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Woman Becomes Aloof to Man So He Suspects Her of Infidelity and Later Checks Her Phone

Salwa Nadeem
Apr 20, 2022
05:40 A.M.
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When a man saw a woman for the first time, he didn't understand why he gravitated toward her. After two years of dating, he discovered something shocking about his girlfriend, completely changing his life. 


Redditor fcukkarl narrated his story in a detailed Reddit post, sharing his feelings about his girlfriend. He met her at a place where he thought he would never go.

Everything seemed perfect in the beginning. The man thought he was the luckiest to have his girlfriend in his life, but soon he realized that wasn't true. 

Source: Flickr / Jacob Tomaw


The man worked for a company where he had to fix roofs by climbing them. He fell from a first-floor roof and hurt his back one day. 

Consulting the doctor didn't help him much, so he decided to go for yoga on a friend's recommendation. He had never been to a yoga class before and felt strange when he stepped into the classroom for the first time. 

He saw people stretching and twisting their bodies into different yoga poses, wearing perfect outfits. Standing near the door in shorts and a T-shirt, he looked at everyone and wondered how they enjoyed doing yoga. 

He looked at other students and wondered how they enjoyed doing yoga. | Source: Unsplash


"I can't do this," he whispered and turned towards the door. Just then, he heard a woman's voice calling him. He turned around and saw the instructor standing in front of him with a smile on her face. 

She seemed to know what he was thinking, wanting to leave, so she reassured him, "They are all beginners just like you!"

After hearing why he was there, the instructor encouraged him to join the class because it would lessen his back pain. He agreed to stay and give it a try. 

The yoga instructor convinced him to stay. | Source: Pexels


While putting his bag in the locker, he heard the instructor call his name. "Can you accompany Sarah? She feels the same way as you do!" she said. 

He looked at Sarah and saw the same look on her face that he had a few minutes ago. Beside her, he saw a lady calming her and assumed it was her mother. 

He shut the locker door and walked toward Sarah with a smile. It was her first day at the yoga class, and she was there because of scoliosis. Her mother accompanied her for moral support. 

The instructor called him when he was putting his belongings in the locker. | Source: Unsplash


After chatting with Sarah, the man knew he had fallen for her. He confessed feeling the attraction when he saw her for the first time.

The instructor called them for the class, and they struggled with the yoga poses, trying their best to fit in with the rest of the students. 

After the class ended, they said their goodbyes, but the man confessed he felt butterflies in his stomach while parting ways with Sarah that day. He wanted to spend more time with her. 

They went home after the yoga class ended. | Source: Unsplash


He also admitted if it weren't for Sarah, he wouldn't attend the next yoga class because he didn't enjoy it. However, in hopes of meeting the beautiful girl again, he drove to the yoga class the following week. 

When the man saw the woman for the first time, he felt he had seen her before but couldn't remember where.

As soon as he entered, he scanned the room with his eyes, but he couldn't find her. He sat in the corner of the room, wondering how he would contact her. 

He looked for Sarah but he couldn't find her. | Source: Unsplash


He was heartbroken because he knew there was no way to get back in touch with her. They hadn't exchanged numbers, and he didn't know where she lived. 

He headed home after the class ended and tried to forget about Sarah. He returned to his usual routine and never returned to yoga class, not knowing he would meet her again soon.

Four months later, he was fixing a roof with his team after the storm had damaged it when they decided to take a break. They climbed down and headed back to their van.

He wanted to meet Sarah again but didn't know how to contact her. | Source: Unsplash


As they were about to sit in their van, a lady came out of the house and offered them coffee and snacks. She happily handed them a tray loaded with hot coffee and fresh biscuits. 

When the man saw the woman for the first time, he felt he had seen her before but couldn't remember where. He didn't think much about it until later that night. 

While lying on his bed, he realized the woman was Sarah's mother. He had seen her when he went for his first yoga class. 

He repaired the roof with his team. | Source: Unsplash


The next day, he went back to the woman's house to work on the roof with his team, and she offered them snacks once again. When his team finished eating the biscuits she gave them, he took the empty cups and plates inside the house and handed them to the woman. 

