6-Year-Old Girl Escapes from a Man Who Grabbed Her by Remembering Her Mom's Advice

Brittany Chalmers
Aug 31, 2022
09:00 A.M.
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Danger can strike when we least expect it, and for one six-year-old girl, it did. She was busy with one of her chores when something shocking happened. The family's doorbell camera captured the entire ordeal!


If parents ever needed encouragement or a sign to educate their children about stranger danger and helpful safety techniques—this story is it.

Moms and dads must be proactive because it can prevent a potential disaster. One family in Ohio almost experienced their worst nightmare. Thankfully, their little girl acted quickly.

Ken'Adi Nash. | Source: youtube.com/ABC7

Ken'Adi Nash. | Source: youtube.com/ABC7



Ken'Adi Nash is a cheerful little girl who enjoys spending time with her friends and family. However, her life almost turned upside down in August 2022 while she was busy taking out the trash.

The video, which was only a few seconds long, displayed how quickly something can go wrong. Ken'Adi arguably escaped a potentially life-threatening scenario ...

In a video captured by a Ring doorbell cam, the little girl is seen bending down at the garbage cans outside her home. She was on the sidewalk for a short period when an unknown man approached.

Ken'Adi Nash. | Source: youtube.com/ABC7

Ken'Adi Nash. | Source: youtube.com/ABC7


The man can be seen attempting to pull Ken'Adi down and grabbing her arm. She instinctively started screaming and pulling away from the stranger—these actions made all the difference.


The little girl recalled: "This guy walked by ... he pulled me." Thankfully, Ken'Adi's brave actions and loud screaming stopped the man from getting away with her.

Once free from his grip, she ran inside and immediately alerted her parents about the incident. Her father, Ricky, added:

"He wouldn't have let go of her if she wouldn't have pulled and screamed like she did."

Ken'Adi Nash. | Source: youtube.com/ABC7

Ken'Adi Nash. | Source: youtube.com/ABC7



Ricky was horrified by the encounter and stormed out of the home, hoping to apprehend the man. The dad indicated that he chased after the suspect as if he had gotten away with his daughter, noting:

"I definitely didn't want him to be able to go snatch another kid."

The suspect was identified as Deric McPherson and faced several charges after the incident. Amid the drama, the family turned their attention away from McPherson. They wanted to focus on their brave little angel, Ken'Adi — rightfully so!

Ken'Adi Nash and her parents. | Source: youtube.com/ABC7

Ken'Adi Nash and her parents. | Source: youtube.com/ABC7



Ken'Adi's mom, Mandie, expressed her pride in her daughter and added that she had many conversations about "stranger danger" with her four children. Mandie relayed the information she shared with them:

"If anybody ever tries to take you, scream, bite, kick [and] make as much noise as possible."



The video, which was only a few seconds long, displayed how quickly something can go wrong. Ken'Adi arguably escaped a potentially life-threatening scenario, and the incident should serve as a warning to other youngsters.

Mandie indicated that she believed her daughter wouldn't be home safely if she had not made a scene and frightened the stranger. Fortunately, Ken'Adi knew what to do, and it saved her life.



Netizens were shocked by the footage and outraged by the audacity of the suspect. Many people also shared their joy that the little girl was unharmed:

"Thank God that this little girl is safe! I can't imagine this happening to a child of mine! This guy has probably done this before. He is a danger to society!"

- (@Overlord) August 27, 2022

"This is the type [of incident] where swift justice is a must! And on the spot when possible."

- (@Jay Ell) August 27, 2022

"Gone are the days when children were allowed outside all on their own. Now they need to be watched even to take out the trash."

- (@Gracie) August 29, 2022


"Oh my gosh, that's so scary. Good for her to scream. That probably saved her life."

- (@Madlyn) August 27, 2022

"So, So glad this BRAVE little girl is OK and safe with her family. And so proud of the father that took action to chase him down and get him arrested."

- (@DJG USMC) August 28, 2022



Children shouldn't have to learn safety skills and look over their shoulders while playing or walking outside. But sadly, that is the reality of the world we live in. Moms and dads can't always protect their little ones.

Consequently, they must ensure their loved ones know what to do when dangerous circumstances arise. Parents are encouraged to teach their kids to identify potentially threatening people and how to defend themselves in an emergency.

We hope Ken'Adi and her family have many more safe and happy years together. Well done, brave girl!

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