Woman Transplants Hair from Her Head to Her Eyebrows — Now They Won't Stop Growing

Brittany Chalmers
Jul 08, 2022
05:00 P.M.

One woman's beauty journey had many frustrating moments. She wanted the perfect eyebrows, but getting the desired results wasn't easy. Read her story and see the surprising results after she underwent an uncommon procedure.


People will go to extreme lengths to attain the appearance of their dreams. Numerous tanning sessions, plastic surgery, and hair transplants are just a few of the possible methods of beauty modification.

While many criticize those who spend lots of time and money on their looks, people make drastic changes to feel confident and love themselves. One woman from Tetbury, England, was willing to try anything to be happy with her eyebrows.

Isabelle Kutxi. | Source: instagram.com/isakutxi

Isabelle Kutxi. | Source: instagram.com/isakutxi


Isabelle Kutxi always loved makeup and beauty routines, taking the time to try new things and learning special skills. She, like many others, over-plucked her eyebrows when it was a trend. As a teenager, she didn't realize the impact of her actions.


As she looked into the mirror for the first time, Kutxi was speechless and tears fell from her eyes.

As she grew older, Kutxi disliked her thin eyebrows more and more, spending 30 minutes daily filling in her brows. Stars like Cara Delevingne influenced the youngster, but her brows were far from the model's thick and fluffy features.



By 2021, Kutxi was ready to try anything that would improve her thin eyebrows. She gave microblading a shot, but the result wasn't ideal. She stated:

"Microblading worked the first time but I was quite disappointed with how it looked the second and third time."

Feeling disappointed and lacking confidence, Kutxi looked for another option. She explained: "I was watching a TV show about plastic surgery in the United States ... I started to do a lot of research on the internet."



The beauty brand community manager finally found an alternative and spent lots of money on her mission for fuller eyebrows. Kutxi traveled to Poland for a three-hour procedure, which wasn't cheap — but it was her final hope.

The procedure cost £1,500 (about $1,800). Single hair follicles were planted on her eyebrow area. The team used hair from the back of Kutxi's head, ensuring it was a perfect match. She recalled:

"I showed the doctor some pictures of celebrities and said I'd like something like that. I said to her 'I'd like them thick and fluffy, but would this be ok with my face? What do you think?' I trusted her."

The back of Isabelle Kutxi's head. | Source: instagram.com/isakutxi

The back of Isabelle Kutxi's head. | Source: instagram.com/isakutxi



After the follicles were carefully placed by hand, the woman couldn't wait to see the developments. As she looked into the mirror for the first time, Kutxi was speechless, and tears fell from her eyes. She added:

"I went back to them [the clinic] the next morning to check [if] everything was ok, the doctors were happy with my transplant."

Kutxi revealed that seeing her new brow line made her emotional, and she was excited to see how the hair would grow. She gave netizens regular updates on Instagram, providing candid feedback.

Isabelle Kutxi. | Source: instagram.com/isakutxi

Isabelle Kutxi. | Source: instagram.com/isakutxi



The waiting game was challenging, and Kutxi checked the progress daily. After a few weeks, short and stubbly hair could be seen in her eyebrow area. Doctors told her to stay calm because she panicked when the hair started falling out.

However, it was an expected part of the process. Kutxi learned to be patient and knew things would improve in the future. She noted:

"It took four or five months for them to start to grow back permanently and they'd fully grown back by eight months."

Isabelle Kutxi. | Source: instagram.com/isakutxi

Isabelle Kutxi. | Source: instagram.com/isakutxi


Kutxi showed off her luscious and growing brows a year after the procedure. She said the decision changed her life and profusely thanked the medical team.


While Kutxi needs to get the hair trimmed monthly, it is a minor inconvenience she didn't fret about. She got the eyebrows of her dreams and said:

"Every month I go to have my eyebrows cut like hair by a friend, because I don't want to do something bad. It's worth it to have the eyebrows that I want."

Isabelle Kutxi. | Source: instagram.com/isakutxi

Isabelle Kutxi. | Source: instagram.com/isakutxi


Kutxi's Instagram page is proof of her obsession with her new eyebrows. She loves taking photos and adores every part of herself. The feelings of imperfection were gone, and she didn't hide behind makeup anymore. She expressed:

"I look younger, it's also made my make-up routine quicker in the morning, it just changed my life."

Isabelle Kutxi. | Source: instagram.com/isakutxi

Isabelle Kutxi. | Source: instagram.com/isakutxi

Everyone's standard of beauty is different. The important lesson is to do what makes you happy and leaves you feeling confident. What do you think about Kutxi's eyebrow transformation, and would you do something similar?

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