"How is your daughter? Does she still have back problems?" he asked. The woman looked at him in surprise, wondering how he knew about her daughter. Then she laughed when he reminded her that he had met her at the yoga class. 

"Oh, now I remember you!" she said delightfully. 

He reminded her he was the same person from the yoga class. | Source: Unsplash


The man pulled out his calling card from his wallet and gave it to the woman, requesting her to ask Sarah to contact him. He said he wanted to get back in touch with her. 

He confessed he later regretted leaving his contact details with the woman. He wished he hadn't asked Sarah to contact him. 

Later that night, he received a text message from an unknown number claiming it was Sarah. He could feel butterflies in his stomach once again after reading her text. 

He asked her why she never returned to yoga class and discovered that she wondered the same thing about him. It turned out that they attended classes on alternate weeks, so they never met again.


Sarah messaged him later that night. | Source: Unsplash

After some time talking, they decided to meet at a restaurant. When the man saw her, he couldn't stop admiring her beauty. He felt she was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. 


And after a few more meetings, he asked her to move in with him. He considered her his soulmate because he loved everything about her.

She moved in with him after a few more meetings. | Source: Unsplash


Everything was going great after they moved in together. They would take turns cooking while Sarah cleaned the house. Because of her medical condition, she received a disability fund from the government while OP worked and earned a good salary. 

They loved spending time together after he returned home from work. They would go out for walks or just stay indoors and talk to each other. 

"It was at this point I was seriously contemplating proposing to her," he confessed. However, he never got to propose because things went downhill after a few months. 

He helped her with the house chores. | Source: Unsplash


The first red flag for him was when she distanced herself from him. She made excuses whenever he got intimate and never enjoyed his company as she did before. She would often complain about her back pain and excused herself whenever he got affectionate with her.

He never said anything to her until he noticed something strange. He felt odd watching her happily do other things, and she never seemed to be bothered by her back pain during other activities. Whenever he put his arm around her, she would shrug it off.

Bottom line, he noticed that she had completely cut him off and felt she had stopped loving him the way she did before. 


Sarah had distanced herself from him. | Source: Unsplash

After spending a month with her like this, he suspected she was cheating on him. She was always in a bad mood around him. Even when he tried to cheer her up by doing most of the housework himself, it didn't work.


In desperation, he snooped through her phone to see if there was someone else. To his surprise, there were no messages on her phone. She had cleared all of her conversations, including those with her friends and mother. 

When he discussed this issue with his friends, they told him he could check her mobile activity through the website if they had the same network. So he went home and logged into the website.

He checked her phone but didn't find anything. | Source: Unsplash


He entered his girlfriend's number and saw a list of outgoing phone calls and messages with one recurring number. She had been in touch with that number for six months, and he had no idea. The time records revealed that she spoke to the unknown person alone at home and cleared her call logs and messages before he reached home. 

He copied the number and pasted it in the Google search bar. It led him to a local garage page where his wife recently took her car. 

"At this point, I was ice cold. I already had got it into my head she was having an affair, so getting it confirmed was more of a relief than anything else," he stated


He discovered who the other man was. | Source: Unsplash

The man knew his girlfriend was cheating on him, but he didn't want to confront her because he was sure she would come up with excuses. He wanted to catch her red-handed, so he prepared to learn more about the other man.


He visited his garage and shook his hand while looking into his eyes, thinking how he would teach him a lesson for cheating with his wife. 

After investigating for a while, he discovered that the man, Karl, had a wife and a son. He was cheating on his wife with someone else's girlfriend. 

He came up with all sorts of plans to catch them red-handed. He thought of borrowing his friend's car and parking it at the end of the street to spy on them, but he didn't.

She was cheating on him with a garage owner. | Source: Unsplash


Instead, he went to the garage unannounced and saw his girlfriend's car parked outside. When he went near the gate, he noticed they had locked the door from the inside.

He was furious and wanted to kick his girlfriend out immediately. However, he stopped himself after knowing that she had planned to go to a spa for the weekend. She told him she needed a break from everything happening, and he agreed.

