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Dad Finds Out That His 17-Year-Old Twins Aren't His

Salwa Nadeem
May 22, 2022
01:00 P.M.
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In an unexpected turn of events, a man was shocked to discover his beloved wife's biggest secret. His mind-boggling finding changed his perception of life forever and made him worry about the future.


People always dream of having the perfect family who stays together through thick and thin. In life, there can be times when you feel like giving up, but things get better when you have a loving family to support you.

What's the secret to having the perfect family? Is love enough to keep family members knitted together? This man's story tells us that things can go wrong as a family, despite the presence of love, trust, compassion, and other similar traits that help sustain relationships.

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Before jumping to the main story, Redditor Throw-Away_familife, who wished to remain anonymous, shared how he met his wife, Kelly, for the first time.

More than two decades ago, the man met Kelly at his first job after graduating. As an ambitious man, he wanted to build his career, so did Kelly. Having similar visions, they decided to quit their jobs after a few years to start a business.

While mapping out the plan for their business, they both fell in love and got married a year after launching their business. Everything seemed surreal until they spent a few months together as a married couple.


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People feel a massive change when they transition from having a relationship with their partner to moving in as a married couple. The couple in question felt the same. The man recalled:


"A couple of months into the marriage, we had a massive fight over the direction we wanted to take our business in, and I left our home."

At first, the couple didn't speak to each other. After a few weeks, Kelly decided to break the silence and showed up at her husband's place, asking him to return.

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After having a detailed discussion, they came to a mutual agreement, and the man decided to go live with Kelly again. Little did he know what had happened in his absence.

Taking the ancestry tests was fun and games until the results came back.

Some months into their marriage, Kelly surprised the man with a positive pregnancy test. It wasn't a regular pregnancy. Kelly was expecting twins; a girl and a boy.

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While the couple was excited to welcome their children, they also worked together to nurture their first baby, their business. The man confessed that their company went through the worst, but they didn't give up.

Throughout the years, the couple stuck together through thick and thin. They always had each other's backs and lived as a happy family with their twins by their side.

Eighteen years after their marriage, the man received the biggest shock of his life. It all started when his 17-year-old twins bought ancestry tests for the family.


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Taking the ancestry tests was all fun and games until the results came back. The twins were as shocked as the man when they learned he was not their biological father. Only one person could answer their questions.


When the man turned to Kelly to know the truth, she broke into tears while confessing how she had cheated on him. It happened back when he had left the house after their argument and didn't return for weeks. The Redditor stated:

"The betrayal has left me disoriented."

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After discovering the shocking truth, the man asked his wife to give him some time and moved into a nearby hotel. He couldn't digest the harsh reality because he had never expected Kelly to break his trust. He confessed:

"I loved her so much. She was a part of me and I couldn’t even imagine a life without her."

When spending time alone didn't work, the man decided to post his story on Reddit, thinking he would feel relieved by sharing it with strangers on the internet. He confessed he hadn't eaten in a while and couldn't remember what he had done in the past 48 hours.


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Other Redditors in the "TrueOffMyChest" community shared their opinions in the comments. Redditor PrincessPnyButtercup urged the man to talk to his children and make them understand they were not at fault. She stated:


"Even if legally they are considered adults, they are still teenagers and WILL BLAIM THEMSELVES FOR THIS unless you talk with them! [sic]"

Meanwhile, Redditor Spazyk revealed he experienced something similar after taking an ancestry test. His mother confessed she didn't know who his father was and cut ties with him.

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Another cheating story surfaced in the comments section narrated by Redditor BalderVerdandi, who realized he and his father looked nothing like his grandmother after knowing she had cheated on her husband.

However, his dad could never discover who his biological father was because his mother died without telling anyone.

While some users shared their experiences, other Redditors advised the man to take care of himself, stay hydrated and eat well. Most people told him not to abandon his children even if he decided to part ways with his wife.

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Questions to Ponder:

What would you do if you were in the man's shoes?

At this point, the man hadn't decided what he would do next. He had isolated himself so he could concentrate on thinking about the future. What would you do if you were in his place? Some people might think he should leave his wife but not cut ties with his twins, while others might say he should forgive her. What would you advise him to do?

Do you think the man might have forgiven his wife if she had confessed earlier?

Perhaps, the man wouldn't feel this hurt if his wife had told him about her mistake earlier. He might have forgiven her if she had apologized to him before the twins were born. However, one might disagree, thinking the man wouldn't have forgiven his wife because she had broken his trust. What do you think?

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