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Mom of Triplets Doesn’t Give Husband a Penny from Her Inheritance after He Did the Same Earlier

Rita Kumar
Apr 25, 2022
08:30 P.M.
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A mom found herself at a dead end when she refused to give a dime from her inheritance to her husband. She told him straight to his face that her money was only hers, but things took a different turn from there.


Do you think it would be fair on your part not to give a dime to your spouse from your inheritance, only to show them this is how things worked after they did the same to you?

A mom on Reddit shared a similar scenario on the popular "AITA" forum. She received widespread support online for not sharing her inheritance with her husband after he refused to share his bonanza with her.

Posting under Zealousideal_Fly4786 on Reddit's popular "AITA" forum, the woman first gave readers a synopsis, starting with her having to quit her job to tend to her children after her husband insisted.

The Original Poster (OP) and her partner had triplets two years into their marriage. Their babies had health issues, so OP's husband convinced her to quit her job and stay at home with their kids. Since it was cheaper than paying for childcare, OP agreed.


OP's response left the man fuming. He swore under his breath and called her names for refusing to share her money.

Eventually, OP's landlord offered her a job cleaning homes when tenants moved out of their houses. She thought it was a good opportunity to earn some savings and consulted with her husband. He agreed and told her he was okay with it as long as it didn't interfere with her motherly duties at home.

OP had to quit her job to take care of her babies. | Source: Pexels


The couple also agreed that the money OP earned would solely be hers, so she put her earnings in a savings account. Three years passed before she knew it, and OP was soon cleaning the other properties that her landlord owned.

When OP's father-in-law passed away, her husband received a surprise check from his mom. OP was curious, and when she asked him about it, he was annoyed. He outright said it was "his money" and that any future inheritance wouldn't go into their family budget.

The man then blew the money on extravagant trips with his brothers. OP was okay with it, but she was still hurt by her husband's reaction when she asked about the money.


She busted her chops to beef up her savings for the next couple of years. Since her parents made good money and she was the only grandchild, it was no surprise when she became the sole inheritor of her grandpa's entire estate after he died.

After her grandpa's passing, OP became the sole inheritor of his estate. | Source: Pexels


She transferred all the money, rented farmland around his house, and kept the house since it was nearby her parents' house. OP made all the decisions herself without discussing them with her husband as she assumed both of them had the same rules about each other's legacies.

Meanwhile, OP's landlord approached her and told her he was selling the building OP's family resided in. Worrying about its impact on their family and budget, she decided to buy the building with her combined savings and inheritance.

But when her husband learned about this, he told her to deposit part of their rental income into their family account to fund his fun activities. Problems sparked when OP reminded her husband about their agreement and strictly told him that her money was only hers. She also told him that they no longer had to pay rent. 


OP's response left the man fuming. He swore under his breath and called her names for refusing to share her money. After posting her dilemma online, OP left it to the internet to decide if she was wrong for not sharing her inheritance with her spouse.

OP's husband asked her to deposit part of their rental income into their family account. | Source: Pexels


Unsurprisingly, OP's post blew up on Reddit with more than 9K upvotes and comments, most declaring she was right not to give a dime away, just as her husband had once done.

"Seriously, divorce him," wrote user mesafreakygyal, and Redditor Danmoh29 posted: "NTA, but this sounds like a terrible marriage."

As the discussion surged, several people like user FawkesFire13 agreed, adding:

"NTA. Your money. Not his. He made that clear. P.S: you can do better, OP."

Supporters aside, OP managed to amass quite some critics as well. For instance, one user posting under Final-Power5160 declared both she and her husband wrong.


"If you get married, you should have never started with "this is mine" [expletive]. You are either working for the marriage or working for the marriage to fail. You both have been working for failure," the person asserted.

Some people on Reddit suggested for OP to divorce her husband over their money war. | Source: Pexels


Shortly after posting her dilemma, OP showed her husband the comments from fellow Redditors and told him she was leaving on a trip. "Mostly, the trip is for me to clear my head. I need to decide what I want in our relationship," she explained.

Her husband agreed and even volunteered to sign a post-nuptial agreement on her inheritance to put things in place between them and avoid divorce. "He just doesn't want a divorce. He was shocked with how many people recommended that here," OP revealed

The mom decided to put her work income in her family budget and ensure her husband looked after their kids and the house during his time off work. She assumed he would still have some "spending money" this way and also give her a break from her usual chores.


OP decided to give her husband some spending money as long as he helped with the house & kids. | Source: Pexels

Questions to Ponder:

What would you do if your spouse burned a hole in their pocket and came to you demanding your inheritance?


After OP's husband blew his inheritance on trips and fun adventures with his siblings, he got attracted to OP's money. He demanded she deposits part of their rental income from the building into the family account so that he could fund his lavish expenses. However, OP refused to do it. What would you do if your spouse came to you demanding a share of your inheritance after blowing up theirs?

What would you do if your spouse decided not to share his inheritance with you?

OP decided to turn the tables on her spouse and cut him off her inheritance after he did the same to her. How would you respond to a spouse refusing to share his inheritance with you if you were OP?


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