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Loving Father Left Alone to Raise 9 Children after His Wife Tragically Died

Salwa Nadeem
Jul 21, 2022
06:10 A.M.
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A Tulsa couple lived a beautiful life until the day the husband suddenly discovered something unbelievable. The shocking news changed the dad of nine's life in unimaginable ways.


Having your family by your side is one of the biggest blessings because many people don't have their loved ones around them when they need them the most. Some people lose contact with their family members because of arguments and misunderstandings, while others yearn to see their late siblings, parents, and children.

When death sets people apart from their loved ones, it gets difficult for them to live their lives like they used to. It takes a lot of time for them to heal from the trauma and accept the bitter truth. The man in today's story had a similar experience after discovering something that changed his life forever.



Aljuan Flanner from Tulsa, Oklahoma, was happily living with his wife of more than ten years, Estrella Mendoza, and their nine children when he received the most shocking news of his life.

On the evening of July 7, 2022, Aljuan witnessed something he would never forget. He stood in the parking lot of a QuikTrip near 61st and Highway 169, where he could see his beloved wife and his sister, Alexis Flanner.

A few moments later, he witnessed Mendoza get shot dead by Alexis. At first, Aljuan couldn't believe his eyes. The sight of his dead wife was etched in his mind forever. However, he had no idea why his sister did the unimaginable.



Aljuan recalled that he tried to revive his wife through CPR after watching her fall unconscious. He didn't know what was happening around him. All he knew was that he had to bring his wife back to life. He said:

"At the moment, I'm doing CPR. After, I was lost. That's all I know. Trying to bring her home. Once it didn't happen, I was lost."

Knowing that his loving partner had passed away had left Aljuan with many unanswered questions. He wanted to know why his sister killed his wife so heartlessly.



When the police learned about Mendoza, they immediately arrived at QuikTrip's parking lot to investigate the case. The witnesses at the crime scene told them about the suspect's vehicle, after which the officers searched for Alexis's car.

After driving for a few minutes, the police found Alexis in her car and immediately arrested her. They took her in for investigation to find out what made her attack her sister-in-law. Meanwhile, Aljaun said a few words while remembering his late wife:

"She was silly. She was fun to be around, adventurous, hard worker. That was my partner, and for me to lose my partner. That's the other half. Now I have to try to be whole for them to make this work."



Suddenly, life shocked Aljuan with two things. The first one was his wife's untimely death, and the second was his sister's unexplainable act. He wanted to ask Alexis a dozen questions but didn't get a chance to speak to her. Moreover, Aljuan even tried forgiving Alexis, but it wasn't that simple. He said:

"The beginning of it is forgiving her. So that's where I'm at right now - I'm speaking into existence that I forgive her. But that's all I can do."


Meanwhile, it was also difficult for Aljuan to live his life without his partner. He had to look after his nine children without Mendoza, who always pushed him to live for their children. He hoped his wife would watch him from above and give him the strength to care for their kids alone. He said:

"I miss her, and I'm gonna keep doing what we kept doing, and that's raising these kids."



Not only did the tragic incident affect Aljuan and his children, but it also made his family members worry for him. Alftan Flanner-White, Aljuan's relative and well-wisher, set up a GoFundMe page for Aljuan and his children. He said:

"I cannot speak for my family members, but I know we can all agree that Aljuan and the babies need all the help they can get during this time and all that's to come."

Aljuan faced a horrible loss but had to stay strong for his children. He had to be there for them, no matter how much he missed his wife.


Would you forgive your sister if you were in Aljuan's place? Do you think he should speak to her and ask her what she was thinking?

Share this story with your friends and family to help Aljuan and his children make it through the worst phase of their lives.

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