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Michael Strahan's Ex Claimed He Had Affair with Male Doctor & Demanded Millions in Their Divorce

Junie Sihlangu
Jun 06, 2022
10:00 P.M.
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Michael Strahan's professional life might be something most people envy, but his private life, not so much. The former athlete was married twice, with his second wife asking for millions after making claims about his sexuality.


Michael Strahan thought of retiring before coming back to play for the New York Giants for the 2007 Super Bowl championship season. He made the National Football League (NFL) history when he led the team to its first Super Bowl victory in almost two decades.

Along with quarterback Eli Manning, Michael beat Tom Brady's New England Patriots. The star officially retired from professional football in 2008 and started building a new career in television.

Michael Strahan speaks about his divorce battle at his publicist's Chelsea office on March 18, 2005. | Source: Michael Appleton/NY Daily News Archive/Getty Images


He became the new co-host of "Live! with Kelly and Michael" in September 2012 and later moved on to being a co-host on "Good Morning America." Things seemed to be picking up in his professional life, but they weren't so great in his private one.

The star met and fell in love with Jean Muggli in a Manhattan salon while he was still a professional athlete with the New York Giants. Michael and Muggli made their relationship official when they tied the knot in July 1999.

Wanda Hutchins, Michael Strahan, Tichina Arnold, and a guest at the Russell Simmons 14th Annual Art For Life Benefit on July 27, 2013, in Bridgehampton, New York. | Source: Eugene Gologursky/Getty Images


The marriage came three years after the athlete's first one with ex-wife, Wanda Hutchins, ended. He and his first wife were parents to two children, Michael Jr., and Tanita.

With Muggli, the star also had two more children, twins born in 2004. Sadly, the end of his second marriage came with many accusations from both sides, and Michael's sexual orientation was even brought into question.


Jean and Michael Strahan at the SuperBowl XXXVIII - Gillette/Sports Illustrated Party on January 31, 2004. | Source: Jason Nevader/WireImage/Getty Images


On March 14, 2005, Michael started an intense legal battle between him and Muggli when he revealed that he had plans to divorce his wife. The former athlete hired a private investigation firm and two New Jersey law firms to secure his case.

The judge had to field different allegations from the former couple during the case. These included Michael taking three mistresses, including Nicole "Cupcake" D'Oliveira, to romantic getaways while claiming he couldn't recall Muggli's birthday.

Michael Strahan on the last day of divorce proceedings with his estranged wife, Jean Muggli, in Newark, New Jersey on July 20, 2006. | Source: Michael Albans/NY Daily News Archive/Getty Images


The star also denied recollection of the love letters they'd exchanged while alleging Muggli had stolen money from him. The former football player claimed that in 2005, his ex-wife had spent $22,500 on photographs.

He also revealed that she used $27,000 on clothes for their then-20-month-old twin daughters. On top of that, Muggli allegedly spent $1,700 on sign language classes, although their daughters weren't deaf and hard of hearing.

Jean Strahan at the Essex County Family Court in Newark, New Jersey, during divorce proceedings on June 19, 2006. | Source: Michael Albans/NY Daily News Archive/Getty Images


In his book, "Inside the Helmet," Michael claimed Muggli started cashing out their money before the divorce. After their marital issues had begun in 2005, the legendary star said he found out one night that $1.6 million was missing from a joint bank account.

When the athlete confronted her about it, she allegedly took another $1.7 million after he left the house to calm down. Muggli then called the police claiming her husband was threatening her.

Michael Strahan speaks about his divorce battle at his publicist's Chelsea office on March 18, 2005. | Source: Michael Appleton/NY Daily News Archive/Getty Images


While Michael was being taken to the police station to be questioned, he claimed his ex-wife had taken the rest of the money from their account. She allegedly said she'd made him and could break him.

The former athlete also claimed that his ex-wife was so greedy that she had issues with him using $13,000 to help buy his parents their dream home. Michael had initially budgeted $500,000 after promising his parents that he'd buy them a house when he became rich.

However, when the iconic player's parents found a house that cost a mere $160,000, Muggli allegedly had issues with that. Instead, she forced her in-laws to settle for a home that cost $147,000.



