October 23, 2021

29-Year-Old Mom of Eight Boys Who Gave Birth Just 5 Months Ago Is Pregnant Again

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A young mother has eight kids and loves her big family. Now, she is pregnant again even though her youngest child is only five months old. Her views on contraception have garnered lots of reactions. 

A mother of eight young boys ranging from five months to 12 years old recently revealed that she was expecting again. Her kids, Jamel, Michael Jr, Angelo, Armani (stillborn), Prince, Sincere, Armani, and Gimani, will soon gain another sibling. 

In a clip posted this month, Yalancia Rosario took a pregnancy test and revealed the results to her viewers. She is due next year and shared that she has always dreamed of having a big family.


A couple who do not use contraception have eight kids and another one on the way | Photo: Instagram/that_rosario_life


Yalancia is not the only mom who has a large family. In October, a woman from Mali joined her in the category of "mega-mom." However, this woman became a mother to nine kids all at once. 


25-year-old Halima Cisse delivered her nonuplets via C-section, and all of the little ones were in a stable condition. The woman who is not believed to have used fertility treatment will quickly have to learn how to manage such a large family. 



Yalancia, on the other hand, has had years of practice and runs her own business from home while managing her kids' busy schedules. Her husband, Michael's reaction to the news of baby number nine, was comical to many netizens.

In the clip, he could be heard as he asked, "So, no break?" referring to the fact that they had welcomed a little one into their lives only five months earlier. 



The mom explained that some of her kids were conceived while she was actively using contraception. She no longer uses it and stated: "We live within our means and have a great budgeting system setup." 

While the family has a lot of supporters online, many people judge their choices. In response to the trolls, the mother expressed: "I've never been judged so much as on the internet."  



She shared some of the comments people often hurl at them. She explained: "We always get 'stop using our tax money, 'have you heard of birth control' and 'how many fathers do they have.'"

Despite this, Yalancia said the positives always outweigh the negativity. She believes being a mom is her destiny. The woman said: "I do feel like I have a nurturing and patient soul." 



Yalancia added that she manages their lives by incorporating lots of meal prepping, designated dress codes for the week, and a daily routine that includes getting up at 6 am.

She doesn't regret her decision to be a mega mom, even if others think she should be on birth control. The gender of her next child is unknown at the moment, but this mother said she has always learned to guess that it will be a boy


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