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Justin Ryan Simpson — All about OJ Simpson's Son and His Siblings

Dayna Remus
Jul 23, 2022
03:35 A.M.
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Justin Ryan Simpson is one of O.J. Simpsons' four children. However, there is more to these individuals than their father's trial that dominated headlines in the mid-1990s. Here are some interesting facts about Justin and his fellow siblings.


33-year-old Justin Ryan Simpson is O.J. Simpson's youngest child. According to Tampa Bay Times, he resides in St. Petersburg, Florida, along with his older sister Sydney Brooke Simpson.

The real estate agent was only five years old when his mother, Nicole Brown Simpson, was brutally taken away from him and his older sister, a reality that most likely haunts him, his sister, and their half-siblings to this day.



Nicole and O.J. met in the late 1970s, eventually having their first child, Sydney, in 1985. Justin followed three years later. Tragically, in 1994, Sydney and Justin's mother was murdered, and their dad was indicted for allegedly committing the crime in a highly publicized trial.

While this was traumatizing for the two children, the larger family attempted to help them have some sense of normalcy while growing up. In her memoir, "Finding Peace Amid the Chaos: My Escape from Depression and Suicide," Tanya Brown, Nicole's sister, wrote about her niece and nephew and how they dealt with the ordeal.

O.J. Simpson with Justin Simpson and Sydney Simpson at the funeral of Nicole Brown Simpson on June 16, 1994. In Los Angeles | Source: Getty Images

O.J. Simpson with Justin Simpson and Sydney Simpson at the funeral of Nicole Brown Simpson on June 16, 1994. In Los Angeles | Source: Getty Images

She said she always made sure to help both kids have a good time when they visited her place instead of bringing up the burden of the case and their mother's death. In the late 1990s, Nicole's parents tried to gain custody over Sydney and Justin, but touching letters from the kids to the justices asking to stay with their dad seemingly swayed the court in O.J.'s favor.


Tanya also wrote in her memoir about how difficult it was to pick up and drop the children off at O.J.'s house — the man she believed murdered her sister. But, as her mother reminded her, she was doing it for Sydney and Justin.

She said that she also struggled with the fact that her niece and nephew had a close relationship with O.J. However, she ultimately understood that they love their father and has come to terms with this reality.

Justin Simpson at the candlelight vigil marking the second anniversary of Nicole Brown Simpson’s death on December 6, 1996 | Source: Getty Images

Justin Simpson at the candlelight vigil marking the second anniversary of Nicole Brown Simpson’s death on December 6, 1996 | Source: Getty Images



Sydney isn't Justin's only sibling. He has three half-siblings — Arnelle Simpson, Jason Simpson, and Marguerite Aaren Simpson, who tragically died at the age of one. O.J.'s first wife, Marguerite L. Whitley, gave birth to all three.

Sydney was nine years old when she lost her mom. Now in her thirties, she is a well-educated woman with a degree in sociology from Boston University.


Arnelle is O.J.'s first child and Justin's oldest sibling. She was born in December 1968 and witnessed her dad's successful football career. Arnelle allegedly suffered from a drinking problem which caused friction between her and her father.

Jason was born in 1970 and prefers to keep under the radar. There was a theory that Jason was involved in Nicole's murder. William Dear, a private investigator, wrote a book about it and presented it as a real possibility because of Jason's alleged history of assault and substance abuse. Jason was never considered a suspect, and William's claims were never confirmed.



Now in his thirties, Justin has created a successful career for himself, but it wasn't an easy road. With the shadow of his family's controversy looming over him as a child, Justin found school challenging as he was constantly linked to the ill-famed incident and court proceedings.

His link to this dark past intensified when O.J. was arrested and found guilty of robbery. However, he pushed through and obtained a bachelor's degree in Entrepreneurial and Small Business Operations from Florida State University in 2010.

According to The Washington Note, Justin is now listed as an agent for the DHM Real Estate Group and purportedly has a net worth of around $3 million. While serving as an agent for Coldwell Banker Homes, his biography on their website claimed that he has excellent negotiation skills and is fantastic with customer service.


These attributes make him stand out in his profession, and they appear to be working in his favor considering his positive Facebook reviews from clients. While Justin is pretty busy on social media, Sydney is relatively quiet.

The siblings appear to be close, and Justin doesn't live far from his sister in St. Petersburg. Like her younger brother, Sydney also chose to go into real estate and opened her own business, Simpsy LLC.



In 2019, O.J. Simpson himself spoke about his relationship with his children. The former N.F.L player claimed that he does keep in touch with them.

Opening up about the infamous case and their relationship around it, he said they do not speak about this and have no desire to. The father expressed that he and his kids do not need to go back and relive this dark past.

Instead, his family chooses to live in the present and remain positive, referring to this difficult subject of Nicole's murder as the "no negative zone." As a whole, O.J. claims he is enjoying his life, spending his days as a healthy and happy man, living in Las Vegas, and playing golf on an almost-daily basis.

The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is 1-800-273-8255. Other international suicide helplines can be found at befrienders.org.

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