Dan Bongino and his wife Paula | Source: Getty Images
Dan Bongino and his wife Paula | Source: Getty Images

Dan Bongino Wife's Is Paula Bongino – More about Her & Their Relationship

Naomi Wanjala
Jan 16, 2024
05:30 A.M.

Paula Bongino is Dan Bongino's wife. The lovebirds met on a blind date and have been married for nearly two decades. According to the pair, the secret to a successful marriage is to focus on the good times.


Paula Bongino is the wife of radio talk show host and former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino. Despite coming from two different cultural backgrounds, the couple is happily married and shares two children. Aside from having a successful relationship, the pair have built their family business for years.

Even though Dan is famous, he likes to keep his private life out of the limelight. But from time to time, Paula shares their daughters' milestones on social media, whether it's a birthday celebration or a first day at school.


Dan and Paula Bongino Run Three Businesses

Paula Andrea Bongino was born in Cali, Colombia. She worked as a director of web development at the Securities Industry Association while her husband pursued a career in law enforcement. Along with a successful marriage of 20 years, they also have a flourishing business.

The couple runs three businesses from their home. Paula uses her expertise in web development to design websites. They also sell martial arts equipment and provide consulting services on matters related to security and risk management.

Paula and her husband are a happy couple with an amazing family. They are loving parents to their children and always celebrate special occasions.

The couple's youngest child Amelia turned 11 this year. Amelia, who attends St. Joe school joined the fifth grade in 2022.


For instance, when their daughter turned 11, the couple celebrated the significant milestone by throwing her a huge birthday party. Paula's Instagram page shows the couple spending time and touring different places with their children.

Paula Andrea Bongino and Her Husband Met on a Blind Date Two Weeks before the September 11 Tragedy

Dan and Paula first crossed paths on a blind date two weeks before the fateful event on September 11, 2001. Their first date was at Sullivan's restaurant in New York City. Before the pair planned for their second date, terrorists attacked the World Trade Center in one of the deadliest attacks on the U.S.


The former Secret Service revealed that when the attack occurred, he was worried about Paula after she failed to pick up his calls, and at the time, she worked at Ground Zero at the Securities Industry Association. Without his knowledge, Paula had traveled miles away from New York City to visit her mother in Nevada.

It was an awkward start to their relationship, and after a few years, when Dan had an assignment at the United Nations, the couple returned to the same spot where they had their first date. While dining at Sullivan's, Paula's husband popped the question and asked her to marry him.

Paula Andrea Bongino's Husband Reproduced Their First Date and Proposed

Dan's proposal was unique, though it caught Paula off guard. The mom of two admitted she had a feeling that Dan was up to something. When he went down on one knee at the very spot where they had their first date, she became emotional but eventually said yes.


In an interview with FoxNews, Paula revealed that she instantly fell in love with Dan the first time she saw him. Even though they have been married for almost two decades, the genesis of their relationship wasn't a walk in the park.

Their cultural differences didn't matter when they began their relationship. While the talk show host has Italian-American roots, Paula has Colombian heritage. At the time, Dan's big concern was to win his mother-in-law's approval.

When Paula's mother met her significant other for the first time, she didn't like him. Dan revealed that he felt he was standing in court before a strict judge, waiting for his verdict. But after a few years, she began warming up to Dan.


Dan and Paula Bongino Shared Their Secrets to a Happy Marriage

Paula Andrea Bongino and her husband have shared a beautiful life together for 20 years. The couple marked a significant milestone in their enduring commitment in September 2023 when they celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary.

Paula's husband took to his Facebook page to commemorate the occasion with a romantic snapshot capturing the essence of their enduring bond. In the photo, Paula was wearing a black bandage dress showcasing her perfect figure.

Beside her was her husband in a black T-shirt paired with well-fitting jeans. With heartfelt simplicity, Paula's husband captioned the post, "Celebrating 20 years together with this queen."


Despite being married for two decades, the lovebirds have kept the fire burning in their relationship by dating each other. Regular outings filled with laughter and shared moments are not just a routine but a deliberate choice to keep the spark alive.

The couple have also supported each other in their professions and business ventures. In July 2023, Paula's husband shared a photo of her advertising in merch.

In a snapshot shared in July 2023, Dan proudly showcased her in a branded T-shirt with the words "The Dan Bongino Show." The image was not only an act of promotion, but it also highlighted Paula's unwavering support for her husband.


In an interview, the couple shared the secrets to a happy and fulfilling marriage. Dan explained what has made their marriage thrive is they never take anything for granted.

While Dan admitted that arguments are expected in a relationship, he advised married couples to always focus on the good instead of the bad times. The lovebirds also said that marriages are not easy and it takes work from both sides to make it successful.


The pair shared another secret of a happy and fulfilling marriage. Dan explained that to have a successful marriage, sometimes the roles reverse. He elaborated on the dynamics of their relationship, emphasizing that if one partner becomes assertive and aggressive, the other should adopt a more reserved approach.

Dan and Paula Bongino's Kids

Paula and Dan share two children, Amelia and Isabel Bongino, whom they love and adore. Even though Dan likes to keep his personal life private and rarely shares photos of his children, Paula is active on social media and occasionally shares pictures of their daughters.


Though little is known about their children, their eldest daughter, Isabel, graduated in 2018. According to her father, she was moving to high school then.

In 2022, Isabel, with the support of her family and friends, raised over $300,000 to help fund the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society's research and care for patients with blood cancers. Based on IMDb, Isabel also once appeared with her father on "Fox and Friends."

The couple's youngest child, Amelia, turned 11 in 2023. Amelia joined the fifth grade in 2022 and, the following year, moved to the sixth grade.

Paula couldn't hide her excitement about her daughter's accomplishment. She took to Instagram and shared a photo of Amelia in her school uniform and captioned, "First day of 6th grade for my sweet Amelia. Middle school, here she comes!"


Paula and her husband have cultivated a remarkable relationship with their daughters, fostering a tight-knit family dynamic. As a family, they cherish the value of spending quality time together. Whether it's exploring new places, attending a game, or simply enjoying each other's company, the couple have made it a priority to nurture a sense of togetherness.

How Dan Bongino's Wife and Her Family Celebrate Special Holidays

When it comes to special holidays, Paula takes the celebration to a whole new level. She enjoys visiting beautiful destinations to mark these occasions while creating cherished memories with her family. For instance, in November 2023, she visited a beautiful destination and shared a photo that showed a stunning view of the ocean and a beautiful sunset.


The year-end festivities for 2023 held an awe-inspiring adventure for the mom of two and her family as they set their sights on the iconic cities of London and Paris. Paula and her husband generously shared glimpses of their enchanting journey on social media, treating their followers to beautiful photos of them standing beneath the Eiffel Tower.

Even though Paula and her husband's relationship began with a blind date, and despite their demanding jobs, the couple has mastered the key to a successful marriage. Carol Hagen and Lester Holt are also a famous couple who have been married for decades. They disclosed that laughter is the key to their long-term marriage.

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