92-Year-Old Who Never Went to Prom Gets Invited by Her Great-Grandson

Lois Oladejo
Apr 30, 2022
10:00 P.M.
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With the wholesome festivities and glam, prom signifies an outstanding period in an individual's life that almost no one wishes to miss. Sadly some people never get to attend theirs.


High school proms represent one of the most important nights in students' lives. Proms are worth all the hype they get, from signifying the end of their school years, a rite of passage, to the ushering of a new era in students' lives.

Almost every student will attest to anticipating their prom and earnestly preparing to attend in grand style.

Madeline Miller and her grandson, Dakota Wollan. | Source:



However, sometimes, not all students get to experience that pivotal day, and Madeline Miller, a matriarch from North Dakota, knows what it feels like. While Miller never attended her high school prom, her great-grandson switched up the plot. 

In March 2022, Dakota Wollan, a high school leaver from Watford City, North Dakota, was preparing for his prom, but he was not all that enthusiastic, unlike many others. This was because Wollan had no one he could ask to be his prom date.


He could not think of any person to go to prom with, which dampened any anticipation. However, after his dad noticed his lack of interest, he came up with a solution.

After his dad made the suggestion, Wollan became positive as he displayed his excitement. He also prepared to make a promposal hoping everything would go as planned.



While the pair discussed his dilemma, Wollan's dad had suggested that he ask his great-grandmother, who had never been to prom, to be his date. Speaking to KFYR-TV, Wollan stated that he was elated by the idea.

The youngster shared that great-grandma Miller had gifted him a 1985 truck which was passed down, and he decided to use it as an instrument for his promposal. 


Wollan was nervous while asking the matriarch because he did not want to get rejected. The youngster put up a sign asking her to go to prom with him On the old truck. Wollan recalled saying to her:

"Will you go to prom with me for my last prom and your first?"


Miller was pleasantly surprised by the request and was also deeply touched. The beloved matriarch was shocked that her great-grandson would want her to accompany him to one of the most exciting events in his young teenage life. She shared her reaction:

"I was just wondering why he would want a 92-year-old going to prom with him when there are so many young girls in the school."



Wollan's gesture to his great-grandmother served as a once-in-a-lifetime thing she would remember for a long time. On the big event day, the couple stepped out in stylish outfits, each looking fabulous in their preferred styles.

The young man rocked a grey-colored suit jacket over black pants while covering his long hair with a wide-brimmed Stetson. Great-granny Miller looked graceful in a lilac dress that bore a floral accent across the sleeves and bodice.


She styled her ginger-cropped hair in curls and sweetly held onto her great-grandson as they walked into the prom party. Wollan recalled how other people reacted when they saw them:

"We walked out on the floor, and everyone just went wild."

Dakota Wollan promposal to grandma Miller. | Source:


The place erupted into thunderous clapping and joyful noise as students showed their approval and affection. Their appearance at prom also brought out the emotional sides of many people.

Wollan and his 92-year-old great-grandmother Miller had the first dance. The happy nonagenarian shared that she hadn't danced in forty years during the dance. She then requested a Dolly Parton song. Afterward, Wollan drove her home.

Dakota Wollan and his grandmother, Madeline Miller in front of his truck.| Source:



Miller never attended prom, and she could not remember if there was such a thing during her day. The matriarch did not get the opportunity to complete high school.

Being the second oldest in her family of 14 children, Miller had quite some responsibilities when she was young. After one and a half years, shehe had to quit high school when her father got ill.


She had her siblings tend to their dad's farm and in subsequent years, going to high school became a distant idea. Thankfully sacrifice was handsomely rewarded when her great-grandson honored her to be his lady at prom. 

One lesson to glean here is that senior citizens were once young, and growing old could sometimes get lonely. However, admirable gestures like Wollan's could always help to light up their day from time to time.