October 20, 2021

Man Kicked Out Daughter He Barely Knew after Horrible Comment about His Late Child – Life Story

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A Redditor confessed kicking out his daughter after she passed insensitive remarks about his late child. "I told her to get out and never to come back. I don't want to see her again," he wrote. 

A girl's relationship with her father affects her personality in various ways. Research suggests that girls feel good about themselves when they have a strong bond with their fathers.

Conversely, having a bad relationship with her father can negatively affect a girl's psychological development. She might feel bad about herself and develop a rude personality, just like the Redditor's daughter did.

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A Redditor named ThrowRAahe revealed that his girlfriend got pregnant when he was 16. She gave birth to a daughter, but he never met her until recently. 

The man was delighted to see his daughter, but his excitement faded when he talked to her. She was filled with resentment towards him because her mother fed her lies.

She believed her father left her mother, but the truth was that her mother's family separated them. Her mother also told her that the man never contacted her. In reality, he did try to connect, but her family opposed him.

The daughter | Source: Unsplash



The man got negative vibes from his daughter during their first meeting. He decided to cut ties with her when she first met his wife and said:

"You left my mom for that? She's not that pretty."

His wife asked him to give the girl another chance. She felt the girl's resentment would fade once she started spending more time with her father. 

His wife asked him to give the girl another chance | Source: Unsplash



The man recently invited his daughter for lunch. She came to their house and passed mean comments on everything. The OP (Original Poster) and his wife ignored her words until she crossed the line.

That baby was the couple's first child, who passed away when he was four months old. The OP's wife broke into tears after hearing the girl's insensitive comment. 

After having the food that his wife cooked, the girl strolled around the house. She stopped at the spot where they had kept the family photos. The frames caught her attention.


The girl looked at the photo frames carefully | Source: Unsplash

The couple had four children―two girls and two boys, who were now adults. The girl could spot all four of their children in the photographs. She then noticed a fifth baby's photo.


"You guys have a baby? Where is it? When he grows up, hopefully, he doesn't inherit looks from your wife's side of the family," she said while holding the photo frame in her hand.

That baby was the couple's first child, who passed away when he was four months old. The OP's wife broke into tears after hearing the girl's insensitive comment. 

The OP asked his daughter to leave the house and never return. She apologized for her behavior, but he didn't forgive her. He cut off all ties with her and never spoke to her again. 

The OP's wife crying in her bedroom | Source: Unsplash



A similar post surfaced on Reddit where a man kicked out his daughter, but he had a different reason. He was raising his three kids alone after his wife passed away in an accident. 

His only daughter often caused trouble in the house. He tried talking to her calmly, but it didn't work. He took her for therapy and enrolled himself in parenting classes to make things better.

Unfortunately, nothing worked. One day, the girl got into a fight with her siblings and insulted them. The man punished her by taking away her car privileges. 


The girl covered her ears while her father scolded her | Source: Unsplash

The next day, he returned home from work and found pieces of paper scattered on the floor. After looking at them closely, he realized those were letters that his deceased wife wrote for him.

He lost his cool when he discovered his daughter tore those letters. "Get out of my house!" he screamed. She broke into tears and quickly called a friend to take her away. 

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