Rich Wife & Poor Widow’s Babies Are Accidentally Swapped at Birth, They Find Out 27 Years Later — Story of the Day

Sonali Bharadwaj
Apr 26, 2022
02:30 A.M.

Kylie was clueless that her son Logan wasn't hers until she took a DNA test with him 27 years later and got the shock of her life. She was furious beyond words and wanted answers from the maternity hospital where she had given birth – only to hear the startling fact that her baby had been exchanged with another woman.


Kylie Johnson came from a humble background and knew that money could provide for basic needs, but love and togetherness were more important. Her parents adored her and encouraged her to attend university despite their financial issues. It was there she met the man of her dreams, Sebastian Johnson.

Sebastian was wealthy, the only heir to his father's firm. But their differences didn't stop them from marrying and settling in a modest home in California.

When Kylie became pregnant three years later, Sebastian arranged for her to see the top doctor in town. But Kylie insisted on giving birth in the same place her mother had – a modest hospital in California. After all, what could possibly go wrong?

Kylie was shocked to learn her baby was switched. | Source: Shutterstock

Kylie was shocked to learn her baby was switched. | Source: Shutterstock


Unfortunately, Sebastian was away on business at the time Kylie gave birth. When he arrived, their baby was already in Kylie's arms.

"Sebastian!" she cried joyfully. "Look at him! Isn't he lovely?"

"He is, darling. He's stunning, exactly like you! I love you both!" Sebastian kissed Kylie on the cheek and carefully cradled their newborn in his arms. His half-closed eyes looked at him innocently and his touch was the greatest joy for Sebastian. He couldn't stop crying as he held their kid in his arms. Everything looked perfect! He would be the best father and Kylie, the best mother!

As Logan grew up, he registered similar physical features to them, including pitch-black hair and brown eyes that had deepened from blue at birth. As a result, they never questioned the possibility of their baby not being theirs.

People would sometimes glance at Logan and remark on his gorgeous dark brown eyes, which everyone in Sebastian's family had. "Your boy is beautiful," a mother at his school once told Kylie. "I bet he takes after his father! You know, sons that take after their father are lucky!" And Kylie couldn't be happier.

Kylie was over the moon after learning she'd finally become a mom. | Source: Pexels

Kylie was over the moon after learning she'd finally become a mom. | Source: Pexels


Kylie and Sebastian did not leave any stone unturned in their efforts to raise Logan with affection. Every year, they lavished him with the best facilities and gifts. He got a PlayStation for his seventh birthday, a gleaming black BMW for his eighteenth, and Sebastian's businesses for his twenty-fifth.

But, regrettably, Sebastian died just two years after Logan joined his company. He was returning from another town after a business meeting when he was killed in a car accident.

Kylie was heartbroken after that, and Logan was the only one she had. She was relieved that at least her son, was with her until Sebastian's brother Steve appeared out of nowhere, wanting a fair portion of Sebastian's business.

"Come on, Kylie! You can't just keep everything to yourself! You have no idea how a business works!" he sneered.

"Get out of my house, Steve, before I call the cops!" she retorted. "And, yes, the company you've come to claim is my son's! I'm not going to let you touch that!"

"Your so-called son, who has no resemblance to you or Sebastian? Tell me, honestly, did you adopt him and keep the truth hidden all these years? But why? Because you were afraid he'd abandon you? Because he'd be hurt to find out you're not his biological mother?"


"Enough, Steve!" she lashed out. "LOGAN IS MY CHILD – AND MY BLOOD! He has his father's dark brown eyes and pitch-black hair!"

Steve mocked Kylie that Logan looked nothing like her or Sebastian. | Source: Pexels

Steve mocked Kylie that Logan looked nothing like her or Sebastian. | Source: Pexels

Steve mockingly laughed. "That's it, Kylie! That's the only thing he has in common with you! What about his physical appearance? He looks nothing like you two! Think about it, dear! And, of course, I'll see you in court! THAT BUSINESS IS MINE!"

"Who's afraid, uh? I'm not going to let you win! I'm going to take a DNA test to prove you wrong!" she cried firmly. "Sit tight and wait!"

That week, Kylie took the DNA test, convinced that Steve would be so wrong, so mortified when she'd prove him wrong. She couldn't wait to see his expression when she throws the test results in his face. However, when the results came in, Kylie's life came crashing down around her.


"0% MATCH! How in heaven is that possible?" She couldn't believe her eyes! "This must be a mistake! How can Logan not be mine?" She was so stunned that she repeated the test at a different hospital, but the results were the same.

Kylie couldn't help but cry in front of Logan. "Honey, I'm not your mother!" she cried, squeezing the test results in her fists. "I can't believe what I'm hearing! What happened to my child? I know I gave birth to a healthy baby boy. Where has he gone?"

