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Man Expects a Multi-Million Inheritance He and His Wife Are Never Going to Receive

Salwa Nadeem
Apr 24, 2022
03:40 A.M.
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When a girl discovered how much money she would inherit from her grandparents, she felt bad for her father because he expected to inherit that money.


The girl opened up about her family dynamics before jumping to the main story. She felt it would be better to give some backstory before asking other Redditors for advice. 

A few days after posting her story, she wrote another post to update the readers about her situation. She read their comments and followed their advice. 

Source: Flickr / Dennis Carr


Redditor gruyerech wrote a Reddit post in the "AITA" forum describing how she discovered her inheritance. She shared that her mother passed away when she was 16, and her father married another woman. 

She wasn't fond of her stepmother, and her grandparents also didn't like her. Her grandparents didn't even comfort the mother when her stepsiblings were born. 

The girl shared that her grandparents were wealthy, and her father expected to inherit a fortune after their death. He wasn't saving any of his earnings because he thought he would be getting an inheritance and would have enough money after retirement. 

Her grandparents disliked her stepmother. | Source: Unsplash


But the man had no idea that his parents had something else in mind. Since they disliked his new wife, they didn't wish to leave him much money. 

She also found out that he had borrowed money from multiple places and expected to pay off his debts using the inheritance money. 

One day, the girl came across her grandparents' will and discovered what they were thinking. The will said they would leave most of their estate to her. They only allotted $50,000 to her father, so he couldn't legally challenge the will. Moreover, the girl's grandparents made her promise not to share her inheritance money with anyone.

She was shocked to read their will. | Source: Unsplash


The girl said she would keep her word and won't give anything to her father or stepmother. However, she was worried for her father because she could see that he usually spent most of his monthly salary on luxuries.

If her father knew that he wouldn't get the millions of dollars he expected, he may stop spending extravagantly. She also found out that he had borrowed money from multiple places and expected to pay off his debts using the inheritance money. 

She asked other users if she was at fault for not telling her father about the will and Redditor andromache97 assured her she was not at fault. However, the user felt her grandparents should be honest with his father. 


She narrated her story on Reddit to ask other people for advice. | Source: Unsplash

"By not telling him, they are setting you up for a LOT of drama after they die, and that's not fair to you," the Redditor stated.


Redditor proteins911 disagreed and said the grandparents were generous if they gave anything to their son. If they didn't leave any inheritance for him, it wouldn't mean they were terrible parents. 

"I agreed with many comments in my first post where they said my grandparents were setting me up for drama," the girl wrote in her next post. 

As a result, she talked to her grandparents and expressed her concerns, and they understood. They called her father and stepmother for a meeting in the girl's presence and their lawyer. 

During that meeting, the girl thought her grandparents would settle their differences with her father and give him a portion of the inheritance, but that didn't happen. Instead, they disclosed their intentions to leave most of their estate to her.


She talked to her grandparents about it. | Source: Unsplash

When her stepmother heard that she wouldn't get anything, she started wailing like a baby. At that point, the girl could see that her grandmother was fuming with anger. 


On the other hand, her father looked sad because he had expected to inherit a fortune from his parents. Then her grandparents disclosed a new agreement. 

"The new agreement is that my father will receive $75k, and each of my younger siblings will receive a 50K education fund," the girl revealed

Her grandparents invited everyone to a meeting. | Source: Pexels


After a few days, the stepmother called the girl and talked badly about her late mother, prompting her to warn the woman not to say anything against her mother and hang up. 

She concluded her second Reddit post by thanking other users for guiding her. She confessed she was relieved after discussing everything with her grandparents. 

"Thanks for the update - I'd been waiting! It sounds like it's worked out pretty well," Redditor ollieclark stated. The user said that the girl's father should control his expenditures after knowing how much money he would inherit.

Her stepmother was shocked when she learned the contents of the will. | Source: Unsplash



Redditor cupcakes_and_vodka believed the girl should tell her grandparents about her stepmother's strange call. The user said she was reacting this way because she was shocked to know that her husband wouldn't inherit anything. 

"She IS a gold digger. She might go mining for gold in someone else's mine now that his has dried up," the user added.

The girl read the comment and said she didn't want to create drama by telling her grandparents about it, so she just let it go. 

Most Redditors were glad to know that her grandparents understood her concerns and dealt with them accordingly. 


Her stepmother called her and bad-mouthed her mother. | Source: Unsplash

Questions To Ponder:

Do you think her stepmother would leave her father?


The phone call made it seem like the woman was mainly interested in her husband's wealth. She lost her cool when she discovered that he wouldn't get his expected share of the inheritance. Some Redditors predicted that she would soon leave her husband and find another rich man. What do you think?

Should the girl hire a lawyer to secure her estate?

Her grandparents strictly instructed her not to share the inheritance money with anyone else. However, her father and stepmother might try to take her money by emotionally manipulating her or in some other way. A Redditor suggested she hire a lawyer and secure her estate, so her father, stepmother, and stepsiblings don't get their hands on it. Do you think so too?


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