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Wynton Harvey ‘Still in Sync’ with His Dad - About the Life of Steve Harvey’s Son

Milla Sigaba
Sep 03, 2022
09:10 P.M.

Commonly known as Steve Harvey's son, Wynton Harvey garnered many followers on social media as a photographer with impressive style. Learn more about Wynton Harvey, his close bond with his father, and his love for art and fashion.


Wynton Harvey grew up in a large, blended family with six siblings and a famous dad, but it slowly grew into his own when he turned one of his hobbies into a profession.

He was also under the spotlight when he was younger after the infamous divorce between his father and his mother that went on for years.


Years later, Wynton and his father are seemingly on excellent terms, with Wynton creating a name for himself independent from his father through his photography and sense of style.

Wynton Harvey Was Born in 1997

Wynton Brycelon Ali Harvey, according to his Instagram bio, was born in 1997 and is reportedly the youngest of the Harvey clan. He enrolled at Florida International University, seemingly a more significant moment for his father than it was for him.

Steve Harvey became emotional recalling the day his son left to start school at FIU. "I'm not crying," he jokingly shared with the crowd as he shared his conversation with his son before he left.


"I expect a lot of great things from you," the TV host said to Wynton, urging his son to remember his last name because he could achieve many things.

"And you remember that I love you, man," Steve said. Sticking to tradition, Steve warned the crowd that he was indifferent to their opinions, but he chose to share a cigar with his son on his eighteenth birthday.

He said they were free to raise their children however they saw fit, but he enjoyed celebrating his sons' milestones with a few Cubans in the Harvey house.

It was a moment Wynton had been looking forward to; after asking him what if he didn't like cigars, Wynton responded that he had been waiting for that moment for as long as he could remember.


He'd seen his father and older brothers share the father-son moment and eagerly looked forward to the day it would be his turn. Steve said it was their big moment before sending his son to school.

It seemed his father had nothing to worry about as Wynton's Instagram account documented him enjoying a cigar or two; he captioned one post, "My parents taught me that I could be anything; God gave me the ability to be everything."

Wynton Harvey's Love of Photography Has Grown from a Hobby to a Life-Long Pursuit

What started as a hobby he had when he was younger turned into a passion he made a career. Wynton's website writes that his interest in photography began in 2010 when he was around 13.


In 2016, he found his voice in photography and decided to pursue it professionally. He photographed a wide range of content, from landscapes to portraits and high-end fashion.

He photographed his content uniquely through "experimentation" and "persistence," maintaining versatility and focusing on creating beautiful photography. His inspiration was endless, from African culture to minimalist design, from Victorian art to contemporary artistry that evoked emotion.

The Complicated Divorce of Wynton Harvey's Patents

Wynton's father and mother, Mary Lee Harvey, had a messy divorce process plastered all over the media. Mary Lee and Steve married for sixteen years before separating in 2005.


The divorce was reportedly mutual, but it was rumored that Steve had met another woman he wanted to marry. Mary Lee accused Steve of infidelity and requested a large sum of his assets as well as a percentage of revenues in the future.

The court's ruling was not in her favor, and Steve ultimately paid Mary Lee $1,000 in child support monthly and $40,000 monthly from 2005 until 2009.

She also received $1.5 million from Steve, including some of his properties. Steve was awarded custody of Wynton, and Mary Lee's assistant claimed she was the one who put Wynton on a plane to his father.

Mary Lee was not taking the divorce well, something she was aware of, which was why she reportedly told her assistant to book a plane ticket for Wynton to go and stay with his father.


Things went from bad to worse when she accused Steve of beating Wynton. Wynton was 11 when Mary Lee accused Steve of punishing him for lying about a homework assignment.

A filed police report stated that photos of Wynton's bruised body were taken. The Texas Department of Family and Protective Services took on the case before closing it.

Steve was not charged, and Wynton remained in his care; Mary Lee, on the other hand, Mary Lee faced 30 days in jail for speaking publicly about the incident, breaching a court order that forbade her from doing so.

The state of Wynton and Mary Lee's relationship is unknown; however, he is on excellent terms with his father. During an episode of "Steve Harvey Show," 17-year-old Wynton made a surprise appearance and handed his father his early Father's Day gifts.


The first gift was a pair of Tom Ford shoes, but what got Steve shocked was a picture of them with their saying, "I'll ride with you until the wheels fall off."

Wynton thanked his father for turning him into a good enough student to be accepted into a university, despite his troubles in school.

His father occasionally appeared on his social media; in one post, they wore matching outfits while in Dubai together, with his father enjoying a cigar.


Who Is Wynton Harvey Dating Now?

Wynton dated Taylor Gordon in 2019, the daughter of Ed Gordon, a broadcast journalist and talk show host. Snaps were taken of Steve seemingly third-wheeling in St. Tropez while Wynton and Taylor enjoyed a romantic stroll, holding hands outside a Louis Vuitton store. However, it is unclear who Wynton is dating now.

Wynton Harvey Has Six Siblings

Steve Harvey's children came from his different marriages; he had three children from his first marriage to Marcia Harvey; the ex-couple welcome twins Brandi and Karli in 1982, and their son, Broderick, in 1991.


Wynton was the only child he shared with his second wife before he married his third wife, Marjorie Harvey, in 2007. Marjorie had three children, Morgan, Jason, and Lori, who Steve later adopted.

The siblings and their mother surprised Steve during one of his talk show episodes to take a special moment to thank him and share their favorite memories and sentimental photos with him and his children playing in the background.

What Is Wynton Harvey Doing Now?

Despite the rocky experience between his parents, Wynton Harvey and his father remained best friends. In 2022, he celebrated his 25th birthday with Steve and his wife, looking dapper in a white shirt and black pants. He continued his love for photography and fashion and shared pictures in Dubai after working with brands like Lacoste and Burberry.

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