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Mom Hears Whispers of 'Help Me' on Baby Monitor – She Had Never Heard that Voice Before

Salwa Nadeem
May 20, 2022
07:00 A.M.
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In a surprising turn of events, a mother's attention was diverted by a queer and unfamiliar voice whispering through the baby monitor. Then, she noticed her little one waving at it and instantly knew something wasn't right.


Life has its ways of surprising us, but sometimes those surprises can be horrifying. One of the most frightening things is experiencing paranormal activity inside your house.

Sometimes, people might blame supernatural entities for unusual life events, while other times, someone might purposely be stirring up trouble. This story revolves around a similar and unexpected event experienced by a mother.


It was a typical day for Redditor Zealousideal-Call-53, who was spending time with her daughter at home. Standing in front of the mirror in her baby's room, she was messaging her realtor to find a new house.


The mother could see her daughter through the mirror's reflection. Initially, the toddler was sitting on the floor but then got up and walked towards her crib.

The woman had mounted a baby monitor on the wall beside the crib to keep an eye on her daughter while she was away. The baby cam was recording at that time, and the footage surprised the woman when she watched it later that day.

The mother and her baby. | Source: reddit.com/Zealousideal-Call-53



In the video, the toddler can be seen climbing on her bed. Then, she looks at the camera lens and waves at it. Her mother noticed her cute gesture and decided to rewatch the footage once she finished talking to the realtor.

Later that night, she saw the bulb in her room explode and couldn't sleep after that.

Little did she know that the video clip would send a shiver down her spine. It shocked her so much that she decided to share it with Reddit's "Ghosts" community.

The mom and her toddler. | Source: reddit.com/Zealousideal-Call-53



After talking to the realtor, the mom excitedly played the baby monitor's recent footage. A few seconds into the video, her heart skipped a beat. She heard a strange voice while her daughter waved at the camera. She stated:

"I heard heavy breathing... And I replayed it again, and I swear I could hear someone saying, 'help me.'"

The mother believed the whisper was something supernatural because she had experienced similar paranormal activity in the past.

The mother and her child. | Source: reddit.com/Zealousideal-Call-53



The mother considered this incident the "least scary" compared to the other things she had experienced. Later that night, she saw the bulb in her room explode and couldn't sleep after that.

Previously, she had witnessed a black orb near her daughter through the baby cam and saw her wake up and scream.

Often, the mother would feel someone blowing air on her neck and watching her from behind. She also saw some of the items from her room mysteriously return after she thought she had lost them.

The mother and her daughter. | Source: reddit.com/Zealousideal-Call-53



Other Redditors felt terrified after watching the spooky baby cam footage. Redditor minutetillmidnight asked, "Is it just me, or does it sound like it says help me 3 separate times?"

"Right at the first of the video in a row," Redditor Stormywillow replied.

Reddit user minutetillmidnight found it strange and guessed there might be an electronic device that caused the repetition, but the mother replied that there was no fan, toddler swing, or TV in the room.

Reddit user's comment on @Zealousideal-Call-53's post. | Source: reddit.com/kris10leigh14


"I just can't help but think of people hacking in and watching you and your child all the time through this," Redditor MamaSmAsh5 stated. Another Redditor wrote:

"Maybe someone hacked the cam?"

After reading the comments, the mother denied all suspicions that hinted toward her baby cam getting hacked. She said she had turned on two-way authentication, making it impossible for hackers to tap into her device.

Reddit user's comment on @Zealousideal-Call-53's post. | Source: reddit.com/altadc



When another Redditor said she would have investigated further if the same happened to her, the mother revealed that she had already contacted Arlo's customer service. Per the mom, Arlo, the baby monitor manufacturer, responded:

"Please know that the Arlo cameras are secure and cannot be hacked. The Arlo system is designed to maintain the highest level of security to keep your videos private and secure in the cloud."

With the same AES encryption that financial institutions used to secure their data, Arlo reportedly made it impossible for hackers to tap in. The company's response made the woman believe what she experienced was indeed paranormal.



Like this mother, another woman was horrified to hear a mysterious voice coming from the baby monitor. Twenty-five-year-old Claire Cummings had no idea why her son Aiden regularly woke up crying in the middle of the night.


She had also noticed a change in her toddler's behavior but didn't know what caused it. Mrs. Cummings recalled waking up at night because of an unknown man's voice coming from her son's bedroom, but she thought it was a dream.

One day, she heard a man shushing her child at night. Mrs. Cummings and her husband were terrified, thinking that the person had been watching their child for a long time.


They placed the baby cam in the living room to catch the hacker and waited until 2 a.m. but didn't hear anyone's voice.

After discovering that someone was watching their baby, they unplugged the monitor and never used it again. Mrs. Cummings felt guilty for not acting on the strange voice sooner.

What are your thoughts after reading these stories? Do you think both the mothers experienced paranormal activity in their homes, or was it something else?

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