Mom Refuses to Keep Baby after Seeing His Face, Nurse Shows Bravery to Adopt Him Instead

Brittany Chalmers
May 04, 2022
08:40 A.M.

A baby boy born in India experienced rejection from the first moment his biological family laid eyes on him. However, there was another family ready to love him.


When children are born with health conditions, their parents face many emotional and financial challenges. It is never easy to see a precious child in pain or needing medical attention.

Often, parents cannot commit to looking after their children when they need intensive care. Thankfully, there are angels on earth who step up to the plate and fill the gap—Jessica Paulraj and her husband Raja were two such angels.

Parents speak about the precious baby boy they adopted. | Source: youtube.com/The 700 Club

Parents speak about the precious baby boy they adopted. | Source: youtube.com/The 700 Club


Adam Paulraj was a one-of-kind boy. To be more precise, he was one in 26. Per his mother, the youngster was born with the condition, Bartsocas-Papas, which affects around 26 people worldwide.


The rare syndrome resulted in numerous deformities that his biological family was unwilling to accept. The Paulraj couple worked at a missionary hospital in India when their paths crossed with Adam, who had a healthy brain, heart, and lungs.


Jessica, a Jacksonville, Florida native, believed God had intended for her to mother Adam and adopted the baby boy together with her husband.

She said:


"When Adam came along, it was just so unexpected for me, but there was this sense from the very beginning that the Lord was just like this is the child I have called for you to care for."

Raja met the baby the day after his birth, and the couple quickly fell in love with him. His adoption was made official in 2001, and they were grateful for the chance to parent such a precious and unique baby boy. But, it wasn't easy.


The family sought the best medical attention in America and found a doctor who was eager to help them. Adam faced more than ten surgeries soon after he was born, and medical staff predicted further procedures in the future.


Fortunately, kind-hearted supporters raised thousands of dollars to assist them with their bills. An art exhibitor, Scott Morphew, also used his One Spark exhibit to raise funds for Adam.


When the baby boy met Morphew, he looked dapper in glasses and a checked cap. His proud father noted: "He has glasses now, like a professor … Adam, we're bragging on you."

The parents shared that their son enjoyed listening to music, playing with toys, and crawling. He blossomed into a brave and confident boy with each passing day.



In 2013, Jessica met with a teenage boy who had the same condition as Adam and was encouraged by his progress. The teen wore prosthetics, went to school, played sports, and gave her hope that Adam also had a long and fulfilling future ahead of him.

The teenage boy gave Adam a letter that struck a chord with Jessica. In the note, the boy wrote: "Sometimes, it's hard being me. But I like being me."



People were surprised by how the community banded together to support little Adam. Not only with their finances but with their care and consideration.

John van Aalst, the doctor who oversaw Adam's medical journey, revealed that his other patients frequently inquired about Adam and how he was doing.

Van Aalst added:

"Is [Adam] going to be perfect? Yes, he's already perfect. Is he going to be normal by the world's standards? Never."


Tragically, four-year-old Adam caught pneumonia in 2016, sending him to the hospital one last time. His mother thought he was recovering, but she realized his condition had deteriorated rapidly when she returned to the hospital.


Jessica heartbreakingly shared:

"It still feels unreal. That all this happened from pneumonia. That he's gone. It hits me in the craziest ways … And whoever says time makes it better. I don't agree. It's only worse."

"Though we don't mourn without hope...we have deep, deep HOPE... I do just wish we didn't have to mourn at all. I miss you, Adam. And I'd choose you again and again and again," the devastated mother continued.



Adam's story touched many lives, and people worldwide sent the family messages of condolences and well wishes. In 2022, Jessica revealed that she logged onto her old blog and was "humbled and grateful" to read comments of support and love.

Losing their son was inexplicably painful but knowing his story had an impact meant the world to the family. Adam might not have been on the earth for a long time, but he undoubtedly left a lasting legacy.

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