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Hero Toddler Saves Life of an Elderly Woman Who Went Missing Just Days before Her 83rd Birthday

Ayesha Muhammad
Aug 18, 2022
10:40 P.M.

Only days before her birthday, an older woman in her early 80s unexpectedly vanished. Firefighters, cops, neighbors, and volunteers looked for her, but to no avail. The elderly lady's chances of being found seemed slim until an adorable little angel made a strange discovery.


Miracles happen every day. Sometimes, they surprise us in moments of sheer pain, uncertainty, and fear, restoring our faith and rekindling our hope. Other times, they not only help make things better but also forge unanticipated, profound, and everlasting connections, often between complete strangers.

Everything happens for a reason, and our experiences can teach life-altering lessons that stay with us forever. A similar situation unwraps in today's story where a heartbreaking incident resulted in a happy ending and fostered a lifelong friendship.

Brittany and Ethan Moore with Nina Lipscomb. | Source: YouTube.com/CBS46 Atlanta

Brittany and Ethan Moore with Nina Lipscomb. | Source: YouTube.com/CBS46 Atlanta


Evan and Brittany Moore live in Senoia, Georgia, about 35 miles south of Atlanta. The couple has their hands full, and most of their time is spent caring for their two sons — 20-month-old Ethan and six-month-old Brody.


She looked at her lovely little boy with a smile on his face and then turned toward the woods, wondering who it could be.

The Moores love their little bundles of joy and consider themselves blessed to be their parents. Despite Ethan and Brody's young ages, Evan and Brittany have taught them to be kind, caring, and loving — values that brilliantly align with the brothers' adorable personalities.


On Monday, August 8, 2022, an elderly woman and a long-time resident of Senoia, Nina Lipscomb, went missing. Because news travels fast in small towns, almost everyone, including the Moores, heard about her mysterious disappearance and became worried.


Ms. Nina's daughter, Karen Lipscomb, said her mother told her she had left the house to look for her deceased sister. Karen said that her mom's late sibling died in March but growing up, they lived on Glacier Road, which was right around the corner.

Things took an odd turn when the senior citizen, who also had early-stage Alzheimer's, wandered off too far and didn't return. A search party was formed on August 9, and everyone, including the firefighters, police officers, neighbors, and volunteers, was on the lookout.



But despite their best efforts, nobody could locate the older woman or find information on her whereabouts. Tuesday flew by, and so did Wednesday and Thursday, but there was no sign of Ms. Nina. Her loved ones were on the verge of losing all hope, and many community members wondered if she was okay.

Evan and Brittany also feared for Nina's life, particularly in the wake of the storms that were set to hit Coweta County. On the afternoon of Friday, August 12, Ethan and his mother were out in their backyard off Al Roberts Road, doing their favorite activity.



Per Brittany, her adorable little boy loved playing with bubbles and running to catch them before they vanished into thin air. It was a usual play-day for the mother-son duo. Brittany watched as Ethan grabbed the plastic bottle of bubble solution and excitedly hopped around the area.

Just then, a light breeze blew and carried the tot's bubbles around the yard. Within a few seconds, Ethan was on his feet and ready to chase after the bubbles. The Moore family's dogs, Daisy and Lily, joined the toddler, and the three of them ran toward the back of the property.

Ethan and his mom, Brittany, are pictured playing with bubbles. | Source: YouTube.com/CBS46 Atlanta

Ethan and his mom, Brittany, are pictured playing with bubbles. | Source: YouTube.com/CBS46 Atlanta


When Ethan reached the back fence, something in the woods grabbed his attention, and he stopped. Brittany walked over to see if everything was okay and was taken aback by what she saw. She recalled:

"I went over there and was like, 'What do you see buddy?' and he pointed and said, 'Feet.' Okay, buddy can you say that again. What did you say?' And he said, 'Feet.'"



Initially, Brittany said she didn't see anything except overgrown trees in the woods. The mother-of-two then bent down to her son's level and tried to see where he was pointing. A shiver ran down her spine as she was finally able to locate a pair of feet.

Several questions ran through Brittany's mind as she tried to make sense of things. She looked at her lovely little boy and then turned toward the woods, wondering who it could be.



Brittany's heart pounded as it finally dawned on her that the person lying in the woods was none other than Ms. Nina. "I cried and prayed as I called 9-1-1," she recounted.

Soon afterward, a group of first responders arrived at the scene, and Ethan's dad, Evan, a firefighter, kissed him and his wife and got down to work.

Much to everyone's relief, a first responder screamed that the older woman was alive and talking. Ms. Nina was rushed to a nearby hospital and released on August 13.



Out of all the people who went looking for the older lady, it was a toddler and his bubbles that helped save the day. Why did the bubbles blow right over to where Ms. Nina was? Indeed, it's a million-dollar question. Brittany expressed:

"It was definitely a God thing. I believe that HE was responsible for helping us find Ms. Nina."

In the meantime, Karen, Nina's daughter, had nothing but love and gratitude for little Ethan and his bubbles. "We pulled out every resource we thought we needed, but it was a little boy, and [Nina's] very fond of children," said Karen.



Brittany and Ethan went to pay a special visit to Nina on August 13. The Moores and Lipscombs laughed and bonded over their unexpected and heartwarming connection and doted over the little boy. A delighted Brittany shared:

"We knew Ethan was something special. We knew he was smart. But my boy found her! Bubbles. Feet. She is alive!"


Who knew a happy ending would unfold for two families, all because a little one decided to play with bubbles and chase them? As Karen said, "Angels come in all shapes and sizes."

We're beyond glad that this adorable little boy turned out to be Ms. Nina's guardian angel. Nina will turn 83 on August 19, and we hope she has a memorable birthday celebration with her family and friends.

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