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Wife Finds Roses on the Table after Long Conversation with Husband and Throws Them in the Trash

Stephen Thompson
Jul 09, 2022
04:00 P.M.
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Due to individuals' different nature and thought patterns, challenges are bound to occur in relationships. Nevertheless, these issues can always be resolved as long as the parties are ready to do better, and this story proves it. Find out what a woman did to ensure her bond with her husband improved.


Marriage is about loyalty, commitment, communication, understanding, love, and trust. It is two imperfect individuals learning to accept each other's flaws, growing in love, and refusing to give up on each other.

Many couples desire to enjoy a long-lasting union, free of disagreements and arguments, but unfortunately, the idea is far-fetched. Sometimes couples grow distant in their marriages, but choosing love over pride can help resolve the disconnection.


Gestures like buying a partner flowers or gifts go a long way in settling marital issues. However, the bouquets and gifts are not enough for some spouses.

They would prefer a sincere conversation or a change of character from the other party. This was the case of Stephanie Hanrahan, who revealed to netizens that she trashed the Anniversary flowers she got from her husband. According to the woman, what she wanted was more than mere gifts. Here are the details of her story.



Hanrahan, a former nurse from Texas, is married to her former athlete husband, Shawn, and the pair are doting parents to two beautiful children, Campbell and Eli. Unfortunately, raising the kids has not been easy for the couple, seeing that Campbell and Eli are autistic.

Nevertheless, Hanrahan has done her best to be a great mom and often shares her experiences raising two autistic children. During a 2020 interview with The Epoch Times, the former nurse detailed how she found out about her children's condition.


For Campbell, Hanrahan revealed that she began noticing traces of autism as her daughter approached age two. According to the mom, the little girl grew rigid, made less eye contact, and developed "extreme reactions to minor disruptions."

Other signs like being fearless and repeating and memorizing lines from TV shows were also present. Worried, Hanrahan told her husband, friends, and the family pediatrician about it, but they pushed it aside, noting that Campbell was quirky and intelligent.


However, the little girl would become more socially and emotionally distant from her peers and was eventually diagnosed with autism at age three.

Dealing with one kid with autism was difficult for Hanrahan, but it became more tasking when Eli arrived. Still, the mom of two was determined to continuously show up and be the best mom for her kids.



Hanrahan may appear to have it all figured out in her bond with her children, but the same cannot be said of her relationship with Shawn.

On February 6, 2022, the former nurse took to her Facebook page, Tinkles Her Pants, to share the challenges she had faced in her marriage and the steps she took to work things out. The mom of two first confessed that she threw away her anniversary flowers from her husband. Then, Hanrahan wrote:

"Recently, I look at the life we've created — the beautiful family, the well-kept home, the luxuries one should love and adore— and I feel completely and utterly alone."


"I am standing in a room full of people, waving my hands in the air for someone to see me, someone to ask me what fuels my soul, but all that's asked is what's for dinner," she continued.

Hanrahan confessed that she was in a state of longing, felt lonely, and decided to voice her concerns to her husband. According to the woman, she told Shawn she was no longer satisfied with the way things were and needed to reconnect.


A few days later, Hanrahan would find a bouquet of multi-colored roses on the kitchen counter for their anniversary, alongside a note that read:

"I think I messed up again."

Unfortunately, Hanrahan was not moved by the roses because she wanted more. She did not want flowers without meaning but a man who could get on the floor and play with his kids.


Hanrahan wanted a spiritual leader for their household. She desired connection, an extraordinary life, and wanted to feel valued and seen.

"I want a man who teaches his son that societally approved acts of love like flowers and candy mean nothing. I want him to know that the sexiest thing you can do for someone you love is to be vulnerable with them," she wrote.


So, Hanrahan decided not to remain silent about the situation. According to the mom of two, holding feelings inside would only create more problems. Instead, she was determined to do away with the disconnection and start a new journey with Shawn.

Thankfully, Hanrahan's determination paid off. Her husband realized they were entering a new phase of their relationship. So, he asked his wife to get rid of the flowers even before she did.

Hanrahan made it known that she was ready for the new chapter of their relationship. Although it would not be perfect, it will be filled with the efforts of two people who do not want a disconnected version of love.

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