the greatest mom and best friend as well. I love you, Gena, and look forward to celebrating many more years together."



Apart from his wife, Chuck also celebrates his kids on special occasions. During the twins' 20th birthday in 2021, the icon took to Twitter with a beautiful post, and fans loved it. 

Hopefully, Chuck and his family will remain together and continue to create memories on their ranch.