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Desperate Mom Sees Her 2 Kids Being Kidnapped in Fast-Moving Car, Jumps on It to Save Them

Daniella Segell
Jul 15, 2022
05:30 A.M.
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It is commonly known that mothers will do everything they can to protect their children. There have been many instances of mothers sacrificing their happiness to ensure their children have smiles on their faces.


However, some mothers go above and beyond for their children. They will move heaven and earth to ensure their children are alright and might even endanger themselves to save them.

This is a story of a mother who put her well-being on the line to ensure that her children were saved from a horrific situation that could have led to a terrible life for them.



33-year-old Melody Maldonado lives in New Mexico with her family. Maldonado has two children, six-year-old Ma'Rey, who has autism, and 11-month-old, Mikah. Despite living ordinary lives, the family endured what could have been a tragedy on Independence Day this year.

In what would become the most frightening 20-30 minutes of the family's life, Maldonado fiercely protected her little ones' lives as they were placed in grave danger by another woman who stole the family's car.

Maldonado spoke to Daily Mail, telling them about everything she went through that day and how she saved her children, even if it meant that she was going to be placed in a potentially fatal position.


It all started when Maldonado and her children were out in their family car. The mom-of-two left her kids in the car for a moment as she stepped into a convenience store to buy a baby bottle for her son Mikah.

As she was leaving the store, a woman who was standing at the door walked with her to her car. As soon as Maldonado unlocked the car, the woman, Regina Castillo, pushed her out of the way and got into the driver's seat.

As Castillo prepared to speed off with Maldonado's children in the car, the latter jumped onto the car's roof, screaming to Castillo that her children were still in the car. Maldonado revealed that she did not care what happened to the car; she was only worried about her children.

A screenshot of a video of Maldonado seen clinging to the car with her children inside it, stolen by Castillo. | Source: Facebook.com/InsideEdition

A screenshot of a video of Maldonado seen clinging to the car with her children inside it, stolen by Castillo. | Source: Facebook.com/InsideEdition

Maldonado clung to the roof of the car between intersections while Castillo swerved the car so she would fall off. Of the experience, she




“I was banging on the window the whole time, telling her to stop.”

Eventually, Maldonado did fall off and break her foot. However, this did not stop her from running into a convenience store and asking for someone to call 911. She could then be seen on a police bodycam explaining how it would be possible for the police to find her children.



Maldonado revealed that she had left her cell phone in the car, and if they could track her cell phone, they would be able to find the car and her children. However, there was another twist in the tale: Castillo had dropped Ma'Rey off on a nearby street.

Luckily, the little girl was found and kept safe until Maldonado could get to her. However, Mikah was still in the car with the carjacker. Fortunately for the family, the car was soon found, and Castillo was apprehended.

However, the nightmare was not over for the family as little Ma'Rey became alarmed after being reunited with her mother, only to see her loaded into an ambulance. Maldonado revealed:


"She was a little shook up. My son is too young to speak."


Maldonado is a testament to the fact that a devoted mother will do everything she can to protect her children, even if it means injuring herself and carrying on with her pursuit despite those injuries.

Although Maldonado is happy to have her children back in her care and Castillo will be in court soon for this case, she has mentioned that the ordeal was traumatizing and said:

"I hope it never happens to anyone else."



It is still unclear why Castillo decided to steal the car with the children in it, but it was revealed that she dropped Ma'Rey off on the side of the road because the little girl had a phone through which she believed the police were tracking her.

For Castillo, this was not her first offense, as when she was arrested, it was revealed that she had three active warrants out for her arrest. One was for concealing her identity, the second for shoplifting, and a third for traffic violations.

Fortunately for Maldonado and her family, the worst of this nightmare is behind them. However, the traumatic ordeal helped Maldonado see just how strong she is and what she would do to protect her young children.


Questions to Ponder:

  • What would you do if you saw your kids being kidnapped and the only way to save them was to risk your own life?

Maldonado didn't even take the time to think about what she needed to do, but it might be a little more daunting for others, and some people might even find themselves frozen at the moment.

What do you think your reaction would be if this happened to you? Would you risk your life, call the cops and wait for them to arrive, or might you do something else that has not been mentioned in this article?

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