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Who Was Maye Musk Married To?

Bettina Dizon
May 17, 2022
11:50 A.M.
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Elon Musk's mom, Maye Musk, is a proud model at 74. She was once married to Errol Musk but divorced him after he continued to display odd behaviors. Here's a look at their relationship.


At 74, Maye Musk graced the covers of the 2022 Sports Illustrated issue, wearing an orange and nude one-piece swimsuit. The model and dietician is also famously known as the mother of billionaire Elon Musk.

According to Maye, she was both excited and honored to be a swimwear model at her age. However, she still projected the same confidence as any woman younger than she would.


"I'm very excited that they've decided that even older women can wear swimsuits and look great," she said, as told by Page Six. "I think it's really going to change how women feel when they walk out in their swimsuits."


While in her 20s, Maye married Errol Musk and welcomed their son, Elon, on June 28. 1971. However, they divorced nearly ten years after tying the knot.

Like his son, Errol was an intelligent man who reportedly owned an emerald mine and gave his son a privileged life. However, Elon revealed otherwise in a tweet that he posted. He said: "He didn't own an emerald mine & I worked my way through college, ended up ~$100k in student debt."


Following her divorce from Errol, Maye turned to romantic books for hope but never walked down the aisle again. However, she did try to go on dates and recalls having met terrible men.

Tosca Musk founded a streaming platform called PassionFlix, of which she is CEO, in 2016. She is also a producer and proud mom to two children, Isabeau and Grayson, although unmarried.

Despite her status, Maye remains the happiest she could be. She has been single for years now after giving up on being a "jerk magnet."


Maye Musk during the NYDJ Fall 2018 Campaign Celebration and Panel Event - "The Power Of Fit: Women Leading Change" at The Jane Club on October 18, 2018 in Los Angeles, California. | Source: Getty Images


One of those obnoxious men was Errol, who promised to change his aggressive behavior when they married. However, his attitude only worsened through time until becoming physically and verbally abusive. Maye recalled:

“When my husband was actually going to beat me up at a social event, my friends took me to my mom's home, and she didn't know [...]. I didn't share it with her. I didn't share it with my friends until they saw it publicly [...].”

After their divorce, Maye worked hard as a single mom and, at one point, worked five jobs to support her children. Once she became a supermodel, she reached financial stability.


Maye Musk during the 2019 Fragrance Foundation Awards at David H. Koch Theater, Lincoln Center on June 5, 2019 in New York City. | Source: Getty Images


Aside from Elon, Maye is a mom to two more successful children, Kimbal Musk and Tosca Musk. Kimbal is a restaurateur and philanthropist who owns the companies The Kitchen Restaurant Group, Square Roots, and Big Green.


He moved to Canada with his Elon as a teen and founded Zip2 together. He is currently pioneering a sustainable food movement while married to Christiana Wyly.

Meanwhile, his sister, Tosca, founded a streaming platform called PassionFlix, of which she is CEO, in 2016. She is also a producer and proud mom to two children, Isabeau and Grayson, although unmarried.

Similarly, Elon is also a father to a child whom he shares with musician Grimes. He also has five sons from his previous marriage with Justine Wilson.


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