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Husband Dumps Wife after Their Twins with Autism Are Born, She Has to Raise Them Alone

Salwa Nadeem
May 30, 2022
07:00 A.M.
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A woman in China went through the worst after her husband dumped her when she gave birth to twins with autism. People sympathized with her and considered her an inspiration when her touching story made it to the news.


Many couples wish to have twins without realizing how difficult it is to care for two babies. Parents have to ensure both babies are well-fed and taken care of, and sometimes, it takes a toll on their mental wellbeing.

However, parents feel relaxed when their child grows up and eventually starts taking care of themself. But not all parents are lucky to have healthy babies. The woman in our story, who gave birth to two autistic babies, didn't know she had signed up for a lifetime commitment. She didn't feel relieved when her babies grew up.



In 1994, a Chinese woman, Ma Zhiqiu, was delighted to give birth to two twin boys. But things took a different turn when the doctors ran tests on the babies and discovered they were autistic.

It was difficult for the new parents to accept that their children would never lead a normal life. Thinking about the children's future had started to affect Zhiqiu and her husband's mental health.

While Zhiqiu didn't give up, her husband, on the other hand, called it quits. He divorced Zhiqiu and left her to raise her children, Zhang Hangjun and Zhang Yuanjun, on her own.



Instead of giving up on her children, Zhiqiu decided to raise them. The supermom dedicated her entire life to raising her children. She quit her job and stayed at home to look after them.

After growing up, the children developed cerebral palsy and started to put on weight. By 22, both Hangjun and Yuanjun were diagnosed with obesity.

Zhiqiu's elder son, Hangjun, weighed 550 pounds, while Yuanjun weighed 275 pounds. Their obesity had made it difficult for them to lead a normal life.

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Zhiqiu worked hard to take care of her children and said she had no regrets. Fortunately, Yuanjun's health condition was much better than his brother's. Zhiqiu said:

"The older boy, Hangjun, has a more severe case of cerebral palsy and is unable to move around the house by himself."

Yuanjun often helped his mother look after Hangjun because he needed assistance even while going from the bed to the bathroom. His body couldn't bear his weight, so he always needed someone to help him.

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Since Yuanjun's health condition was better, he didn't depend on his mother for house chores. Moreover, he also had a knack for singing and playing piano, and Zhiqiu always encouraged him to pursue his passion.

Living in Shenyang, a city in China's Liaoning province, Yuanjun gets free piano lessons at the Children's Welfare Center. After looking at his passion, his teachers gifted him a piano to play at home.

The multitalented Yuanjun also participated in national signing competitions and has won several awards. He loves singing Russian and Italian classical songs.



Life hasn't been easy for Zhiqiu, but she never complained. She always put her children before her and spent most of her income on their food because they ate more than an average person.

The selfless mother only had one question in her mind: "How will her children take care of themselves after her death?" The question worried her a lot, so she found a solution for it. She said:

"I have been teaching him [Yuanjun] how to look after his brother as I won't live forever. I hope he will learn enough to be able to look after both himself and Hangjun."



Zhiqiu's incredible story touched the hearts of many people after she made it to the news. People on social media have been cheering for the selfless mother. A Facebook user wrote:

"That's what you call a mother. You're a true inspiration."

What do you think about this story? Are all mothers as selfless as Zhiqiu? Would they do the same if they were in her shoes? We would love to know your opinions about today's story.

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