Mom shares she was harshly bullied during pregnancy over her enormous baby bump: 'It was hurtful'

A 30-year-old mother was bullied online for having an enormous pregnancy bump, but she wanted to let people know that the journey through pregnancy is not as easy as one might think.

Elisha Bakes, from Melbourne, Australia, received heavy criticisms from netizens 14 weeks into pregnancy after she finished breastfeeding her first son, Kyson, as reported by The Sun.

"When I was six months along I would often get asked if I was due to pop any day."

She announced her pregnancy on Instagram where she had 32,700 followers. But some of her followers claimed that her dates must have been wrong as her bump was already too big.

“When people tell you that you look gross or suggest you’re not leading a healthy lifestyle during your pregnancy, it can be hurtful,” said Elisha.


More hurtful comments came, with some insinuating that she was eating too much or eating unhealthy food. But the most offensive remarks suggested that she was expecting 78 babies or a horse.

“People would say hurtful things like, ‘Why is her bump so big? I better not get like this’ and that it was the biggest bump they’d ever seen. When I was six months along I would often get asked if I was due to pop any day. I would get a very surprised reaction when I let them know I was only 24 weeks,” Bakes said.

Bakes explained that the large proportion of her pregnancy bump is just natural for someone who is five-foot and three inches tall or a petite body frame like her. 

She added that people created an ideal body for a pregnant woman. Whenever they see one carrying a small or a large baby bump, they feel entitled to make a comment. 


Instead of drowning into this quicksand of negativity and constant hate, Bakes reached out to women who endured the same problems. She stressed that each woman has different pregnancy journeys.

Some of these women would fall into insecurity and anxiety because they feel that they are not entitled to enjoy pregnancy the way they wanted it to be.

“I like sending reminders that everyone carries differently and there are many factors that determine how you carry, such as weight, height, your partner’s genetics, fluid, and pregnancy conditions,” she said.

Last month, Bakes gave birth to her second son, Kaelen, who weighed 8 lbs.

The negative comments, however, continued. But Bakes, now thick-skinned, ignored them 98 percent of the time and focused on her journey to motherhood as much as she can.

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