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61-Year-Old Husband Brings 19-Year-Old Girl Home, Tells His Wife He'll Marry Her

Brittany Chalmers
May 10, 2022
07:01 P.M.

Family dynamics look different in every home, but a trio from Ohio shocked the world when they revealed their unique relationship. An older man married a teenager, and his wife gave them her blessing.


While many people prefer to find one partner and stay with them forever, this isn't the case for everyone. Life took an unexpected turn for a couple in 2015 when they welcomed a 19-year-old into their home and relationship.

The trio received widespread criticism, but the pastor and his two wives are happy with their decision and have no complaints. Please keep reading to discover why the polygamous lifestyle works for them.

A husband and his two wives. | Source: youtube.com/Dr. Phil

A husband and his two wives. | Source: youtube.com/Dr. Phil



Most wives would leave their husbands if they married another woman, but Belinda Miller isn't like most. She adored her spouse, Thom Miller, and was open to adding another partner to their union.

Thom, a former convict, worked for a church and was happy in his marriage to Belinda. However, after spending time with a young girl who volunteered at the church soup kitchen, he realized he felt drawn to her.

Thom shared:

"I caught something because she hugged me and I wanted to keep hugging her and I realized, wow, I'm really appreciating this woman."

A pastor and his wives. | Source: youtube.com/truly

A pastor and his wives. | Source: youtube.com/truly


Belinda didn't respond to Thom's feelings for another woman as many people might have expected. She welcomed the youngster, Reba, into their home and was onboard with their desire to get married.


Reba, who had met Thom previously, revealed that she always "felt safe around him." She saw him as a protector and looked up to him.

Belinda was impressed with Reba and extended her blessing to the couple because she believed the teen would treat her husband with love, honor, and respect.

Woman shares why she gave her husband her blessing to marry again.  | Source: youtube.com/Dr. Phil

Woman shares why she gave her husband her blessing to marry again. | Source: youtube.com/Dr. Phil



In 2015, the 61-year-old married his 19-year-old bride, and not everyone was thrilled with the news. Thom shared that members from their church didn't support their decision and Reba's parents also had a few reservations.

She shared that her family found the marriage challenging to accept. However, they were coming to terms with it because they could see how happy she was. Reba said:

"At first my family thought that what we were doing was not right. They didn't think it was proper for me to be with a man that was already married. But they started to come around ..."


While their marriage isn't legally recognized, the couple isn't bothered. They understand why people view their choices as unconventional but ignore their opinions.

A husband and his wives. | Source: youtube.com/Dr. Phil

A husband and his wives. | Source: youtube.com/Dr. Phil



The pastor and his wives have a unique co-habitation routine that works for them. Each wife has a room in their house, and Thom switches between them every three days.

Reba stated that sharing her husband with Belinda is challenging at times. Whenever she feels jealous, she occupies herself by going out with her friends.

Thom made it a priority to devote enough time to both spouses and expressed:

"I love each one of them differently and we share intimacy differently. I'm 61 years old and I'm still a man."

A husband, his wives and the baby they parent together. | Source: youtube.com/truly

A husband, his wives and the baby they parent together. | Source: youtube.com/truly


Shortly after the wedding between Reba and Thom, the youngster fell pregnant, and in 2016, they welcomed a bundle of joy. The trio planned to raise baby Catherine Angelica together and shared that her birth brought them closer than ever.


Belinda is "momma," Reba is "mom," and the "sister wives" take turns looking after the infant. They adore the child, and Thom said she would be raised with three times the love.

He added:

"We have the right to have a child, and we all three have the right to love her and be a family. We are all her parents, and we will all play a part in raising her - if anything, having two moms is better than one."



Friends, family, and strangers have a lot to say about the Miller trio, and many are disgusted by their lifestyle. Some of Belinda and Thom's kids from their former relationships have cut ties with them.

Social services also removed Belinda's daughters from her care, and she hoped her kids would understand her decisions one day. She stated:

"Despite everything I've lost to live this lifestyle, I don't regret a single thing."



One of Belinda's older daughters lives with the trio, and she loves sharing a home with them. Jamie, 18, revealed she would consider becoming a sister wife in the future because "it would be cool to have another woman to help."

There are varying opinions about the trio's choices. Many think they have the right to live as they please, while others condemn their unusual relationship. What do you think about Thom, Belinda, and Reba's unique love story?

Click here for another story about an unusual couple. They started a worldwide debate because of their significant age difference and desire to have a baby together.

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