Olivia Akers | Queen (Then-Princess) Elizabeth | Source: facebook.com/ABCRural | Getty Images
Olivia Akers | Queen (Then-Princess) Elizabeth | Source: facebook.com/ABCRural | Getty Images

Girl, 8, Receives One of the Queen's Final Letters after Sending Her a Photo of Herself Dressed as a Royal

Salwa Nadeem
Sep 13, 2022
10:00 A.M.
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A few hours before Queen Elizabeth II passed away, an eight-year-old Australian girl received a letter from her highness. It was one of the last letters written by the world's longest-reigning monarch.


Unpredictability is what makes our lives bad and good at the same time. While some unforeseen incidents can make us sad, we feel delighted when life surprises us pleasantly. These events can make us smile on our worst days.

The little girl in today's story was thrilled when the post office staff said they had a special letter for her. The envelope contained a royal letter, a reply from the Queen, who had seen the girl's photos and read her message. Scroll down to find out what she said.

Queen Elizabeth. | Source: Getty Images

Queen Elizabeth. | Source: Getty Images


Fancy Dress Competition

When Olivia Akers dressed up in a military uniform inspired by the Trooping the Color ceremony, she had no idea Queen Elizabeth II would notice her. It all began when her mother, Natalie Akers, stumbled upon a UK-based fancy dress competition.

After reading about the competition on the internet, Natalie quickly sent the organizers a message. She asked them if they would accept an Australian entrant, hoping Olivia could compete. When she received a positive response, she started preparing Olivia's outfit.

From the red-colored military uniform to the white gloves, Natalie collected everything to imitate the royal look. She copied every minute detail of the Queen's attire, hoping her little one would win the competition.


Plan B

Olivia mounted on her pony, Lady, to get her pictures taken. Once Natalie was satisfied with the photos, she sent them to the fancy dress competition's organizers. Unfortunately, Olivia didn't win.

However, Natalie didn't let her hard work go to waste. In June 2022, Olivia penned a letter for the Queen, and Natalia mailed it with Olivia's photos, hoping Her Majesty would get the envelope. Olivia wrote:

"Dear Queen Elizabeth, my name is Olivia Akers. I am eight years old and live in Tallygaroopna in Australia."

Queen (then-Princess) Elizabeth. | Source: Getty Images

Queen (then-Princess) Elizabeth. | Source: Getty Images


The Letter

In her letter, the curious girl asked the Queen if she really ate marmalade sandwiches. Olivia also wanted to know how many horses the Queen owned. She told the Queen that the side saddle in her photo came from England, while her pony was Australian. Olivia wrote:

"I have included some photos from an online horse fancy dress competition that was for your Platinum Jubilee."

After mailing the letter, Olivia waited for a reply. As days turned into weeks and weeks into months, the little girl asked her mother if the mailman had brought the Queen's letter for her.


Losing Hope

When Olivia and Natalie woke up on September 9, 2022, and learned about the Queen's death, they lost all hope of receiving a letter from her. They weren't aware that "a very special piece of mail" was waiting for them at the Tallygaroopna post office.

After Olivia went to school that morning, Natalie visited the post office to see if there was any mail for her. She was overjoyed when the staff told her about the Queen's letter. She immediately rushed to Olivia's school with the envelope. Natalie confessed:

"We all got a little bit teary to have such a special letter arrive and it's probably one of her last letters that she would have written."


The Anticipated Response

Excited, Olivia opened the letter in front of her classmates and read it aloud. The Lady-In-Waiting Annabelle Whitehead had signed the letter. After thanking Olivia for writing the letter, she said the Queen was "interested" to see her photos.

"Her Majesty was touched to know that you too enjoy horse riding," Whitehead said and thanked Olivia once again for penning a thoughtful letter. The letter was dated August 25 and reached the Tallygaroopna post office the day the Queen breathed her last. Natalie said:

"The timing is quite remarkable."


"I'm sure Olivia will treasure that letter for the rest of her life," Natalie said. Royal fans would consider Olivia one of the lucky people who received a response from the Queen during her final days.

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