Kylie couldn't believe she wasn't Logan's birth mother. | Source: Pexels

Kylie couldn't believe she wasn't Logan's birth mother. | Source: Pexels

"Hey, mom," Logan hugged her. "Who cares if you gave birth to me or not, you'll always be my mom. You raised me and loved me all my life. Let's go look for your son."

Kylie hugged Logan tightly. "Oh, I am so sorry for being so selfish, Logan."


"It's okay, mom," he said. "How about we start with the hospital where you gave birth?"

"What? The maternity...." Then it struck Kylie. She wasn't the only patient in her ward. There was another woman with her named Lily. She was a widow. She had also given birth to a son, and when she was discharged from the hospital, Kylie gave her kid a lovely blue cap. Lily wasn't well off, and Kylie's heart softened for her.

Desperate for answers now, Kylie dashed to the maternity hospital...

"Where is my child? I know you guys did something. Give me Lily's address. She was admitted to the same hospital ward as me! Get her details right now!" Kylie screamed as she got to the hospital, demanding Lily's address.

"Mom, calm down," Logan said.

"I can't relax, Logan. Take a look at him. He's not looking me in the eyes. He's definitely hiding something!"

Dr. Harrison revealed the truth about the babies being swapped 27 years ago. | Source: Pexels

Dr. Harrison revealed the truth about the babies being swapped 27 years ago. | Source: Pexels


"We can't share patient records," Dr. Harrison said. "That is against policy."

"How about a lawsuit then? I'm confident you have the money to fight it!"

"What? Please, no!" he begged. "Okay, okay. I'm sorry, but we couldn't tell you this sooner because, as you know, we're a small hospital, and getting engaged in a court dispute would be expensive, but we dismissed the nurse who switched your child," he revealed. "She admitted the mistake. I was a junior doctor at the time. I apologize!"

"Address!" Kylie repeated. "Fast! I just care about my son! If I don't get him back, be prepared for a lawsuit!"

In the end, Dr. Harrison handed her the address.

Kylie and Logan drove to Lily's house, but when they arrived there, their jaws fell at the dingy cottage they'd been living in.

Logan knocked, and a vivid image of Sebastian emerged. Kylie couldn't take it in and grabbed Logan's arms. "You are my son," she whispered. "IT'S YOU!"

"I'm sorry?" the young man asked, unfazed. "I guess you got the wrong address. My name's David Morris, and I'm Lily Morris' son. But who is this man with you? He looks a lot like…well…my father!"

David looked exactly like Sebastian. | Source: Pexels

David looked exactly like Sebastian. | Source: Pexels

"Would you please send for Lily? Inform her that Kylie wishes to see her!"

"Well, she won't be able to come here. You're going to have to come in."

Logan and Kylie followed David inside and discovered a sick Lily on the bed. Her face was etched with wrinkles and black circles, her cheeks sunken. She was found to have a tumor, but they didn't have the funds to treat her.

"Kylie? Oh, it's you, but this boy..." Then she glanced at Logan, an exact replica of her late husband. "Oh dear...he...he..."

"Yes, Lily. Our sons were switched at birth. The hospital did it, and I only found out about it today. But what happened to you? How did you get into this state?"


"What?" David let out a loud gasp. "You mean...You are..."

"Yes, David. Logan is Lily's child, and I am your biological mother. Everything is messed up."

"No way!" David lashed out. "And you want me to go with you? My mom did so much for me all these years. She got me the best books, toys, and everything I ever needed. I am not leaving her, especially now when she needs me. She means everything to me!"

Lily needed a surgery but she couldn't afford it. | Source: Pexels

Lily needed a surgery but she couldn't afford it. | Source: Pexels

"Hey, David," Logan said. "We are not taking her away from you. How about we all move in together? Look, I have a wonderful mom too. I mean, yeah, it's crazy because she's your biological mom, but she's amazing. And Lily is my birth mom. How about we live like brothers? I will get Lily treated at the best hospital! I promise. You guys will never have to worry about anything. I assure you!"


"I don't need any favors….But can you get mom treated?"

"Of course, I can."

"I shall return your favor as soon as possible... Thank you very much!"

"Oh, come on!" Logan hugged David.

David and Lily soon moved in with Logan, and Lily received the treatment she needed. Logan hired David after he went through a standard interview process, and his qualifications were evaluated. He was adamant that he would go through the normal process of employment. Meanwhile, Logan's uncle lost the case as his claims were baseless, as Sebastian had transferred everything in Logan's name.

On Easter that year, Kylie and Lily gave the boys two blue crocheted sweater caps, much like the one Kylie had given Lily back then. "They both look the same," Kylie commented as she handed them to the boys. "You'd have no idea which one is yours if I switched them. That's how my and Lily's love is for you both. You are both our sons, and we are both your mothers! Never forget that."

What can we learn from this story?

  • Love triumphs over materialistic happiness. Lily and David were poor, yet the amount of love David had for Lily showed how much he valued love above all else.
  • Lies have a way of leaking out. The hospital authorities were wrong in believing that the truth about the baby swap would never be revealed.

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