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After Arrival of Estranged Daughter, Old Man Does Not Let Anyone into the House for 2 Years – Story of the Day

Roshanak Hannani
Jun 06, 2022
04:20 A.M.
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Harry was a successful businessman with a wife and a daughter, but he gave his business away when he realized that money was poison to his life. This angered the women in his life, and they left him immediately, taking almost everything from him. But years later, his daughter showed up and told him something unbelievable.


Harry watered the plants in his tiny cabin in Safety Harbor, Florida, and sighed, thinking about his life. It wasn't perfect, but he was much more at peace than many years ago when he lived in Miami, running a successful company and living with his family.

He cared about money, and his wife, Helena, was the same. Their daughter, Liliane, loved the high life and turned into a partying child in her teenage years. They tried to steer her in the right direction, but nothing worked. She was choosing a very dark path, and it was a wake-up call for Harry.

Harry made a decision that would forever change his life, and he hoped for the best. | Source: Pexels


The struggles of work suddenly seemed inconsequential. The quest for money and success had no meaning anymore. Nothing mattered except getting his family to unite and work through their issues together. The money he had earned was poison for them.

"Lil, what are you doing here?" he asked in complete shock. Then he saw her completely. She was gaunt, pale, and extremely skinny.

Therefore, he made a drastic decision and sold his company, giving the proceeds from it to charity as soon as he could. He assumed that his wife and daughter would be surprised at first but would learn with time that it was the right choice. Unfortunately, that didn't happen.


Helena showed her true colors, which other people had first warned him about, and revealed she was only with him for the money. She took him to court, taking almost everything he had left, including their beautiful house in the city. Meanwhile, Liliane wanted nothing to do with him because now she was embarrassed in front of her other rich friends.

After giving his money away, Harry had to move to his fishing cabin because Helena took everything else he had left. | Source: Pexels


Harry was forced to move into his fishing cabin in Safety Harbor, which Helena didn't care about at all, and tried to move on with his life alone. He had a simple job to keep food on the table and lived as contently as possible. He wasn't too heartbroken about Helena's attitude. In his heart, he always knew her true motives.

But Liliane's attitude stung, and he worried for her. He wished he could be closer to her, but he couldn't afford to live anywhere else at the moment.

Over the years, he tried calling her, but she ignored him. Still, he knew that her mother would not be helping her out. Helena was probably looking for another rich man to marry.


Meanwhile, Liliane suffered more due to her horrible lifestyle. He didn't want her in danger, so every once in a while, he sent her money secretly, hoping it would help her with rent or food. But that was all he could do.

His life was sometimes lonely, but it was much better than being poisoned by money. | Source: Pexels


Despite his worries, his life was much better now. He sometimes felt lonely, but money was no longer poisoning everything, and it reassured him that he had done the right thing even if he hadn't seen his daughter in many years.


Someone rang his doorbell, and Harry frowned, rising from the sofa. He wasn't expecting anyone and didn't have many friends in the area, so this visit was odd. It was Liliane.

"Lil, what are you doing here?" he asked in complete shock. Then he saw her completely. She was gaunt, pale, and extremely skinny. But most importantly, she was carrying a baby in her arms. "What's going on?"


"Dad… hmmm…. Can I come in?" she wondered, looking behind her nervously for some unfathomable reason.

"Of course, of course. Come in," Harry said, still confused. His heart was beating fast, and he couldn't believe his eyes. "Is that baby yours?"

"Yes, Daddy," Liliane said, choking in her words with emotion.

Harry's eyes shone in delight. "Can I hold him? Her?"

The baby was Harry's granddaughter, Elizabeth, and he fell in love immediately. | Source: Pexels


"It's a girl. Elizabeth," she revealed, and Harry smiled tearfully at his daughter, who passed him the baby. He settled the bundle in his arms and started cooing at her. He also rocked her, and she was the most precious thing he had ever held since the birth of Liliane.

"Dad… hmmm… can I stay here tonight?"

"Of course! You can always stay here. We'll have to improvise a crib, but that can be done easily," he replied, delighted that his daughter was finally reaching out. He was going to do his best for her and his grandchild.

"Thank you," Liliane said, still looking nervous, but Harry was paying too much attention to the baby to notice her attitude.


They got everything settled, and Liliane said she would sleep for the night. But Harry stopped her before she left for the spare bedroom. "Everything is going to be alright, sweetheart. This is your home. You're safe here," he said earnestly, and Liliane grinned slowly.

Harry went to sleep happily after Elizabeth fell asleep, but something happened the next morning. | Source: Pexels


Harry went to bed that night, thinking he would finally save his daughter, but that didn't happen.

The following morning, Liliane was gone. She left a note saying she couldn't handle a baby and he could keep or give her away. "It doesn't matter," she wrote, and Harry closed his eyes in pain after reading those words. So callous. So reckless.

He shook his head. He was not going to give his granddaughter away to anyone. He would raise, love, and protect her like he couldn't do with his own daughter. He had failed one child already. He was not going to do it again.

However, he soon discovered that Elizabeth had many health issues due to Liliane's lifestyle when she was pregnant. It made everything more difficult. She was immunocompromised, and Harry had to turn his spare bedroom into a sterile bubble for the baby, which was insanely expensive.


He raised her as best he could, and she grew up happily. | Source: Pexels

He started working harder, applying for government assistance and doing everything he could for his grandchild. Eventually, the treatments worked. Harry was drowning in debt, but it was worth it when Elizabeth took her first steps outside the bubble.


Elizabeth grew up with Harry as the only father she had ever known, and they never heard from Helena or Liliane ever. But it didn't matter because they had each other.

What can we learn from this story?

  • Money is essential for survival, but it can poison the people around you. Harry discovered that his family's life was turning awful due to his money and gave it all away for a new life. The results were not what he desired, but it was better to try than do nothing.
  • Happiness can come in many different ways, and it's not always what people imagine. Harry wanted his family to live peacefully together without the burdens of wealth, but that didn't happen. However, he discovered happiness in a whole other form after a huge shock, and it was better than he imagined.

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