Jean Strahan at the last day of divorce proceedings with her estranged husband, Michael Strahan, in Newark, New Jersey on July 20, 2006. | Source: Michael Albans/NY Daily News Archive/Getty Images

In June 2006, Muggli hit back at Michael by claiming he'd shared an "alternative lifestyle" with "his best buddy" and television doctor Ian Smith. She made the allegation outside a court after their March 2005 split, with her stating:


“Michael moved in with Ian in his one-bedroom apartment for the next year. You could say an alternative lifestyle sprouted.”

Dr. Ian Smith and Michael Strahan at the Phat Farm Magic Party in Nevada, Las Vegas, on February 16, 2005. | Source: Johnny Nunez/WireImage/Getty Images


When reporters asked her to be straightforward about her claims, Muggli smiled before her lawyer stopped her from saying anything else. Smith defended himself, saying the claims by Muggli were "ridiculous."

The doctor explained that Michael was one of his best friends, and when his wife kicked him out of their home, he had nowhere to go. Smith said he was there for his friend in his time of need and offered him his couch.

Dr. Ian Smith and Michael Strahan at Strahan's Santa's BIG Helper Christmas Party on December 17, 2007, in New York City. | Source: Johnny Nunez/WireImage/Getty Images


Shutting down the gay rumors Muggli tried to spark, Smith revealed that he was planning his wedding when Michael was meant to stay with him. He explained that he and the woman he'd been dating for more than 14 years were happily married.

Smith cleared things up by sharing how he and Michael were both heterosexual. Muggli backtracked her statement claiming she hadn't said the pair were gay but was referring to a "lifestyle change."

She claimed that she meant Michael was living an alternative life compared to his one with her. The former athlete's wife said he was hanging out with Smith and chasing "anything that moves."



Michael Strahan and wife Jean during the Esquire Apartment Launch Party in New York City, on October 10, 2003. | Source: James Devaney/WireImage/Getty Images

One of the things that caused the divorce proceedings between Michael and Muggli to take so long was the pre-nuptial agreement they signed in 1999. In it, 20 percent of the former NFL player's annual earnings had to be put aside.


The total amount was meant to be Muggli's if the pair divorced; however, she still claimed he owed her half his assets and wanted $14 million from him. The star's attorneys argued that the couple had verbally agreed to cancel the arrangement.

Jean and Michael Strahan at Andrew Rosen, on behalf of Theory, Hosts a Post-Screening Dinner to Celebrate "Riding Giants" on July 2, 2004, in Southampton, New York. | Source: Patrick McMullan/Getty Images


The decision was allegedly made shortly after the duo married, so Muggli was only owed $7 million of Michael's estimated $23 million net worth. Ultimately, the star's ex-wife received $18,000 monthly for child support and $15.3 million.

He [Michael Strahan] learned he could do anything and that he had nothing to fear as he saw himself pull through despite the odds.


After the former athlete retired from football, his child-support payments were allegedly reduced to $13,000 a month. When the court battle was finally over, Muggli was relieved, although she did note her ex-husband's hurtful claims, stating:

“Suddenly, I was crazy. I was a thief, a liar.”

In January 2007, Michael's ex-wife shared how she was looking forward to not having to attend court hearings anymore. She explained that she could finally concentrate on being her daughters' mother.



In 2016, Micheal opened up to People magazine about his thoughts about divorce. He shared, "Personally, getting divorced is probably one of the toughest things I've ever gone through, but it was also a learning experience."

The television personality confessed that he'd learned a lot about himself and the people around during that time and those who weren't there anymore. Despite his relationship with Muggli failing, Michael still kept a close bond with their daughters.


Sophia and Isabella are now adults whom he regularly shows off on his social media accounts. For instance, on November 19, 2021, Michael shared two Instagram images of him posing with his twins.

For 2022's Cinco De Mayo, the star shared a cute photo of him celebrating the holiday with his daughters. On April 11, 2022, he honored Isabella with an Instagram video showing her taking the runway for the first time for Sherri Hill.


After his divorce from Muggli, the proud father revealed how divorce had taught him more about what he's capable of regarding fatherhood. He shared how he had to be alone with his 4-month-old daughters as a single father.

Michael said he watched them grow and had to be active in doing all the things they needed from him. He learned he could do anything and had nothing to fear as he saw himself pull through despite the odds.