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Mom-Of-Seven Hits Back after Hearing She'll Never Be Happy Having So Many Children

Salwa Nadeem
Jul 29, 2022
07:55 A.M.
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When a Montana mother-of-seven revealed her pregnancy to the world, she received a lot of criticism. People told her she wouldn't be happy after giving up her life to raise seven children, but she hit back with an answer that people weren't expecting.


How many children do you think are too many? Generally speaking, we can divide people into two groups. The first group has those who aren't fond of children and don't wish to have more than two, while the second has those who absolutely love kids and plan to have a big family.

Before getting married, people usually ask their prospective spouse about the number of children they wish to have. For many people, being on the same page with their partner about having children is important, especially if they plan to have a big family like the woman in today's story.



Ariel Tyson, a social media star with 839K Instagram followers and a full-time mom of six boys and a girl from Bozeman, Montana, had to hear all sorts of comments when she told her followers that she was pregnant with her seventh baby.

Tyson and her husband, Michael, were very clear about having many children because they wanted to raise them in a busy household. Tyson had three siblings while growing up, while her partner had four, so they knew what it felt like to have many brothers and sisters.

The 34-year-old mother welcomed her first five babies in only six years and was ready to meet her seventh child when she posted a video on Instagram. However, not everyone around agreed with her on having a huge family.



Tyson took to Instagram to share the most common comment she received from people after revealing her pregnancy. In her viral video, she highlighted her most-received criticism:

"I could never be happy to give up my life to raise 7 kids."

A few seconds into her video, she responded to her haters, saying, "Good thing you don't have to, and I GET to." Tyson ensured her followers knew she wouldn't change her life for anything and loved raising her children.



In her caption, Tyson said she knew people have different choices, and by having seven babies, she didn't lose anything, as her haters said. The proud mother said she "only gained" and accomplished her dream of having a big family. She asked the viewers:

"What number do you consider to be a lot of kids?"

"For me, it was always 5, I think, because I grew up as 1 of 4 kids, and that was normal to me. For Michael, it's 6, and he grew up as 1 of 5!" Tyson added.



Despite being a modern woman, Tyson believed homeschooling was the best way to educate her children. While growing up, her mother also homeschooled her, and she considered it beneficial compared to traditional schooling.

Tyson revealed that because of homeschooling, she graduated high school a year early, which led her to finish university before other people her age. A year later, she graduated with a master's degree while her age-mates had only completed their bachelor's.

She shared that her sons woke up every day at 7:30 a.m. and attended their online learning session. In the afternoon, Tyson would read with them before they could do other activities in the evening.



After Tyson shared her views about having children, her followers flooded the comments section with their opinions. Here are some of the comments she got under her post:

"How do the moms on here keep up their energy with babies? I am so tired all the time!"

- (@official.king.midas) December 22, 2021

"We had 1, but 7 would have been awesome."

- (@liberty.bk) January 2, 2022


"I never wanted kids. Now I have one, and I think I want more. Seeing a big family looks nice. My kid's father is one of 9, while I only have one sister."

- (@m.joy__) February 17, 2022

"For me, a lot of children is more than 3 simply because you have to change car."

- (@helothekiwie) March 27, 2022


How many children do you think one should have? Do you believe in having more than two children? We would love to know your thoughts on this topic.

Share this story with your friends and family members who receive criticism about having children as Tyson did. They would love to know how she responded to her haters.

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