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Mother Hears a Baby's Cries Coming from a Ditch, Stops Her Car and Goes to the Sound

Brittany Chalmers
May 24, 2022
08:40 A.M.

A mother was devastated when her three-month-old baby was stolen from her driveway. Police and community members stepped up to help, hoping they could find the infant before it was too late.


Parents do their best to keep their kids safe, but criminals are always looming, and sometimes they do the unthinkable. One mother went through hell after her van was stolen with her precious child still inside.

When a mother from Alton, Illinois, left her infant inside her vehicle for a few short moments, she never imagined it would be the start of her worst nightmare. Read her story and discover what happened to her baby boy.

Gena Wilson hugs Brittney Ford.  | Source: youtube.com/FOX 2 St. Louis

Gena Wilson hugs Brittney Ford. | Source: youtube.com/FOX 2 St. Louis


Gena Wilson adored her baby boy, Ghyadi Jaber. Sadly, she learned firsthand how quickly something terrible could happen when she took her attention off her son for a few minutes in 2021.


She left him in the van parked in her driveway before running back into the house to fetch something. Upon her return, she was shocked to see the van was gone—but more importantly, her son was missing.

The mother immediately contacted the authorities, who sent out an Amber alert about the child and encouraged community members to join the search mission. Wilson said:

"Please, if you see my van, if you see my baby, just bring them home. Please bring them home. I'm so scared."



Parents and children living in the Alton area turned their attention to baby Ghyadi. They were determined to find him, and everyone knew the first few hours after his disappearance were the most important.

Wilson became increasingly worried as time went by and stated that she thought she had lost her son forever. The emotional mother was grateful for the support from friends, family, and strangers but wondered if she would see Ghyadi again.

Gena Wilson speaks with news reporters. | Source: youtube.com/FOX 2 St. Louis

Gena Wilson speaks with news reporters. | Source: youtube.com/FOX 2 St. Louis


A woman named Brittney Ford drove from Brighton to Alton so that she could assist the search mission—little did she know what she would find.


Brittney Ford expressed:

"Even though it wasn't my child, my heart sank. No mother should ever have to go through that."

Ford drove around the town with her windows down, music off, and her full attention on her surroundings. She kept her eyes and ears attuned to any noises, and to her surprise, she heard something unusual.

Brittney Ford speaks with news reporters. | Source: youtube.com/FOX 2 St. Louis

Brittney Ford speaks with news reporters. | Source: youtube.com/FOX 2 St. Louis


Ford's aunt, Jenny Mawhee, noted: "If it were my baby, I would want everyone out there," and miraculously, they were in the right place at the right time. Ford heard a faint noise that sounded like a crying baby.


She stopped her car and saw a bundle lying in a ditch alongside the road—it was baby Ghyadi. The woman found him just in time, as he had already suffered from hypothermia and bumps and bruises.

His mother believed the perpetrator flung him out of the car and expressed her son wasn't treated with respect. She was delighted to report her child was recovering, and scans from the hospital revealed he was doing well.


When Wilson was reunited with her child, she cried and hugged him tightly. She also revealed that she remained eternally grateful to Ford.


Wilson said:

"It was complete selflessness. She took the time out to look for my baby even though she has her own family."

Two mothers glad the baby was located. | Source: youtube.com/FOX 2 St. Louis

Two mothers glad the baby was located. | Source: youtube.com/FOX 2 St. Louis


The Good Samaritan added that she also experienced chills from time to time when she remembered hearing the baby's wailing and finding him. Police applauded her actions and noted that she undoubtedly saved baby Ghyadi's life.

Alton Police Chief Marcus Pulido stated:

"We put that amber alert out to try to solicit some help and sure enough we got help and it was beyond impressive."


Authorities apprehended a 15-year-old suspect connected with the crime and were glad the case had a happy ending. The story displayed what happens when people come together and encourages us to care for our fellow human beings.


In 2022, a Welsh woman shared the beautiful story of her son's adoption. Carren Lewis welcomed a baby boy into her home—he was also found on the side of the road, similar to baby Ghyadi.

Lewis, who lived in Wales, wanted to start a family, but she kept miscarrying, so she pursued adoption instead. After a trip to Turkey, she saw thousands of homeless kids and wanted to help.



After speaking with her husband, they visited an orphanage where the adoption process happened quickly. She shared: "We had to choose in five minutes, and we chose Bedri - it was the best decision I had made."

The adoption changed Lewis's life, and she was grateful to be his mother. Both Bedri and baby Ghyadi's stories showed that there is always hope when people step up and help those in need.

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