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Mom Notices Son Wakes up at 2am Every Night, Later Hears a Stranger's Voice from His Room

Stephen Thompson
May 23, 2022
05:40 A.M.
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A couple was watching TV when they heard a noise from their son's room. Following observation from the baby monitor, their discovery left them traumatized. What happened? Find out.


Being stalked or spied on can be paralyzingly frightening. Victims are not traumatized just once; they are perpetually unsettled by attempts at contact and often begin to feel like there is no safe place to go.

Over the years, reports have shown that about three million people are stalked or spied on every year. While most spying or stalking victims appear to be adults, it is pretty surprising to know that children are not left out of the equation.


Unfortunately, parents cannot always be with their kids. Hence, the decision to place cameras and baby monitors for their kids' safety.

However, these cameras and monitors are not a hundred percent guaranteed to help keep children safe, as they can be hacked, giving the stalker or spy unlimited access.


This was the case of a mom who noticed something out of the ordinary with her infant son during the early hours of the day.

Surprisingly, the woman would find out the reason behind her son's behavior, which was tied to a shocking discovery about the baby monitor in the infant's room. Here are the full details of the story.



For some time, 15-month-old Freddie had been waking up around 2 a.m. and refusing to go back to sleep, leaving his mom, Shannon Richardson, and her partner, Jack Gray, mystified. Eventually, the couple would be shocked to discover the truth.

One night, Richardson and Gray had been sitting up watching TV at 2:30 a.m. when they heard a noise from their son's room.

"We had the camera on and heard rustling, so we watched it for a minute thinking it was Freddie moving around in his cot," the mother said.


Then, Richardson and Gray heard a deep male voice from the baby monitor in their son's room. "He was saying 'baby' and 'baba' like he was trying to wake Freddie up," Richardson recalled.

The parents were anxious, fearing that someone was in their son's room. So, they rushed into Freddie's room but discovered that nobody was there.


Then, Richardson and Gray realized the voice had come through the "hacked" baby monitor, pointing in the little boy's direction. Immediately, Gray ripped the monitor from the wall and threw it in a skip. Richardson said they felt angry, sick, and disgusted at that moment. In her words:

"The sickness, upset, and disgust we feel is awful. How long has this creep been watching Freddie's room? We get him changed after bath times and put him to bed in there."

"We don't know how long this has been going on for because, for a while, he's been waking up at the same time in the night at around 2 a.m., and we weren't able to settle him," she added.



Richardson said she was traumatized to the point that she barely stayed at home and spent time in her mom's house, despite the absence of the monitor.

She also made it known that, following the incident in 2021, putting Freddie to sleep in his room was difficult, but eventually, she had to.


In the end, Richardson was grateful that her son could get some sleep without being disturbed. According to the mom, Freddie stopped waking up around 2 a.m. after getting rid of the baby monitor.


In a similar story, a mom went viral after she shared a TikTok video, capturing what she termed a "spooky voice" on her baby monitor. According to the woman identified as Daisy, the incident was around 3 a.m., with nobody in the room.

The video showed Daisy's son lying in his cot before suddenly getting restless. That was when the frightened mom claimed the spooky voice said, "forever."


Daisy also claimed that an hour later, the baby monitor captured an activity linked to telekinesis in her nursery. The woman shared the video of the supposed paranormal activity, leaving netizens frightened.

The video showed a tiny object, which Daisy claimed was an orb, and not dust, floating around in her child's room. Not long after the videos were shared, TikTokers took to the comments section to air their thoughts.

One user noted that there was a male presence in the infant's room and advised Daisy to sage the house to bring in love and light. Another respondent suggested that someone might have logged into Daisy's baby monitor.


A third user advised the scared mom to move her son to her room for some time while she figured out what was happening. On the other hand, other users could not entirely agree with what they heard from the video.

Whether or not Daisy was right, the importance of parents looking after their toddlers, especially during late and early hours, cannot be overemphasized.


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