Alexandra Hope Kelly | Source: Facebook.com/channa.kelly.5
Alexandra Hope Kelly | Source: Facebook.com/channa.kelly.5

Little Girl, 7, Found Dead with Her Birthday Balloon – Devastated Mom Is in Pain

Ayesha Muhammad
Oct 10, 2023
09:15 A.M.

Following the joyful celebration of her daughter's seventh birthday, a mother's world turned topsy-turvy when an unforeseen and devastating event stole her happiness. Leaving her little girl to enjoy the simple pleasure of popping birthday balloons, she returned to a scene that no parent would ever wish to witness, leaving her heartbroken.


Experiencing the loss of a child is an unimaginable agony for any parent, a pain they never believed they would have to endure. Regardless of the passage of time, the wound stays raw, the void persistent, serving as a constant reminder of the irreplaceable loss.

A mother residing in Clinton, Tennessee, has become intimately acquainted with these emotions despite never anticipating the collapse of her once-happy world. Her existence has been irreversibly altered by a tragic incident, robbing her not only of parental happiness but also fracturing her heart and soul into countless pieces.


A Mother's Heartbreak

On October 9, 2023, Channa Kelly shared a heartbreaking account on her Facebook profile, detailing the tragic events that occurred to her daughter, Alexandra "Alex" Hope Kelly. For her birthday party on September 24, Channa purchased a large 34-inch rainbow Mylar number 7 balloon filled with helium and approximately ten Roblox-themed latex balloons.

An embodiment of love and kindness, she possessed an infectious spirit, delighting her mother with her spontaneous singing, dancing, and creative streak.


While Channa was aware of the choking hazard associated with latex balloons, she had never anticipated the risk posed by the oversized Mylar helium-filled balloon. A week after the party, Channa sat with Alexandra as she popped the latex balloons.

When Alexandra asked if she could also pop the large number 7 balloon, Channa agreed; thinking nothing of it, she went to her bedroom and briefly napped. After her nap, she discovered her daughter lying face down on the living room floor. The distraught mother recalled:

"I thought for a second that she fell asleep but then noticed the Mylar balloon was around her head."


"I quickly removed the balloon, called 911 and began CPR right away. I asked the 911 operators to remind [me] of the steps of CPR because it had been so long since my last certification and I didn't want to mess up," added Channa.

Soon afterward, a police officer arrived and took over CPR, followed by firefighters and paramedics. But despite their relentless efforts, they were unable to revive Alexandra. The devastating reality hit Channa as she realized her only child was gone.

"On Sunday October [1st] my entire world collapsed around me all because I was unaware of [the] risk surrounding these types of balloons," expressed a heartbroken Channa. The cause of Alexandra's death remains uncertain, whether from helium poisoning or suffocation. Channa is currently awaiting the preliminary results, a process expected to take four to six months.


Gone Too Soon

Born on September 27, 2016, Alexandra brought immeasurable joy into her mother's life, fulfilling all her dreams. Endowed with boundless curiosity, she possessed an insatiable desire to explore the world, questioning everything around her.

Her mom said arts and crafts, swimming in her grandparents' pool, and spending cherished moments with her cousin and friends were among Alexandra's favorite pastimes. A gifted conversationalist, she astounded everyone with her profound understanding and expressive nature, consistently bringing smiles and laughter to those fortunate enough to know her.


Alexandra, who turned seven on September 22, passed away at her residence in Clinton. An embodiment of love and kindness, she possessed an infectious spirit, delighting her mother with her spontaneous singing, dancing, and creative streak. She attended Clinton Elementary, where she was in the first grade, and cherished her summers swimming with family and beach outings.

With eyes that sparkled like her favorite color, blue, Alexandra's loved ones described her as a true angel on earth. According to her obituary: "Now she is an angel in her Heavenly Father's arms and so many hearts are broken to not have her still here with us. However, we are comforted knowing that the beauty she brought to this world will never be forgotten."


While nothing can bring back her little girl, Channa hopes that sharing her story will raise awareness about the potential dangers of balloons. The grief-stricken mother expressed:

"I hope and pray that this will prevent and save the life of other children. I wouldn't want anyone else to experience the pain and devastation that the loss of a child brings."

"That's what took my baby, it was her birthday balloon. It's hard to comprehend," said the broken mother, who never pictured losing her ray of sunshine right after her seventh birthday.

Our hearts go out to Alexandra's mom and her family and friends. Please keep this little angel in your prayers. Click here to read another story about a grieving mom who demanded answers about her little daughter's death despite a visit to the hospital.


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