He was sure she wasn't going there alone as she told him. He even doubted if she would go to the spa or if it was just an excuse to spend a few days with Karl.

She decided to go to the spa by train since it was far from their house, but the man told her he would take a break from work to drop her at the train station. At first, she refused and said she would go by taxi, but later she agreed.


His girlfriend said she wanted to go to a spa. | Source: Unsplash

As planned, he drove home in the afternoon, picked up his girlfriend, and they headed towards the train station. When they reached there, he saw a familiar car parked outside.


He knew it was Karl's car, but since she didn't know he was aware of the affair, he pretended not to notice. He slid his car beside Karl's and observed her getting uneasy seeing him sitting in the next vehicle. Only two doors separated them. 

While he pretended to search for something in the car, he noticed that his girlfriend was trying her best not to laugh. He could see Karl looking at her as his head rested on the steering wheel. 

She couldn't control her laughter and pretended to cough after letting out a silent giggle. He tapped her back, pretending he believed she was genuinely coughing. 

He dropped her at the train station. | Source: Unsplash


He helped her get out of the car and gave her bags to her before leaving the train station. When he got back into his vehicle, he noticed Karl's car wasn't there. 

He went back home and executed his revenge plan. First, he changed the locks on the door and then packed all of Sarah's clothes in garbage bags and left them outside the house.

Then he took his cat's litter tray and poured the contents on top of Sarah's clothes. He spent the next day lying on his bed and replying to Sarah's messages.

He wrote a letter for Karl's wife and slid it into her house through the main door on Sunday. He wrote about their affair and attached copies of call logs and messages with it. 


He wrote a letter for Carl's wife. | Source: Unsplash

"Got in my car and drove for a minute then parked up again, then I phoned Sarah," he recalled. He asked her how everything was going, and she started telling him how fabulous the spa was.


"How's Karl?" he asked suddenly, and there was silence on the other end. 

"Who is Karl?" she asked, pretending she didn't know him. 

That's when he told her he knew everything about their affair. He also informed her that he had changed the locks and had thrown her belongings outside. 

But instead of feeling ashamed, Sarah blamed him for everything, so he hung up on her midway and blocked her number. 

He confronted her during the call. | Source: Unsplash


Three days later, he saw her sitting on the doorstep when he returned home from work. He ignored her, entered the house through the back gate, and locked it.

She tried to talk to him, but he didn't respond. He also received a handwritten note from her, but he didn't reply. He felt relieved knowing his revenge plan had worked. 

He posted his story on Reddit and shared that he didn't know what Karl's wife did after learning he was cheating on her. 

He posted his story on Reddit. | Source: Unsplash


"I don't know how you kept it straight after parking next to him, and seeing her reaction, I would have lost it right then and there," Redditor ypsksfgos replied.

Insomniac-Ninja was stunned to know that his girlfriend blamed him for the affair and then came to his house asking him to let her in. 

"Not unusual. Narcissists like that often do pull the guilt card a lot," Redditor kagato87 replied.

Meanwhile, Redditor FutureMeSaysSo praised the man's storytelling skills but felt terrible for him for going through the worst. She also wondered whether Karl's wife left him or not. 


Most Redditors felt sorry for the man and appreciated him for coming up with such an excellent revenge plan. They felt his girlfriend deserved to be mistreated. 

Other Redditors appreciated him for developing an excellent revenge plan. | Source: Unsplash


Questions to Ponder:

Would you forgive your partner and give them another chance if you caught them cheating?

The man was furious after learning Sarah was cheating on him with Karl, and he had no intentions of even hearing her out, more so, forgiving her. If you were in OP's shoes, would there be room to listen to and forgive your partner after he/she cheated on you?

What would you have done if you caught your partner cheating? 

OP devised a revenge plan to get back at his girlfriend for cheating on him. It took a lot of patience on his part to restrain himself from confronting her so he could execute his multi-step plan. What steps would you have taken after learning your partner was cheating on you if you were OP?

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