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Boy on Walker Gets Injured on School Staircase - Mom Finds Out the Same Day

Salwa Nadeem
Apr 28, 2022
05:40 A.M.
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Following multiple leg surgeries, the boy's mother asked the school management for special arrangements to allow him access to the upper floors. One day, she received a call from the school informing her that her son had fallen from the stairs. 


Furious, the woman rushed to the school to see what had happened to her son. She was angry because she had already told the school management about her son's particular needs. 

The boy wrote a Reddit post revealing what happened when his mother arrived at the school's office. She immediately demanded the principal and vice-principal meet her. 

The boy underwent multiple surgeries on his leg. | Source: Unsplash


Redditor wfogle97 wrote a Reddit post in the "ProRevenge" forum, narrating a strange incident from his life. Before jumping to what happened in the school's office, he revealed how his life had changed after his leg surgeries. 

Before enrolling in a new school, the boy underwent thirteen surgeries to fix his leg. Three weeks later, he underwent another surgical procedure for the same leg.

The doctors had restricted his movement and documented each requirement so the boy could inform the school management about it. 

Since he couldn't walk without assistance, he requested that the school management allow him to take extra time from one class to another. 


The boy felt these issues were nothing compared to those he faced later. 

The boy enrolled in another school. | Source: Unsplash

He also needed one person to escort him at all times despite using a walker to commute around the school. He chose his cousin to accompany him since he studied at the same school.


Moreover, he couldn't climb the stairs with the walker, so he asked the management to grant him access to the elevator at all times.

The school did listen to his request. However, he faced many problems despite telling the management about his surgeries. Most teachers constantly insulted him for roaming in the corridors during class because they didn't know he needed extra time to reach his classroom.

They also objected when they saw his cousin walking with him. However, the boy felt these issues were nothing compared to those he faced later. 

When he requested the school management to give him a key to the elevator, they refused, saying the same key opened doors that students shouldn't access. 


The teachers often scolded him for roaming in the corridors. | Source: Unsplash

Since they refused to provide him with a key, the boy expected someone would be there on the upper floor to open the elevator door for him. But most of the time, no one was there to do so.


This was inconvenient for him because he had to wait for someone to show up to access the elevator. Sometimes, he would spend the entire lunch period waiting. Then he wouldn't have enough time anymore to eat his lunch.

After three weeks of skipping lunch every day, the boy got tired. He wanted to enjoy his lunch break like everyone else.

So instead of waiting for someone to open the elevator door, he decided to use the stairs one day. He confessed it was a "stupid" decision.

He had to miss lunch every day because no one opened the elevator door for him. | Source: Unsplash


Placing his walker on one step after the other, he tried to climb the stairs to the upper floor. After climbing a few steps, he mistakenly slipped and fell down half of the staircase.

He tried to get up, but he couldn't. The poor boy waited on the ground for someone to come and pick him up, and after a few minutes, another student walked in and helped him go to the school's office. 

Another student fetched his cousin so he could inform his mother about the accident, but he wasn't in school. Then they asked the boy for his mother's number, and he gave it to them.

His mother barged into the office a few minutes later and asked him what had happened. She lost her cool when he told her he used the stairs because he didn't want to miss lunch again.


The boy fell down the stairs. | Source

"She immediately turned around and DEMANDED the Principal and VP to get there ASAP," the boy recalled. A few minutes later, the principal and vice-principal walked in.


The boy's mother lashed out and criticized them for not looking after her child. She had told them he needed special attention, but the school neglected to do so. 

However, the vice-principal refused to accept responsibility and, according to OP, even "made an off-hand remark" about his condition, so his mother "physically went after her."

A few moments later, a team of sheriffs arrived and escorted the woman outside the school. They took OP's file from the school and noticed something strange. His address was the same as his cousin's, which seemed quite odd to them.

His mother got a call from the school. | Source: Unsplash


OP explained that he lived with his grandmother because she often came to pick him up from school at 8. On the other hand, his cousin lived in the same house because of a family conflict. He explained this to the school management, but they refused to understand it.

Instead, they expelled him for the same reason and told him that he was "some other school's problem." After some time, he was enrolled in a school near his house.

After OP fell off the stairs, he had to undergo another surgery to fix the damage. At the same time, his parents began to look for a lawyer to file a case against the school.

She berated the principal. | Source: Unsplash


"We were contacted by a lawyer who had won multiple cases against our school board, some of which went to the State Supreme Court, and he told us he would take our case Pro-bono," OP stated.

His parents decided to hire the lawyer and sue the school for not catering to their son's needs despite telling them about it.

After nine months of regular court hearings, the boy walked out of the court with full insurance for his surgeries. The court also ordered the school to revamp its administration, and the principal and vice-principal were fired in the process.

OP posted his story on Reddit to tell share with other people how his parents took revenge on the school for mistreating him. Other Redditors shared similar stories in the comments section.


They hired a lawyer to sue the school. | Source: Pexels

"When I was in school, a friend had leg surgery. No elevators," Redditor Luecleste recalled, explaining she would take turns with her friends to sit with their friend in the library on the ground floor since she couldn't climb the stairs.


The librarians would also help explain the lesson to her, or they would ask the teacher to explain the lecture in the library. "The school was working on getting up to code with disabilities," the Redditor added.

Meanwhile, Redditor sjb2059 recalled having knee problems in high school, but he didn't need any assistance. He fell and injured his neck during the last year of high school, but he could still walk without crutches. However, the doctors told him not to climb the stairs after every class.

The boy posted his story on Reddit. | Source: Pexels


"I spent the entire last two years of school being harassed by the student aids who assisted the kids with more significant disabilities," he recalled

The Redditor said that people judge others' disabilities before accommodating them to see if they deserve it. If they think the person is not "disabled enough," they refuse to help. 

Most users sympathized with the Redditor and shared similar experiences. They agreed that people need to be more considerate towards people with special needs. 

Other Redditors shared similar experiences. | Source: Unsplash


Questions to Ponder:

Do you think schools need to be more considerate towards students with disabilities?

People in the comments section shared similar stories where the school management didn't care about their needs despite knowing they needed assistance while walking and climbing stairs. It seems like the school management only focuses on the majority of the children, and catering to the needs of a fraction of the students is difficult for them. Do you think schools need to reevaluate their policies and look after the needs of students with disabilities?

Do you think the school should have given OP a key to the elevator?


The school management refused to give OP a key to the elevator because the key also opened doors to areas restricted to students. But a Redditor pointed out that the school could have made adjustments, like changing the elevator lock and giving the boy a key to that one. They wouldn't have to worry about him entering the restricted areas that way. What do you think?

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