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Two Alabama Brothers Die in Fire despite Desperate Mom's Tries to Save Them from Burning Home

Brittany Chalmers
Aug 31, 2022
01:20 P.M.

Children are vulnerable to an array of dangers every second of the day. Tragically, one mother experienced this firsthand when the unthinkable happened to her beloved boys.


Losing a loved one is always devastating, and the pain only intensifies when more than one person dies.

One mother's worst nightmare came true unexpectedly and in the blink of an eye. Grab a box of tissues before reading her tear-jerking story.


An Irvington, New Jersey woman adored her children and loved spending time with them. They were the apple of her eye, and she couldn't imagine a world without them.


Kali Sherman, 24, never knew that stepping out of her mobile home for a few minutes could lead to disastrous consequences, but it did.

There was one saving grace throughout the horrific ordeal, which kept the mother going. After she realized her kids were in danger, she rushed into the home and managed to do something miraculous.

While the young mom took some food to a nearby neighbor that lived 25 feet away, her three boys remained in their home.



Sherman's four-year-old son, Liam Barnes, found a butane lighter and took it into his room. The Mobile County Sheriff's Office reported that the little one was playing with the item when it unexpectedly set his mattress alight.

Neighbor Shaun Kendall detailed how the events unfolded on a fateful day in August 2022. He stated:

"We started seeing smoke ... and we heard the fire alarm going off."

He continued that they ran outside and realized Sherman's home was ablaze. They rushed to the house and saw "everything going crazy."

Kali Sherman's home. | Source: facebook.com/WPMI NBC 15 News

Kali Sherman's home. | Source: facebook.com/WPMI NBC 15 News



Barnes and his two-year-old brother, Noah Gordon, were trapped in the room. They shared a bunk bed and struggled to escape the overwhelming smoke and heat engulfing the area.

Gordon sought safety inside a closet, but sadly it wasn't out of harm's way. MCSO Sgt. Mark Bailey shared:

"He closed the door, and at that point, he was unable to escape once the heat and the smoke became too intense. He was incapacitated at that point."

Kali Sherman's home. | Source: facebook.com/WPMI NBC 15 News

Kali Sherman's home. | Source: facebook.com/WPMI NBC 15 News


The home's smoke detectors were discovered to have malfunctioned, and during the five to six minutes that the mom was away, the flames wreaked havoc. Bailey explained how the fire spread so quickly and noted:


"This [lighter] shoots out a torch flame instead of just the regular flame. It gets very, very hot and it stays lit until you manually turn it off."

MCSO Sgt. Mark Bailey. | Source: facebook.com/WPMI NBC 15 News

MCSO Sgt. Mark Bailey. | Source: facebook.com/WPMI NBC 15 News


Authorities ruled out any aspects of foul play. Bailey revealed: "In this case, it does not warrant any charges to be filed on the mother or anyone. It's just a tragic incident, to say the least."

Captain Paul Burch indicated that emergency responders desperately tried to save the lives of the children, but they were unsuccessful. "It's just a really, really horrible story," he expressed.



There was one saving grace throughout the horrific ordeal, which kept the mother going. After she realized her kids were in danger, she rushed into the home and managed to do something miraculous. She retrieved her 10-month-old baby.

He was sleeping in another area of the home. Sherman also managed to pull her eldest son from inside the house, but sadly he passed away later at a local hospital.



This horrific incident devastated the community, and many first responders urged people to check their smoke detectors regularly. They also stated that parents must equip their kids with safety skills.

Simple pieces of advice can prove to be life-saving. It is never too early to start educating kids and raising their awareness regarding the dangerous situations they may find themselves in.



Mobile Fire-Rescue Dept. Public Information Officer Steven Millhouse indicated that closets were not safe places to hide when a fire took over. He added:

"Children should first know where to go and how to get out. Stay low to the ground. Crawl their way to the nearest exit, get out of the home."

Bailey also noted that tragic incidents involving fire and children happened too often. He explained that because fires get out of control quickly, it was crucial to have escape plans in case of emergency.


Sherman lost two of her beloved children, but there will always be a place for them in her heart. Her remaining child is a blessing, and we wish them many safe and happy years together.

Our thoughts and prayers go to the young mom as she grieves during this heartbreaking time. RIP to the two little angels!

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