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Bride Buys Wedding Dress in Thrift Shop for $3 – Turns Out She Looks Like Meghan Markle

Ayesha Muhammad
Aug 22, 2022
12:35 P.M.

A gorgeous bride left people astounded when she revealed how she achieved her perfect wedding day look with an elegant dress that merely cost a few dollars. The dress looked so immaculate that netizens couldn't help but compare her to the Duchess of Sussex.


Everyone's idea of their big day is different. Some prefer throwing an extravagant wedding and are particular about every tiny detail, while others might keep things small and intimate. The same holds for choosing the right wedding outfit for yourself.

But regardless of individual preferences, every person wants to feel special on their wedding day. For this reason, they might pick an attire that brings out the best in them and helps them stand out on one of the most memorable days of their life. But is it easier said than done?

Rachel Connealy. | Source: Tiktok.com/rachelandnate

Rachel Connealy. | Source: Tiktok.com/rachelandnate

Sometimes, money becomes a stinging issue for people, forcing them to limit their options and make do with a few choices. Do you think there's a way out in such cases? After reading today's story, you will hopefully not be short of ideas to make your big day a memorable affair.


More specifically, when Rachel shared details of how she achieved her wedding day look, people were speechless.

Rachel Connealy took to TikTok to share the story of how she and her husband, Nate Connealy, met and all the subsequent events that led them to make the monumental decision of getting married.

Nate and Rachel Connealy. | Source: Tiktok.com/rachelandnate

Nate and Rachel Connealy. | Source: Tiktok.com/rachelandnate


The duo crossed paths when Rachel was 18 and dated for four years. Although the couple was happy, they only lived in the same city for six months. After that, Nate moved to New York to get his doctorate, while Rachel went to Italy after graduation.

Not only were they far apart geographically, but Rachel admitted that she was only 22 then and terrified of marriage. So, she decided to break up with Nate. She explained:


"It was the hardest decision. I lost someone that I loved and so did he. We were both shattered."



In their time apart, Rachel noted that she and Nate dated other people but stayed friends. They continued to say hello, make small talk, and wish each other well on special occasions, like birthdays. At the same time, the duo gave each other space to grow as individuals.

When the coronavirus pandemic hit and Nate returned to Iowa, he and Rachel got in touch to hang out as friends. But after meeting, Rachel noted how they couldn't go their separate ways, and a year later, they decided to eternalize their love.

Rachel expressed that she and Nate were grateful for their time apart. She said that she didn't resent the people Nate dated, and neither did he because the distance helped them realize their true feelings and bonded them for life.



While the Connealy couple's love story is incredibly heartwarming, they also stole hearts when they shared glimpses from their big day celebrations. More specifically, when Rachel shared details of how she achieved her wedding day look, people were speechless.

In a video posted on December 14, 2021, Rachel revealed how she put together her beautiful wedding outfit on a budget. The bride said she purchased the ceremony dress from Goodwill for only $3 (€2.65). She captioned the clip:

"I thrifted this silk dress right after we got engaged and still wore it for the ceremony."



But that wasn't all. In another video, the bride gave a sneak peek into her incredible thrifting skills, where she said she found her reception outfit for only $5 (€4.42) at Goodwill. Rachel called the small, frilly attire "her dream wedding dress." The caption read:

"[You] never know what you’ll find at the thrift 2 weeks before your wedding."

Both clips have amassed 1.1 million and 2 million views, respectively, to date. The viral videos continue gaining popularity, with many viewers asking the lovely bride how she managed to shine on her big day without spending too much.

In an 11-second clip posted in July 2022, Rachel briefly shared the process of "thrifting a $12 wedding gown and turning it into the dress of her dreams." The video has racked up over 97,000 views so far.



Many people compared the stunning bride to Meghan Markle, although Rachel managed to perfect her look for a fraction of what the Duchess of Sussex spent on her dress, which cost an estimated $276,000.

Perhaps, some might even relate to the two women because Markle once played the phenomenal Rachel Zane in the popular TV show "Suits," which earned her immense love and recognition from viewers far and wide.

In response to a commenter who pointed out how she resembled Markle, Rachel responded, "[Except] my wedding was in a roller skating rink and not a royal palace."



Several netizens commented on Rachel's videos and praised her incredible bargaining skills. One person wrote: "You remind me of gorgeous Meghan Markle here! [Congratulations]." A second commenter added:

"Oh I'm jealous. It looks so fabulous."

Another user shared: "When you're pretty in the face, you can wear anything." What are your thoughts on this story? Do you think a perfect wedding look can be achieved without breaking the bank? We would love to hear your comments on Facebook.

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