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Louisiana Mom Finds Strength to Forgive Suspected Killer of Only Son: 'I Just Want to Ask Him, Why?'

Stephen Thompson
Aug 13, 2022
06:40 A.M.

A doting mother is curious to know why her son was shot seven times because of an argument. The murder suspect is a 52-year-old man who took off in a high-speed chase with the police, ending in a crash that somehow hurt more people.


Death comes for all -- this is common knowledge. However, knowing that does not make it any less hard to deal with it when it happens to those closest to us.

Very recently, cops from Baton Rouge revealed that three people were shot after an argument with a suspect on Bradley Street just before midnight on Sunday, July 31. One of the victims was the only son of Angel Hawkins, and he was the only one fatally wounded during the altercation.



Angel Hawkins was in her home that Sunday night when one of her nephews rushed to inform her that her son, Albert, was arguing with another person in the street. She immediately knew something was off, so she quickly decided to intervene.

Unfortunately, the suspect, who stood in the driveway, had started to shoot when she stepped outside. It was a surreal experience for her, and she had the sound of the gunshot ingrained in her mind.

As earlier stated, three people were shot as a result; however, for some reason, Albert was the only one who was shot fatally. One would think the assailant was trying to ensure he did not survive the altercation, which he did not. The other two victims got away with non-life threatening gunshot injuries.



After committing such atrocities, the suspect, a 52-year-old man named Kirkpatrick Franklin, took off in a vehicle. Then, on August 4, he led cops on a high-speed chase that culminated in an accident around North Street.

According to the Baton Rouge Police Department, the suspect's vehicle crashed into another car at North and N.36th Street, leading to major damage.

Three people from the other vehicle were sent to the hospital, and one of them was in serious condition. Franklin has reportedly been booked into East Baton Rouge Parish on second-degree murder charges.



Just before Angel had an interview with WAFB on what happened, she was told that the suspect had been caught. The news gladdened her a little, but it was not because she wanted revenge.

Angel's happiness was because she knew that as long as the suspect was in custody, other people and their families were safe. She said:

"He needs to ask for forgiveness because I have forgiven him, but I am still mad. I'm still angry because I'm human."


The grieving mother couldn't help trying to make sense of Albert's murder, and the question that weighed heavily on her mind was why the suspect had done what he did to her son.

Regardless of whether or not she gets those answers, Angel is dedicated to keeping memories of her son alive. She said:

"It's so many men out there, so many guys out there that are broken that need counseling, they need therapy, they need hope, they need a hug… but I will keep my son alive. I will not take this in vain."


As unfortunate as her son's death from gun violence is, the topic is not foreign to her. In the past, Angel has lost a sister and cousin to senseless violence, and her only child is gone too. She said:

"Sir, I've been going to funerals all July. The only weekend I haven't [gone] was last weekend, and that was the last weekend with my child."

Angel was strong enough to forgive what was done to her son, but the coming days will be difficult for her as she struggles to get used to life without her son.



Angel shared pictures of her son on Facebook some days after his demise, and it saw many netizens consoling her with words in the comment section. Some read:

"Praying God gives you & your family peace and strength to endure."

—(@Chantel Latrice) August 5, 2022

"I luv u more lil cuz last tyme I seen u u was a big baby [sic]."

—(@Queendiamonesha) August 7, 2022


  • Family is essential in times of tragedy. A person facing tragedy must have a family to lean on and derive comfort from. Of course, everyone in the family will need time to tend to their personal grief; however, they can also provide emotional support for each other. Experiencing tragedy with family can help you realize that there are some grieving along with you and that you are not alone. It can make a world of difference.
  • Everyone grieves differently after losing a child; sometimes, such a tragedy can strain the marital bonds and each parent's relationship with the kids who survived. This is why it is crucial to seek professional help while accepting what has happened. Rather than going through it alone, try family counseling. It may give your family the edge it needs to overcome the grief.
  • It is easy to clam up after a considerable loss, but that's not good enough. To move forward, you need to be open-minded and willing to take help from extended family, friends, or your community. Let them help out as much as possible, and above all, allow them to be your listening ears when you need to get some things off your chest.
  • Prepare for when all the food neighbors and friends bring over finishes because it would mean most have returned to life as usual, and you will have to come to terms with living without the lost family member. This is a difficult phase, and even though giving up all social interactions becomes infinitely more tempting, it is best to keep communicating.
  • Don't forget to watch your health. This will be ten times harder while dealing with grief as it is easy to get lost in the thoughts of what has happened. People dealing with grief may forget to eat or start relying on junk because there's no energy to cook, but it is essential not to fall into that limbo. Instead, eat healthily, and get some exercise. It doesn't have to be intense -- just enough to keep you in shape, and as you feel better, you can integrate more healthy changes. In the end, it will leave you feeling better mentally.

Angel's pain is unimaginable, but she has taken the first step toward healing by forgiving the alleged killer. Hopefully, she will be able to work through her grief even as she readjusts to a world without her child.

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