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Woman Thinks She's Pregnant with Just Twins – Her Pregnancy Is Actually a 1-In-4 Billion Case

Ayesha Muhammad
May 27, 2022
05:00 P.M.

After years of trying to get pregnant, a Houston couple was on the verge of giving up on their dream of having a child and was close to considering adoption. Unbeknownst to them, the universe had something incredibly heartwarming in store for them.


Do you believe in miracles? Sometimes, life surprises us in ways we never thought possible, making us want to believe in the possibility of our heartiest wishes coming true.

Interestingly enough, the story we're sharing with our readers today sheds light on something similar, and we hope that after reading it, many people will want to believe in the power of miracles.

Lauren Perkins. | Source: youtube.com/KPRC 2 Click2Houston

Lauren Perkins. | Source: youtube.com/KPRC 2 Click2Houston

Lauren and David Perkins were a happily married couple who lived in Houston. Like most couples, they dreamed of starting a family and hearing their house echo with children's cackles.

Lauren had always wanted to become a mother, and she spent a year trying to conceive. However, she wasn't successful and didn't know what to do to rectify the situation.



One day, she and her husband decided to take a vacation to find more clarity regarding their next step. So, without second thoughts, the Perkinses packed their bags and embarked on a trip to Nicaragua.

The couple made many friends during their trip and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. While there, Lauren mustered up the courage to talk openly about her struggles to get pregnant.


She also thanked the medical staff, including the doctors and NICU nurses for taking care of her preemie babies.

After hearing her story, one of her friends, a priest, told her that God had big plans for her and she would soon receive pleasant news. Lauren admitted she was surprised by the priest's strange announcement at the time.


After the trip, the couple returned home to Texas. Lauren said she didn't think much about what the priest had said. Instead, she and David decided to try artificial insemination. Still, the woman said she was convinced it wouldn't change anything.


The Perkinses were about to give up on their dream of having children when they received delightful news -- Lauren was pregnant. During her first routine check-up, she was told by nurses that her HCG levels were very high.

That meant there was a strong likelihood that Lauren was pregnant with more than one child. The couple had gone through so many roadblocks that the mere idea of having twins or triplets sounded too far-fetched.



When Lauren went for her ultrasound, she was baffled to learn how many lives were growing inside her. The doctor studied the screen and gave her the shocking news. Lauren recalled:

"He said, 'I count five in there.' I thought that was impossible. But he continued, 'Wait a minute. I just found a sixth baby.'"

Lauren remembered being faced with a difficult decision: she could either reduce the number of kids or carry them all. She and David chose the latter, despite knowing that the chances of all six babies surviving were low and could lead to complications.



On April 23, 2012, Lauren was in week 30 and taken to the Texas Children's Hospital in Houston, where she delivered sextuplets (three boys and three girls) born ten weeks premature.

Her babies, Andrew, Benjamin, Caroline, Leah, Allison, and Levi, all weighed between one and two pounds at birth. Per sources, Lauren's pregnancy was actually a one in four billion cases. The new mother expressed:

"I didn't expect to see my babies until the next day, but each baby's team rolled them by me one by one on their way up to the NICU, and I got to touch their little fingers."



The infants were not healthy enough to be with their mom and dad for a few days. Allison was the first baby who stabilized on her fourth day, and Lauren lovingly looked back on the feeling of holding her little girl. She said:

"And that moment, when I got to hold my baby, was when I became a mother…of sextuplets."

The little ones survived the critical phase and slowly recovered. After many intense weeks of being cared for by the neonatal staff, the Perkinses were able to hold their pack of six.


Five of the six babies went home at four months old. However, little Leah stayed in the hospital for some time because she was the smallest and had struggled to find space inside the womb. Her mom told TODAY:

"She was literally buried under everybody else in the womb, so she didn’t get the right nutritional flow. Her brain was not fully developed."


It takes a village to raise a child, and the Perkinses had no idea what it would be like to take care of their sextuplets. Fortunately, they had the right support system in their loved ones and community. Lauren spoke to BBC:


"I knew we needed a support system because there was no way we were going to pull this off by ourselves."

The Houston resident said her community helped her look after the babies and tend to their various needs. She also thanked the medical staff, including the doctors and NICU nurses, for caring for her preemie babies.


This year, the six angels will be celebrating their tenth birthday. Becoming parents to sextuplets changed Lauren and David's lives altogether. Regarding the experience, Lauren shared:


"I call it semi-controlled chaos. We had to get very scheduled and very structured and organized, especially in the first year."

The couple's daughter, Leah, had things on the difficult side. Lauren mentioned that her sweet girl was full of laughter and her family's sunshine. She said Leah started school with her siblings.

What a beautiful family of eight! Our hearts are filled with love for this lovely family, and we send our best wishes to Lauren and David's little bundles of joy. Please share this story with your family and friends.

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